The Divorced B8illionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 123

Chapter 123 Work and Earn Your Own Money

When Eric thought of the image of Nicole
walking under the streetlight with her head
full of blood and her back looking so cold
and lonely, his heart could not help but ache
at that moment.
He knew that he owed her too much and
that there was no way he could repay her.
Old Master Ferguson glared at him. “If I
wanted to apologize, why would I still be so
angry? This apology would just confirm that
we slandered her!

Our stocks and company’
s reputation will go down the drain!”
Ingrid Ferguson echoed on the side, “Yeah,
why should we apologize? We can just settle
with them privately. There’s no need to risk
our family’s reputation. So what if she’s
Floyd Stanton’s daughter? Is she superior to
everyone? We didn’t force her to marry into
our family, nor did we force her to get a
divorce, so why should we humiliate

If they apologized. Ingrid’s name in the
gentry circle would become a laughing
stock! She would not be able to continue
mingling with them and would certainly be
mocked by everyone.
Thus, they could not apologize!
Eric’s cold gaze swept over Ingrid, which
made her shrink back in fear.
He snickered faintly. Tine, if you don’t want
to apologize publicly, then let’s go to their
door and apologize together.”

NO way!” Quinn jumped out to object.
Back then, Quinn used to boss Nicole
around and was above her, so how could she
willingly go to Nicole and bow her head ra4
That was equivalent to a slap in her face!
“That’s enough!” Old Master Ferguson’s face
turned red with anger as he looked at Eric.
He knew that this grandson of his always
had an outstanding ability.
“Isn’t there any other way?”

Eric’s face was sullen and glum, They owed
it to Nicole and should have apologized long
Old Master Ferguson closed his eyes and
“You make the arrangements then!”
At this moment, Old Master Ferguson had
no choice but to trust in his grandson’s
“Grandpa…” Ingrid was reluctant.
Eric swept a cold gaze at Ingrid and warned
“Ingrid Ferguson, you must always
remember how you lost our family

If you dare to cause trouble again
don’t even think about getting a cent from
us in the future. Go out to work and earn
your own money.”
Ingrid was shocked. ‘Work?! I’m the Young
Lady of the Ferguson family! How could I go
out to earn money like regular people? Won’t
I be laughed at?’

‘Mom…” Ingrid turned to Quinn for help, but
Quinn feared her son. Moreover, she had
taken part in losing the emerald pipe, so she
felt very guilty.
I tf
Eric’s face was expressionless when he
turned to leave. His grandfather called out to
“Wait. I don’t care which woman you’re
hooking up with, but you’d better stay away
from Wendy Quade. The Stantons are
furious right now, so we can’t risk anything.”
Moreover, Nicole had so blatantly said such
harsh words to Wendy at the anniversary
gala. The most important thing now was to
repair the relationship between the two

Hearing this, Eric walked away without any
Turns out, everyone misunderstood my
relationship with Wendy… Not to mention
As soon as Eric left the Ferguson Villa, he
called his assistant Mitchell.

It was not difficult for the PR department to
write an apology letter. What was
challenging was Ferguson’s Corporation
stance in this.
It was a busy night.

The next day at noon, while everyone was II
still immersed in the news that Nicole was
the heiress of Stanton Corporation, an
apology letter was sent out in the name of
Ferguson Corporation.
The letter mainly clarified the false rumors
of Nicole that circulated the internet. At the
same time, Eric also apologized in his name
for not cherishing his marriage with Nicole.
All of a sudden, the internet was back in a

[This is a real-life TV show! Hold up, lemme
get my popcorn ready…]
[So… They admit to bullying Nicole?]
[They indirectly admitted it… Our Goddess
Nicole has a clear conscience! Since the
time she announced her divorce and had
the courage to reveal the true face of the

third party in their marriage, I’ll always
stand by her!]

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