The Divorced B8illionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 124

Chapter 124 Nicole Stanton, The Domineering CEO

Stanton Corporation.
Inside the meeting room.
The crowd looked at the big shots sitting at
the head of the conference table. Floyd
Stanton sat there lazily while getting some
shuteye as he assuredly left Grant to preside
over this meeting.
Grant said a few opening remarks and
started to introduce Nicole.

Nicole let down her hair in front of her
forehead to hide the wound from last night’s
accident so that it would not look so
“I believe that everyone here already knows
that Nicole is my father’s daughter and my
sister. She’s also the largest shareholder of
Stanton Corporation now. Therefore, I
hereby announce that Nicole Stanton will be
the Chief Executive Officer of Stanton
Corporation effective immediately. I believe
everyone has no opinions on this, right?”

It was just that Nicole was now in charge o
a much broader range of businesses.
No matter what, she was now the
domineering CEO Nicole Stanton!
When she left the conference room, Logan I
greeted her and handed her the phone. ”
President Nicole, this is the apology letter
just released by Ferguson Corporation.”
Nicole raised her eyebrows. ‘So soon?’

She thought that with Old Master Ferguson’
s temper, they would drag it for at least ten
days or half a month.
Nicole simply swept a glance, let out a light
laugh, then turned off the screen. This
apology was indeed artful.
They managed to clarify her scandal in a
few words and even made a formal
evaluation of their marriage without the
slightest emotion and feelings.
She could tell at a glance that this was Eric’s
“Do we need a response from our side?”

She walked away cheerfully and looked
back at Logan. “My brother must’ve
arranged a lot of things for me recently. If
you can, try to push it off_ I want to
participate in the selection of this J&L
research program myself.”
‘It’ll be a bummer if Ferguson Corporation
stole the opportunity when I’m not looking!’
Nicole would not compromise on anything
relating to the interests of her company.
Logan dared not object and said, “Yes, ma’

By the way, do you want to go throug
the list of gifts you’ve bought that will be
distributed to the staff?”
Nicole shook her head. “You guys can
arrange it as you see fit.’
Anyway, her only responsibility in this was
spending money.
Logan paused. “Is your wound alright?
No one knew about her injury except for
Logan. Otherwise, Nicole would not have
forced herself to attend this meeting.
Nicole subconsciously touched the wound.

“It’s fine. I’ve seen the doctor. Its just a
minor scrape. I’m not that fragile.”
“The report of the investigation has already
been placed on your desk.”
“I just need a name.” Nicole was curious to
know who wanted her dead,
“Wendy Quade,” Logan replied.
Nicole hooked her lips into a cold smirk and
did not say a word.

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