My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 20

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 20

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 20

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 20

Hale followed her into the car without uttering a word. Then, he started the car and made a beautiful drift before driving away. I can’t believe Michael is still relieved to keep Sophia by his side after last night’s embarrassment. Shouldn’t he be afraid of…

However, Hale didn’t fancy a loli like Sophia. Only a pervert like Michael will love a young schoolgirl like her. On the other hand, I prefer women with big breasts and rump. I’ll just leave the loli to that lolicon, Michael!

Meanwhile, Sophia pulled down the partition so that she could change her clothes and wear some makeup. When they arrived at the Pearl Couples Restaurant, she had already changed from a bright and wild young girl to a tall high-class lady.

When Hale saw her after opening the car door, he opened his mouth, as if he wanted to remind her to be more careful in school as Michael already had his eyes and ears all over Bayside University.

However, he shoved his words down his throat in the end. She can only hope for the best! It’s her fault if she ends up dead! However, Michael is still interested in her, so she will still be alive for the moment.

As soon as Sophia entered the restaurant, a highly trained waiter escorted her to her seat.

Michael booked a couple’s room with red pearl curtains hanging down that jingled whenever the door is opened. Pink candles were lit up in the room, making the whole space feel secretive and romantic as it was filled with a shadow of charming light. The aroma of food was mixed with the fragrance of roses— and the mixture of smells could instantly calm anyone down.

The man wore a chic black suit that complimented his dark-patterned tie, radiating his capabilities and maturity. Under the enchanting pink light, his dashing dimensional face was almost comparable to God.

However, from her point of view, the more handsome he looked, the more dangerous he was. She wouldn’t dare to forget the eels he reared in the tank at home.



She forced herself to lift her spirits up and put down her bag elegantly. For the past year, she had learned yoga and etiquettes that made her movements more elegant. She was no longer that ugly duckling she used to be. “Hubby, I’m here. Sorry that I’m late. There was traffic on the way here,” she spoke in a voice that was as sweet as honey.


Michael revealed a seducing yet gentle smile, as if he knew long ago that she would be stuck in traffic. “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

Then, she sat down and they were separated by a small table. At first, they engaged in small talk, talking about her life in school and the interesting stories about her classmates. Occasionally, Michael’s deep chuckle and Sophia’s sweet laughter could be heard, but the atmosphere was so peaceful that it seemed as though it was staged.

As she continued to talk to him while eating her food, she thought about how she was going to inform him of her request.

Sophia was half-full after the meal, so she wiped her mouth and applied her masculine Dior lipstick. She pressed her fiery lips while looking through her mirror before rolling her eyes. Just as she was about to tactfully bring up that she wanted to stay in school, Michael unexpectedly took the initiative and spoke first.

“Dear, do you have a lot of classes lately in school?”

She quickly nodded her head and pretended to moan, “Bayside University is totally different from other universities. Almost everyday is filled with classes. I have classes from 7AM to 9PM and I even have to



go to the gym after class. The school has also made it compulsory for us to sign up for clubs and elective courses to gain more credits. Hubby, I’m tired of running back and forth every day.”

Michael revealed a smile and said to her while cutting a piece of steak elegantly, “I’ve also graduated from Bayside University, so naturally, I can understand your struggles.”

Sophia wasn’t much surprised that he graduated from Bayside University, but she realized that she knew nothing about her husband. I need to check him out in the alumni list someday in the library.

Then, she took the chance to bring up her request. “Hubby, I’m so tired from running back and forth. Why don’t—”

“Why don’t I ask Toby to send you there by plane from tomorrow onward? His flying skills are insanely good!” He looked as though he knew everything while his eyes showed traces of mischievousness.

Sophia was left dumbfounded.

Michael was a millionaire with a personal helipad on top of the Villa No. 8 they lived in. Not only did he have a huge piece of real estate on the outskirts of the city, he even owned a private manor and a private airport.

She quickly pretended to be timid as she rejected his offer. “How is that appropriate? I want to remain low profile. I don’t want other students to see me flying in and out of school on a plane everyday! Why don’t I live in school so that I don’t have to go back and forth everyday?” Let’s see how he is going to deal with this!

Seeing that he was still silent, she quickly followed up on her words. “The school has assigned a dorm to me. Even though it’s not as good as home, I feel like it suits me. It’s also much more convenient for me to study if I live in school…”



Michael seemed to be hesitant as his eyes darkened. In the meantime, Sophia pretended to taste a glass of wine while glancing at him nervously, not knowing that he was watching her too.

A while later, he finally nodded his head. “Alright.”

She was delighted. After I move into the hostel, I will have at least five days of freedom. Michael is such a busy man, so he may be gone for days, months or even years. By then, he will probably forget about me and I’ll finally have my freedom!

Even though she enjoyed the resources and privileges he gave, she still shamelessly hoped that she wouldn’t need to sleep with him. Who knows whether he will suddenly bring out an eel when I’m sleeping…

However, she didn’t expect that what Michael was about to say would kill her thoughts like a bucket of cold water being splashed at her.

“I’ll move to a place near school to accompany you!”

He remained a gentleman as he used a white napkin to wipe his mouth elegantly before saying those words in an affectionate way.

Sophia almost choked on her wine after hearing him, so she quickly rejected the suggestion. “How is that appropriate? I will be staying in the girls’ dorm and they forbid boys from coming over. If the school finds out about this, they will deduct my credits.”

Michael took a sip of the red wine with elegance and charm. Every movement of his revealed a natural elegance that was rooted deep in his genes. He put down the glass and answered, “I own a few real estate near Bayside University.”



She was immediately stunned, never once expecting him to make such a move. The neighboring locations near Bayside University weren’t the best in the city, so the genuine dignitaries of the city generally wouldn’t choose to live there. I can’t believe that Michael would buy a house near the university.

He smiled. “What is it? Are you too happy to hear that I’m moving there to accompany you? There is a large piece of real estate directly opposite the university’s gate, which belongs to me. I can move there to live with you…”

Sophia’s lips twitched in an almost invisible arc, but deep in her heart, she was actually devastated. Michael is a super millionaire. No ordinary millionaire is capable of living in a villa near the city’s palace!

Michael took a sip of red wine, but he didn’t seem to notice that she was unhappy about his decision. “There are lots of good houses near the university and I own all of them. You can choose to live wherever you want!” Sophia had nothing to say, so he continued with his words. “I remember that I have a house next to Bayside University. It’s technically a wall away from the girls’ dormitory. Why don’t we move there?”

She was shocked and rendered speechless by the millionaire at the same time.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 20

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