The Divorced B8illionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 132

Chapter 132 Because You’re My Ex-wife

Ferguson Corporation President’s Office.
It was so quiet that even a pin drop could be
Eric tapped his fingers on the desk slowly,
one after another, which made Mitchell’s
nerves tense.
He sat there with sunken eyes and said in a
cold tone, “She went to the sales office to
buy a house?”
Mitchell stood there respectfully. “Yes, the
sales staff personally confirmed it, and I’ve
seen the surveillance footage.

Ms. Stanton went with Ms. Quimbey. They’re still there.”
Eric’s eyes were deep. After a few seconds,
he got up and said in a clear voice, ‘Lets go
over and take a look”
Although Eric did not know why Nicole
went there, he wanted to see for himself
what she was up to.
“Yes, sir,” Mitchell replied respectfully and
could feel a heavy air enveloping Eric.

Eric’s reaction was always unexpected
whenever it involved Nicole.
The sales manager introduced a few high-
end boutique apartments and carefully
.4 asked, “Ms. Stanton, are you satisfied with
this style? Are you living by yourself?”
Nicole shook her head and was honest with
her. “No, I’m buying this as a gift. He’s a
bachelor that just returned from abroad. If
there is any old furniture inside, please
change it to Swiss furniture. It must be the
best range. Cost isn’t a problem.”

‘My second brother deserves the best!’
“Yes, miss.”
Eric, who was at the door, stopped in his
tracks. His eyes grew cold.
`She came to buy a house for a bachelor? Is
it that Sunner?!’
If this scene was filmed with a motive and
uploaded to the internet, it would
immediately cause a huge sensation.
[Nicole bought Eric Ferguson’s property to
house her new lover. How sad is that?!

(Hahahaha! I somehow want to laugh at this.
Why is Nicole so great?’
(Mr. Ferguson should make a personal
recommendation for his ex-wife to buy a
house for another man!’
The contract was simple. Nicole did not look
at it carefully and settled on this unit
mainly because the environment was quiet
and secluded, which was a rare find.
If the interior was not satisfactory, she
would just have it replaced since it was not
a big deal.

After the signing, Nicole lightly glanced at
her million-dollar Jaeger-LeCoultre watch
on her wrist, then picked up her purse and
said, “I’ll make the payment now.”
Before she turned around, there was a
commotion at the entrance. The sales
manager immediately bowed in greeting. ”
Good day, President!”
Eric went over to Nicole. His eyes were
sunken and his voice was clear. “Have you

chosen yet?”
He asked knowingly as he had just heard
everything cleaily.
It was as if he was deliberately looking for
his own discomfort.
Hearing his voice, Nicole did not turn
around and only felt his burning gaze on her
The surroundings seemed to quiet down on

The air pressure between the two of thein
was getting lower by the second. The sales
manager coughed and intended to ease the
“Since President Ferguson is here and Ms.
Stanton is an acquaintance, we can offer
you an internal discount…”
Nicole hooked her lips and snorted coldly.
m not friends with him, so there’s no need
for a discount.’
The atmosphere was once again stagnant.
Nicole raised her head and looked at Eric’s
cold and deep gaze without avoidance.

“Does everyone who comes to buy a house
here get personally received by Mr.
‘Why should I get this unjust treatment! I don
want to see Eric Ferguson!”
‘Nicole, you’re different,” Eric spoke in a
mellow voice.
“What’s different?” Nicole raised her
eyebrows. Her voice was icy.
‘Is it because I’m now the CEO of Stanton

Is getting received by Eric
Ferguson considered preferential treatment?
“You’re my ex-wife, so you’re different from

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