The Divorced B8illionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 133

Chapter 133 Widowed Before Marriage

When the word “ex-wife” came out of his
mouth, Eric Ferguson felt extremely
uncomfortable in his heart.
He could not describe that discomfort.
“Which house do you like? Ill buy it for you,”
Eric said.
Back then at the Share Fashion Show,
Nicole had willfully asked Kai for a yacht.
That scene was extraordinarily piercing to
Eric’s eyes.
Eric recalled that he had never given Nicole
any gift before.

If Nicole could accept his gift now, he might
feel a lot better about himself.
Nicole let out a light laugh like she had
heard some kind of joke.
However, there was no emotion in her eyes.
“Buy it for me? Mr. Ferguson, you’re really
generous. Are you always so generous to
your ex?”

Eric frowned slightly and was just about to

speak, but Nicole did not give him the
chance to. You said so yourself that I’m
your ‘ex-wife’. That means we no longer
have anything to do with each other and I
have no reason to accept your gift, lest your
family tries to sling mud at me again saying
that I’m a gold digger.”

Nicole looked at the sales manager on the
side. “I’ll pay by card in full.”
She did not want to owe Eric Ferguson
anything, especially for such a small
amount of money.
Nicole did not want to touch the Ferguson
family’s money at all.
The sales manager was torn as she looked
at Eric, whose brow furrowed deeper.

She was eager to get this commission, but would
the boss allow it?
Mitchell, who was standing at the back,
gave the sales manager a look, so the
manager had a good sense to leave
Eric was just about to speak when his phone

suddenly rang. He frowned and picked it up.
The other party spoke urgently.
Terg! Wendy got into a car accident and lost
too much blood! She’s in the hospital now…”
Since they were in proximity to each other,
Nicole could hear the conversation clearly.
Regardless of the time, that name always
made her alert.
Eric frowned and was stunned. His face was
shrouded in a layer of annoyance and

“Got it. I’ll be right there He immediately hung up the phone and
looked at Nicole with his dark eyes. “She
At4Th’ife just got into a car accident..”
Eric knew that Nicole must have heard it.
Nicole smiled as if nothing had happened
and sneered.
-Mr. Ferguson, your IQ is really so low. Is
Ms. Quade a cat with nine lives? She can’t
even die after so many times, but as soon as
you’re there, she’s alive and kicking”?’

Eric’s face stiffened. His eyes instantly
deepened and his brows knitted.
His chest also tightened.
“Luckily, I didn’t accept your ‘gift’.
Otherwise, have to donate blood to that
woman. You should leave that house to Ms.
Quade instead and pray that she lives well
so that you won’t be widowed before you
even get married…” Nicole said with gritted
teeth, then turned to the sales manager.
Eric started at her back. His face was taut
and extremely glum.

“President, we should get going…” Mitchell
had also received a call from the hospital.
At the hospital.
Keith Ludwig stood at the door of the ward
while Ingrid Ferguson shrank into a corner,
shivering in fear.
“What’s going on?” Eric’s voice was cold.
Keith pointed at Ingrid. “Get her to explain.’
Ingrid was so scared that she cried. Under
Eric’s intimidating gaze, she finally could

not help but shout, “It has nothing to do with
me! It’s all because of that b*tch Nicole! She
forced her!”
Eric’s eyes were cold. “What’s this
He had just been with Nicole, who had no
knowledge of this matter, so how could
Nicole have any connection to Wendy’s car

Eric did not believe a word of what Ingrid
Ingrid cried and said, “It’s true! Wendy said
that Nicole only hates our family so much
because of her, so as long as she dies, Nicole
won’t find fault with us anymore. That’s
why she rushed out to the middle of the
road. Isn’t this being forced by Nicole?”

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