The Divorced B8illionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 129

Chapter 129 Stupid, Slow, and Untalented

The atmosphere was stagnant for a while.
Fortunately, Eric Ferguson did not pursue it
further. The topic changed to determine the
project’s direction.
The meeting lasted for more than an hour,
and it had started to rain outside.
When everyone went out, they ran into their
cars one after another. Since the steps at the
entrance were on low terrain, a pool of
stagnant rainwater had accumulated there.

Nicole walked out last. She was wearing her
custom-made Manoios that were incredibly
sleek and exquisite, so she hesitantly stood
on the steps_
Stanton Corporation’s Rolls-Royce parked
not far from the steps. The driver could not
get any closer even if he wanted to.
Maverick noticed his sister’s expression.
Since there was only one umbrella left,
Maverick habitually took it and propped it
over Nicole’s head. “Shall we?”

Nicole lowered her head and pointed her
toes as she said with regret, “The diamonds
on these shoes will fall off if they get wet…”
Maverick heard this and glanced at her. He
saw that she was wearing a short skirt
today that was not suitable for being carried
because picking her up would risk exposing
Thus, he took off his bespoke suit jacket and
threw it on the ground in front of her. He
propped the umbrella on top of her head,
went two steps down, and held out his hand
as he said with extreme patience, “Now it
won’t get wet. Let’s go.’

Nicole sighed and thought she could only
make do with this.
She placed her hand on Maverick’s palm,
stepped on his expensive jacket, and got
into the car.
The driver, who saw this scene, secretly

grieved for himself and thought, Please don’
t fire me because of my driving skills..,’
Two other people saw this scene as well.
Gerard Lichman shook his head,
‘Now I’ve finally witnessed how nitpicky a
princess could be! She might even care if
the air around her isn’t sweet enough, yet
you treated her like dirt!”
Eric stared at the car with sunken eyes and
gave him a cold look.
He secretly clenched his teeth as he knew
about Maverick’s true identity.

Even international big shots were humble in that
man’s presence and took the initiative to
reach out to him, yet he was being so servile
to Nicole!
The relationship between these two seemed
to have exceeded the boundary of regular
Were they too close?
A shout of surprise came from the side as
Molly Stewart waved at Nicole from a short

distance away. she was holding Tigger as
she ran towards Nicole with great
Nicole was stunned and smiled in response.
She then whispered to Maverick, “She’s
Molly Stewart.”
Maverick frowned. By then, Molly had
already run to them and was just about to
hug Nicole when she noticed Maverick, who
was standing in arm’s reach.

She was stupefied for a moment before she
shouted in shock, “Holy sh*t! The Great God!”
Without another word, Molly chucked
Tigger aside and hugged Maverick, which
made Maverick’s face turn white from
Maverick felt shy and embarrassed as he
pried this woman off his body. He sounded
upset as he said, “Please have some self-
respect.” III
How could Molly care for self-respect when
she saw her idol?
Molly could not control her excitement and
was not offended from being pushed away.

She tilted her head to look at the tall and
lean Greek god of a man.
“I’m Molly Stewart! I’ve sent you a friend
request and you’ve given me plenty of
At this time, Molly thought it was important
to close the distance between them.
Maverick gave her a slightly disdainful look.
“I know. You’re stupid, slow, and untalented.

A simple calculation can make you spin in
Seeing that Molly’s excitement a few
seconds ago gradually morphed into
distress, Nicole hurriedly tugged on
Maverick’s sleeve and shook her head.
Maverick paused, then looked at Tigger who
was crawling on the ground. His tone
“But… Tigger is well-designed and made of a
solid material.”
Molly looked up at Maverick and smiled.
Her sadness earlier seemed to have
vanished.”Ws just a stupid tiger. I can still make it

Tigger kicked Molly with Its furry paw in
protest. “You’re the stupid tiger! Your whole
family is stupid!”
‘ Molly gave Tigger a threatening look and
turned to Nicole and Maverick.
You guys really know each other! Nikki is
The Great God your friend?”
Nicole smiled and nodded, then tugged on
Maverick’s arm.
“Molly’s my friend, so you need to be nicer
to her. Don’t treat her the same way as you
treat your PhD students.”

Maverick was speechless. He looked away
and let out a light grunt.
Molly rubbed her hands in surprise and
winked at Nicole.
Nicole added, “He’ll be joining this project as
an external consultant. Molly, please take
care of him during this time_ ik
Molly stared at her in surprise. “HuhT

The Great God is gonna listen to my
command?!’ Molly thought.
Seeing Molly’s trembling body, Nicole
laughed and whispered in her ear. “His
identity should be kept secret for now.”
Molly nodded in understanding and was
still somewhat dumbfounded.
After saying their goodbyes, Nicole turned
around and got into the car.

The hem of her skirt accidentally got stuck in the door slit,
so Nicole let out a cry of surprise.
Maverick silently threw away the umbrella,
knelt on one knee to carefully unhook Nicole
‘s skirt, then turned to see the shocked and
dumbfounded Molly.

His voice was extremely clear and cold as
he said, “Please help me to throw away the
trash. Thank you.”
Without waiting for Molly to answer,
Maverick got into the car and closed the
door. Their car then disappeared into the
Tigger, who was still playing in a pool of

water on the side, was left abandoned and
haven’t gotten into the car yet…’

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