The Divorced B8illionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 130

Chapter 130 Papa, IvIwah Mwah!

Gerard Lichman and Eric Ferguson walked
over to Molly.
Gerard said, “Molly, do you know the man
beside Ms. Stanton?”
Molly Stewart was still immersed in the fact
that she had just seen The Great God
Maverick lowering his stature and doing
everything for Nicole. She felt envious yet
found it rightful.
‘They’re both such a match made in heaven!’
Molly thought.

She subconsciously nodded her head, then
shook it decisively a second later.
‘Nicole said to keep it a secret!’
Eric narrowed his eyes. Molly picked up the
suit jacket and umbrella on the ground, then
turned and ran away. ‘I’m just a researcher
and can’t deal with these business people!’
Tigger looked left and right and was about to

dial Nicole’s number with its built-in
function when it was suddenly picked up
with one hand.
Eric frowned and stared at it, feeling that
something was off about it
“Do you still recognize me?” His clear, cold
voice carried such self-restraint.
Tigger narrowed its eyes and kicked its four
legs in the air in protest. He spoke
hesitantly. “Douchebag! I want to find Mama

Gerard watched in amazement. Back then,
Tigger used to fawn over Eric Ferguson, so
much so that everyone was envious. How
did Eric suddenly become a douchebag to
“Little Traitor, you used to call him Papa…
Have you forgotten?”
Tigger looked away and let out a cold snort.”
He’s not worthy!”
After all, Tigger was just a robot without
feelings. It would hate whoever Mama told it

to hate!
Eric’s face turned red with anger. At this
moment, Mitchell ran over to pass Eric an
umbrella. Before he could hand it over,
Tigger shouted at Mitchell in a clear voice, ”
Papa, mwah, mwah!”
– Mitchell’s body suddenly stiffened, and he
almost fell to the ground.
Eric’s cold eyes were fixated on Mitchell,
and his face was incredibly glum.

Mitchell waved his hand. “I…”
“Papa, you’re so handsome!” Tigger
Mitchell panicked.
Gerard burst out in laughter.
The corners of Mitchell’s mouth twitched
Fortunately, the Rolls-Royce earlier
returned to the entrance. Eric’s face was
cold as he diverted his attention to the car.
The man in the car got down and extended
his hand.

“I’ came to pick up Tigger.”
Eric grunted coldly and threw Tigger over.
He felt like he was about to explode from all
the anger pent up inside his chest. He swept
his stern eyes over to the car behind
Besides the driver, there was no one else
Perhaps Nicole knew that Eric was here and
did not want to see him.
“Sunner, are you and Nicole lovers?” Gerard
cast a meaningful glance at Eric and asked

Maverick lowered his eyes and said
indifferently, “I can’t say.”
Gerard hooked his lips and pointed at Eric. a
Do you know what his relationship with
Nicole is?”
Maverick looked at Eric and frowned
slightly as he shook his head.
don’t know him…’ Maverick thought.
Before Gerard could introduce him, Eric’s

tone was extremely cold as he said, “I’m her
dead ex-husband!”
That was what Nicole said about him at the
airport, which he had overheard.
Eric was so angry that his heart hurt.
Maverick did not have any expression as he
nodded and said, “Then all the more reason
for me not to tell you.”
After that, Maverick got back into the car,
and the car quickly disappeared.
Gerard laughed. “He has the same temper as
Ms. Stanton! Flahahahahar

Eric swept a cold gaze at Gerard, who
instantly shut up.
Maverick went over to pick Nicole up at a

station platform not far away. Nicole felt
heartbroken as she stroked Tigger. “I’m sorry
… Mama didn’t mean to leave you behind!”
Tigger shrank into her arms aggrievedly
and said, “Then… I want a Mesgarzadeh rug
Nicole paused for a moment. Other people’s
pets only had to eat, but her pet was out toburn her money!
-Okay, Ill buy it for you.”
Maverick looked at Tigger with disdain and
thought, What a vain tiger!’

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