My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 674

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 674.

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 674

Harvey listened to his rogue-like tone of voice and frowned. “Don’t talk to me like this. Also, don’t speculate about my relationship with Snow,” he said coldly.

All he was thinking now was Nicole; Snow’s name annoyed him. Edwin was shocked. Lately, he had been mingling with Preston and was influenced by his roguish way of talking, forgetting that Harvey hated that tone the most.

He smiled and quickly changed the topic.

Since Harvey did not like to mention Snow, he would instead talk about others, such as Nicole, the top hacker, and the new, most beautiful girl of the school.

“Harvey, don’t you want to know who has such a charm that even Snow has been dethroned from the most beautiful – girl position ? To be honest, I was shocked to see that girl for the first time; she was not only beautiful but also kept Austin under as her lackey.

Remembering all the things about Nicole amused Edwin, as Nicole’s appearance had deceived him at the time.

He waited enthusiastically for Harvey to ask him, only to see Harvey shoot him an inexplicable look. Edwin scratched his head in puzzlement. “What’s wrong with


Chapter 674

me you are looking at me like this?”

Harvey had finished reading the script and stretched out his hand to button the cuff on the right side. While he was at it, he looked at Edwin sideways and said in a normal tone of voice, “Did anyone tell you that curiosity killed the cat?”

‘Good lord, he’s threatening me, isn’t he?’

Edwin nodded hesitantly, not knowing what it had to do with what he said.

Harvey had finished packing up and was ready to go out.” My advice to you: don’t be nosy.”

With that, he stepped out the door, leaving Edwin to

shudder at what he had said.

‘It looks like Harvey really hates that I’ve talked too much. But I can’t blame him; he hates people being inquisitive. I couldn’t hold back my curiosity and so I deserve it. Anyway, Harvey doesn’t know how lucky he is. I was trying to introduce Nicole to him, but he refused. If it weren’t for my inadequate skills, I would have courted Nicole. Harvey doesn’t really know how to appreciate her.’

The thought of Nicole filled his head as he recalled the time when Nicole was standing in front of the computer, fingers flying over the keyboard to show off her skills.

‘The program and skills that she has used last time are not commonly available in the market. They seem to

belong to some organization. Could it be that Nicole has another identity?’

He could not help but look up Nicole’s ID, trying to find out what background she had. But apart from an account, there was no background information about Nicole. It was incredibly clean.

Not wanting to give up, Edwin tried again but found that the method he was proud of might have failed, and what appeared in front of him was still a blank.

‘Maybe Nicole’s skills are not something that I can crack. Will this mean I have no hope?’ Edwin was depressed. ‘It seems that I will need more time and effort to figure out Nicole’s identity.’

Then he took out his mobile phone with great interest. Looking at the reply on the screen, his eyes lit up.

‘This is a new account, but this person’s information is still well hidden. Her previous records have been consciously erased, and the leads are all baits, which means I still can find nothing. She is really cunning.’

There was no information found except that she was Lucifer. Nicole’s ID was so mysterious that it aroused Edwin’s curiosity . Edwin scratched his chin and felt his curiosity had been completely aroused. 1

“I don’t believe I can’t find out who is behind her!” As he spoke, he continued to hit the keyboard, trying to break through the firewall.

He wanted to find a chance to learn about Nicole’s true identity.

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