Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2120

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2124

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2120

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2120

Hayden, being so outstanding and good-looking, could easily captivate Kevin. Despite the judgmental eyes of society, Kevin openly pursued him, displaying both courage and Hayden’s boundless charm.

Later, Caroline learned that her aunt’s two daughters were in Wiltspoon, and the second aunt’s younger daughter happened to be the esteemed daughter-in-law of the York family, Serenity.

It all became clear to Caroline.

She probably resembled someone closely. Judging by Kevin’s attitude toward her, Caroline believed she resembled Serenity.

As Serenity was Kevin’s sister-in-law and it was said that the young masters of the York family held great respect for their eldest brother, Zachary, naturally, they would also hold respect for Serenity as their sister-in-law.

Caroline also wanted to visit Wiltspoon to meet Audrey, and to meet the two sisters, Serenity and Liberty.

Mrs. Stone was her cousin, the two sisters would have to address her as their aunt.

However, it was not the right time yet.

The head of the Fisher family was well-informed and she learned that someone from the family was heading to Wiltspoon to meet Audrey.

Caroline’s mother immediately arranged for someone to intercept them. Not only did they successfully prevent the family members from meeting Audrey, but they also brought them back to Jensburg. Her mother was currently reprimanding and warning those people severely.

During this sensitive time, it would not be appropriate for Caroline to go to Wiltspoon.



Her mother’s reaction only heightened her suspicions. She believed her mother had obtained her position through improper means.

The deaths of her aunt’s family, Caroline thought, were orchestrated by her mother.

However, she had no evidence to support her claims.

Caroline discreetly sent people to investigate, hoping to gather evidence from the family members, but so far, she had gained nothing.

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2120

The younger generation was completely unaware, and the older family members remained tight-lipped, refusing to discuss the deaths of her aunt and her family, even when they went to Wiltspoon in hopes of meeting Audrey.

“Caroline, don’t worry about him. We are free to interact. You can come whenever you want,” Hayden reassured her.

Hayden gave Caroline an answer.

She glanced at her brother.

Hugh thought to himself. “…why are you looking at me?”

Could it be that his sister was still adamant on matching him with Caroline?

Hugh figured that Caroline was not that bad of a person. This woman was the perfect example of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. On the surface, she looked frail and timid, she could not even walk with confidence. In reality, these kinds of people usually operate in the dark.

It was said that she often got scolded by the head of the Fisher family at Fisher Enterprise, being berated as useless and incapable, which made many people mock her. It also fueled the hopes of the fake heiress, Celine, who believed she still had a chance to rise to power.

Moreover, it stirred up the desires of the young masters and missuses of the Fisher family, igniting a sense of restlessness among them.

Many people said that the power in Caroline’s hands and the achievements she had made were all results of her snatching and seizing the credit from her older brothers, creating an illusion for everyone to see.

Though no matter how harshly Madam Fisher scolded her or how offensive the words were, she was not lacking in the power that should be given to her, nor was she lacking in tasks to handle.

When Madam Fisher went to negotiate business, Caroline was the one accompanying her.

Furthermore, the loyal members of Fisher Enterprise had recently been subjected to scolding and harassment by Madam Fisher, but Caroline always spoke up for those loyal members.

In the eyes of others, Caroline was seen as naive and acting like a goody-two-shoes.

In Hugh’s view, this was Madam Fisher’s way of winning over people’s hearts and building connections.

Madam Fisher was cruel enough to kill her sisters’ entire family. With them gone, she usurped the position as the new head of the Fisher family and put them under her management. While they might have not reached the same level as the top prominent families, the Fisher family managed to maintain their presence and even advanced two ranks in the social hierarchy of Jensburg.

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