The Divorced B8illionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 134

Chapter 134 Go Back to France

Keith was speechless and covered his face.
He stood up, patted Eric’s shoulder, and
sighed tiredly. ‘It’s not that I’m switching
sides, but Nicole is straight-up wronged this
‘Nicole clearly hates Eric alone, so Wendy is
just overthinking it and imagining herself
as Nicole’s enemy. When did the dignified
Wendy become like this? She’s too good at
involving herself in drama!’ Keith sighed
and walked away.

Ingrid was still cursing Nicole incessantly,
but it was not only because of Wendy.
She hated Nicole and was jealous that
Nicole had become the heiress of Stanton
Corporation overnight. Since then, Nicole’s
fame in the gentry circle skyrocketed.
‘What about men Ingrid thought.
Ingrid and Nicole’s status were completely
reversed. Now, Ingrid was the lowly one.
Everyone at home was mad at her and did

not give her any pocket money anymore. It
was all just because Nicole took the emerald
‘Nicole completely messed up my life!’
Ingrid thought
“Shut up!” Eric chided in a cold voice
Ingrid covered her face and left, crying
while shouting, “You’re all bullies!”
Eric stood at the door with a cold and sullen
face. Wendy, who was inside the ward,
looked calm and a little pale.

Mitchell had gone to ask about the situation,
then hurriedly came over to report what he
learned. “Mr. Ferguson, the hospital has
enough Rh-null blood in reserve.. Ms.
Quade… isn’t seriously injured. It’s just a
minor skin abrasion…”
Eric suddenly thought of Nicole’s words.
*Mr. Ferguson, your IQ is really so low. Is
Ms. Quade a cat with nine lives? She can’t
even die after so many times,but as soon as
you’re there, she’s alive and kicking?”
Inside the ward.

Wendy laid there with a pale face. When she
saw Eric coming in, her eyes lit up.
“Eric, if only I had died, I wouldn’t have
troubled you… Nicole must’ve made things
difficult for you, right? She’s too much!”
Eric stood there with a detached coldness in
the bottom of his calm eyes. He spoke
nonchalantly, “Too much? She gave you so
much blood, yet you didn’t even say a word
of thanks and still think she’s too much?”
The blood on Wendy’s face suddenly

She hurriedly explained, `No, I didn’t
mean that. Of course, I’m thankful for
Nicole for donating blood, but it’s her fault
that she hid her identity…”
Eric looked at her with an expressionless
face. “So what? What does her concealing
her identity have to do with your
Besides Floyd Stanton kicking out Wendy,
who came uninvited to his company’s
anniversary gala, Nicole had not done
anything to Wendy.
Eric stood there with a cold and stern face.
An indescribable irritation lingered in his

His indifferent eyes were still, and his tone
was cold as he said resolutely, “You should
go back to France as soon as Hendrick’s
death anniversary is over. They have good
medical facilities there, which is suitable
for you to recuperate. Once you get well, I’ll
sponsor you for three more months. After
that, I will stop giving you living expenses.
You’re not disabled, so you can find your
own means of survival.”
Wendy raised her head in shock, revealing
her panic expression. She cried and pleaded
with him. ‘Eric…”

Keith stood in the doorway and coughed.
“This amount of money is nothing. Ferg,
why do you have to be so quick to…”
Eric did not give them a chance to speak. He
picked up his jacket and walked out.
“Since it’s nothing, you can take over if you
Keith was stunned. The corners of his lips
twitched. can’t_ All my money is with my

Wendy was like a burden being kicked away
by Eric. At that moment, she felt so
humiliated. She clutched her clothes tightly
and shook in anger.

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