My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 19

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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 19

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 19

As soon as Michael was gone, Sophia needed to restrain herself. Fortunately, she had another identity— a student of Bayside University. Bayside University was the top university in Cethos and they emphasized on nurturing students, so they wouldn’t simply allow their students to skip classes like other universities.

The university also had a very strict credit system and school rules, so any violation of those rules would lead to a deduction in credit. It didn’t matter who you were because those who looked down on the school, had disciplinary problems, or even earned bad grades would be expelled from the school immediately.

No matter how rich and powerful the people were, once they were expelled from the university, there was no coming back.

Sophia felt more secure with her identity as a student of Bayside University. Michael can’t force me to drop out of school and go home to be with him. If he really tortures me to death, he will be responsible for everything when the school investigates about it.

Every student in the university was carefully chosen, especially civilians like us who were admitted solely based on our academics. Therefore, everyone in the university is a high-achieving scholar.

Daytime was Sophia’s free time and she could decide the number of hours she wanted to stay in school. Therefore, she signed up with a few clubs at once and she even chose three elective courses that were carried out during the evening. She also filled up her schedule with personal training courses in the gym.

Seeing her schedule that was filled with classes and gym courses from 7AM to 9PM, she felt that she could finally stay at school in the open for the whole day without returning home. I can even directly apply to stay in school through Michael.



After all, it takes half an hour to reach here from home, and Bayside City is globally renowned for its traffic, so sometimes, we may not even reach home within an hour. Let’s just see how long I can drag this.

Sophia was content with herself—even though her Yamaha bike was confiscated, she still could shuttle around the school ground on her skateboard.

She felt like a happy little bird and Michael was an old, wrinkly woman who always tried to keep her in a bird cage.


Holding onto the class schedule that she had just filled, she made her way toward her next class but seemed to feel that someone was watching her from the back. When she turned her head, there wasn’t anything strange behind her.

From the moment she entered school today, she felt goosebumps all over her body, as if a pair of eyes secretly watched her every move. Could it be someone from the Harper Family?

But they won’t dare to lay their hands on me on the university campus. Maybe it’s because that pervert is back, so I’m starting to hallucinate due to stress. Sophia thought about it in that way, so it didn’t concern her.

However, right at that moment, her fully-packed schedule fell into Michael’s line of vision. He stopped at the right moment and enlarged her timetable to see the elective courses she chose.

Food nutrition, social etiquette and English as well as sex and health education… She even signed up for three clubs—culinary culture club, drama club and the night marathon club. Her timetable is fully- stacked.


Elective courses start in the evenings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and her club activities are held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Night marathons were scheduled for every weekend. Her whole day is almost filled with classes and she even enrolled in a personal training course at the gym. Is she planning not to come back and see me even during the weekends?

“Tsk!” He exclaimed once again. Am I that terrifying? What makes her so disgusted of me?

He chewed on a piece of gum, revealing a profound smile on his lips. Gary, who drove the car, saw his sweet smile in the rearview mirror and instantly knew that he might be up to something no good.

Sophia had a busy day at school today. When she left the university’s gate, it was already 6.30PM. However, her elective courses hadn’t started yet because it was the beginning of an academic year, so she didn’t have any other classes to attend in the evening.

Therefore, she planned to change her clothes and have a meal before playing games in a cybercafe until 10PM when it was time to return home.

Just as she had everything planned out for the night, she received a phone call from Hale. “Madam, Boss has asked me to pick you up. He has already booked a table tonight at the Pearl Couples Restaurant.”

After she ended the call, she wandered out in low spirits, but she didn’t notice that someone followed her closely from behind.

When she came to a corner and prepared to look for a washroom to change her clothes, someone suddenly grabbed hold of her shoulders.

“Sophia.” The gentle and warm voice of a man was heard from behind.



She stopped in her steps and turned to see Richard standing behind her.

As the eldest son of the real estate tycoon in Riverdale, the Harper Family, he was the same as other students in Bayside University. He was born with a silver spoon, so his soul had traces of nobility and elegance.

He used to be the love of her life and she was also aware of the gap between them, but she did not believe in fate. She had worked hard to become the woman that was worthy to be by his side.

However, the cold reality had given her a ruthless slap on her face—a medical report and an expulsion letter almost ruined her life, but the man she loved the most merely sat there watching with another girl in his arms!

Richard had been learning how to run his family’s business since high school, so he was now already capable of supporting half of the Harper Family’s enterprise.

However, at school, he was merely a student. He wore a snowy white shirt, resembling a prince in every young girl’s dream. He was full of warmth and vitality without any contamination from society.

However, Sophia was already indifferent toward him since she wouldn’t look at him. “If you have something to say, say it quickly. Please don’t talk about the lawsuit.”

Richard smiled bitterly. Sophia is now like a hedgehog that raises her quills upright whenever I come close to her. She is so defensive and vigilant toward me while no longer being the same innocent Sophia as before.

“It’s fine, I’m just here to see you. I heard that you’ve signed up for loads of elective courses. Actually, you don’t need to work so hard because it will be easy for you to earn those credits with your academic results.” His voice was still as gentle as before, like a whisper to a lover’s ear.



However, Sophia was emotionless after hearing him. “So, what does that have to do with you?”

Richard was rendered speechless, but in the end, he lowered his lashes to illustrate his melancholy and grief. “I know you still hate me, but you can’t take your anger out on Kayla. You know clearly that she wouldn’t do something like this…”

“I’m sorry. I don’t hate you. I’m just taking back what was once mine.” She interrupted him impatiently.

Richard’s face was full of sadness as he looked at the girl in front of him. She was completely different from the person he remembered in his mind. Not only was her appearance different, her heart was also different. “You’ve changed.”

Sophia was being stubborn. “I’ve installed braces.”

He was rendered speechless again. He loosened his tight fists as he finally revealed the reason why he came to her. “Can’t you just direct everything toward me?

Kayla and Xyla are innocent. I’m the one who wronged you. Don’t project your hatred for me on others!” He took two steps forward and grabbed her shoulders while his emotions boiled up. “Tell me now, what should I do to make you withdraw the lawsuit?”

Sophia laid out her conditions. “Ask your sister to apologize publicly and I need 5 million as compensation.”

Looks like he couldn’t find a way out with Mr. Fields, so he came to me to find a breakthrough.

Richard rejected her conditions immediately. “Sophia, you know clearly that we are a prestigious family of Bayside City, so it’s impossible for us to apologize for this sort of thing. If you withdraw the lawsuit, I will give you ten million and you can even return to me.



Can’t we just treat this as a mere misunderstanding? I don’t care about your past and I’ll treat you well for the rest of your life. I know that you can’t have kids after your abortion, but we can adopt lots of kids together in the future. You know that I’ve always loved you.”

I can’t have kids because of my abortion? Is this the latest story that Xyla made up? Sophia was emotionless inside and she even wanted to laugh—laugh at herself for falling in love with a scumbag like him.

She lifted her chin and slowly wore her sunglasses, showing her cold elegance. “I’m sorry, but I’m already married to an old, ugly, and perverted man who has the whole city in his hands. If you love me, you can always speak with that old man. If you are able to return home alive, I’ll truly respect you as a man.”

“Tsk!” On the way to the Couples Restaurant, the person who was referred to as the old, ugly, and perverted man who had the whole city in his hands exclaimed while watching a live broadcast on his phone.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 19

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