The Divorced B8illionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 126

Chapter 126 My Ex-husband Is Dead

Nicole giggled and went up to Maverick
Mav, please do me a favor as a gift
“What is it?”
“I have a project that involves artificial
intelligence. Since you’re the best expert
there is, can you please help me with a part
of it?”
Nicole sucked up to her second brother.
Maverick was a national treasure! If she
asked him to join the project, it was indeed
a little wasteful of his talent.

However, on second thought, it would also
be a waste not to make full use of her genius
Maverick nodded. ‘Sure. I have a month’s
vacation. Is that enough?”
of course, it’s enough!”
Nicole took the bank card from Maverick
and waved it in his face. “Then take this

too. Thanks, Mav!”
Maverick was speechless.
Not far away, two tall men were walking
side by side behind the Stanton siblings.
They came to poach an international talent,
so they squatted there by themselves all
‘Why hasn’t the assistant sent any photos
yet?’ Keith Ludwig thought.
Keith looked at the woman and nudged Eric’s shoulder.
“What a coincidence! Isn’t that Nicole?”

Beside her was a man they had never seen
before. That man looked calm and decent
with a cool temperament. He did not look
like a businessman, but an ordinary person
at first glance.
Following Keith’s line of sight, Eric
happened to see Nicole’s side profile.
Her long and wavy hair was let down and
she was wearing a long black halter dress
with stilettos that made her legs look even
more slender than they already were. She

looked so elegant and happy as she smiled
fondly at the man next to her.
Eric subconsciously walked over just so he
could hear their conversation and her
pleasant voice.
“Why the sudden divorce?” Maverick asked.
‘Because he died,” Nicole spoke without a
“Oh.” Maverick nodded emotionlessly.
Eric and Keith’s footsteps lurched, and their
bodies suddenly stiffened.
The man who was supposedly dead was
rendered speechless.

Eric just stared intently at Nicole’s back for
a long time, but she did not seem to notice.
Keith laughed and patted his shoulder. “Don’
t look, you’re already dead!”
The photos finally came in. Keith looked
down and was about to remind Eric about
their purpose in coming here.
As a result, his body stiffened when he saw
the photo.

It was clearly the man next to Nicole!
Keith screamed, so Eric frowned at him and
caught a glimpse of the photo.
He looked just as shocked.
Nicole turned around
and frowned when she saw those two
people. What sh*tty luck!’
‘A national treasure just appears in front of
us like that?’ Keith thought.
Keith walked forward and forced a smile. ”

What a coincidence, Ms, Stanton! This is…”
He glanced at the man next to Nicole and
could not contain his excitement.
‘He’s a legend that I’ve only heard about! The
person we’re squatting here in the middle of
the night for is gonna be taken away by
Nicole? What’s more… They looked well

Maverick nodded calmly. “Hello, my name
is Sunner.”
That was his pseudonym and his other
identity to the public.

No one had heard of this, nor did they
recognize it.
Nicole raised her eyes and looked at Keith.
“Are you guys stalking me? Why do I see you
everywhere I go?!”
Keith, who was suddenly attacked, retracted
his hand and forced a smile as he defended
‘Will Nicole mock me if I tell the truth? If I
don’t, then I’ll miss this chance!”

“We’re definitely not stalking you… We just
came to pick up a friend. It’s purely a
coincidence! Ms. Stanton, if you don’t want
to see me, get lost now…”
Keith himself was puzzled as to why he was
acting so servile to Nicole with Eric right
behind him.
Nicole withdrew her gaze. “Then hurry up
and get lost.”
“Okay!” Keith said as he turned to leave.
After taking two steps, he saw Eric coming
up from behind.

Eric’s eyes were cold and sullen as he
stepped forward. His gaze lingered on Nicole
‘s forehead for a few seconds,
He then looked at the man beside her and
suddenly asked, “Sunner, are you guys

Maverick, also known as Sunner, nodded
and naturally put his arm around Nicole’s
shoulders. “Of course! She’s my best friend.”
He never lied.
After all, with Maverick’s character, he had
a total of three friends since he was a child,
all of which were his siblings.
“Let’s go,” Nicole said indifferently and took
his arm to leave.
She did not even look at Eric.

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