The Divorced B8illionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 127

Chapter 127 Alba White Truffle and Potato

Keith Ludwig sighed. “Tsk, tsk… We don’t
have a chance anymore. The Great God
Maverick and Nicole actually know each
other and even have such a good
The news of Maverick’s return was
confidential. To be precise, his itinerary was
completely classified.
That was because his identity was too

They spent a lot of money on the
international black market just to buy
information about Maverick’s flight, and it
was gone just like that!
Eric looked at Keith coldly and left.
Maverick and Nicole went back to the
Stanton mansion.
Before they got out of the car, they heard the
butler ordering a maid to clean up the
garden tomorrow as well as Kai’s wailing

and Floyd’s angry roar coming from the
living room,
Maverick stood in the doorway for a
moment and looked at Nicole.
“Find a place for me, somewhere quiet,
preferably with no one living around it.”
Is. Nicole blinked and subconsciously blurted
out, “A haunted house?”
“That’s fine too.”
`It’s fine as long as no humans are around
me.’ Maverick thought.

Once the door opened, Kai ran over and
almost jumped Nicole, “You’re finally back!
Save me!”
Nicole scoffed and was about to speak when
Kai saw Maverick. He was shocked. ‘Male
Maverick flashed a rare smile. “Little K.’
“Pcic you!” Kai’s glad expression
disappeared in an instant. “How many
times have I told you guys not to call me
Little IQ”
‘It feels like they’re looking down on me!’

Who is it? Floyd said in a resounding voice
as he came out with a baseball bat in hand.
Seeing Maverick, Floyd excitedly came
forward. “Mav!”
Maverick accepted the hugs from the three
men in the family. Grant was the most self-
restrained one, but he still could not hide
the upturned corners of his lips.

The butler excitedly ordered someone to
prepare a meal and clean out a room for
After three years, the whole family was
finally back together.
Nicole frowned at the mess in the house.
“What’s going on here?”
At the mention of this, Floyd became furious
“I asked your third brother to cook, but this
dumb*ss threw out my treasured Alba white
truffle and lied to me saying that he only
threw out a deformed potato!”
Floyd got up with his bat and walked over to

Kai, extremely reluctant to let him off the
must beat up this idiot today!”
Grant calmly sat there and looked at
“You’re staying? What’s your next step?’
Maverick took over the glass of sparkling
water from Mr. Anderson and took a small
National Laboratories sent me an
invitation, so I decided to go there, but it’ll
be a month later.”

National Laboratories was a national-level
research institute with world-class facilities
and state-of-the-art equipment. Many
physics geniuses failed to enter as the
competition was tough. For Maverick, he
had been considering it for a long time
before finally accepting the offer.
Grant nodded and expressed approval for
Maverick’s decision.
“Then this month…”
Nicole interjected. “May promised that he’d

participate in the research and development
of J&L’s project! This way, we won’t let J&L
Corporation lead us by the nose and we’ll
surely get the upper hand!”
Grant’s face stiffened. His stunned gaze
swept over Maverick and somehow felt a
little sorry for his second brother.
“Then… I wish you success.”
‘Is such a small project even worth May’s
time?! This sister can really make the best
use of anything!’ Grant thought.

After a few days, Maverick was well-rested,
so Nicole began to prepare for their move
into J&L Corporation.
The weather that morning was just nice,
and the air was slightly cool.
Nicole dragged Maverick out the door and
went to pick up Tigger from her apartment
Tigger heard the commotion and excitedly
jumped into Nicole’s arms.
‘Mama! I miss you so much..!

“I miss you too, Tigger. You didn’t mess up
the house, did you?”
Nicole looked around and saw that it was
spotless. This smart little tiger knew how to
use her home’s smart furniture. There were
even a few new parcels that looked like little
gadgets around the house.
Tigger burrowed into Nicole’s arms and
replied sheepishly, “I used credit…”
Nicole was dumbfounded and laughed out

She carried Tigger and turned back to
Maverick. ‘This is Tigger. Tigger, this is my
second brother.”
Tigger blinked his eyes as they sparkled
with delight. ‘Wow! The Great God! I love you
so much!”
Nicole immediately covered its mouth_
Shut up! Don’t be embarrassing!’
Maverick faintly swept a glance at it, picked

it up with one hand, and scrutinized it.
“World-class quantum physics system,
powerful learning capacity, ability to adjust
its temperature and moisture levels
according to environment… Who gave you
this thing?”
“It’s the girl who added you, Molly Stewart! I
exchanged your phone number for it!”
Maverick glanced at her faintly. “Are you
even my sister?”

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