The Divorced B8illionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 139

Chapter 139 The Cheating Couple Can Go to Hell

With the series of harm Eric Ferguson had
inflicted on Nicole, her hostility towards
him would not lessen one bit.
Gerard Lichman awkwardly glanced at the
two people. The atmosphere was
momentarily stagnant.
Eric was silent as he stared at Nicole with a
dark and deep gaze.
Nicole’s undisguised arrogance and
indifference made Eric realize the extent of
Nicole’s hatred and long-standing
This feeling was horrible like someone had
squeezed his heart.

Gerard coughed slightly and tried to ease
the situation. “I think what President
Stanton said makes sense…”
In the end, Eric also agreed with Nicole’s
Once the meeting was over, Mitchell walked

over to Eric quickly. “President, Ferguson

Corporation’s stock has plummeted…”
Nicole was the last to leave the room, so she
heard this sentence very clearly.
“Serve them right!’ Nicole thought.
Eric’s voice was extremely cold. “Get to the
Mitchell handed over the iPad in his hand,
opened the webpage, and showed Eric the
bright and eye-catching red lettering
located at the top of the trending topics.
“Cheating Couple Eric Ferguson and Wendy
Quade Should Go to Hell!”
It was such blatant undisguised hatred.
They even used Eric and Wendy’s real
names, like they were not at all afraid of
being investigated.

The comments and retweets skyrocketed,
enough to affect the Ferguson Corporation’s
stock prices.
[This trending topic is bought by President
Nicole, right? Her response is too fast!]

[Money really could buy vengeance!1
[Go to hell, cheating couple! President Nicole
is the bestg
[This trending topic must get to the first
place. I will always support Nicole! We need
to set up a fan club for her stat, and we’ll be
the first to join!l
Eric swept a glance at the comments and
was silent for a few seconds. He suddenly
raised his head to look at Nicole, who was
still there discussing with Gerard.
Her face was calm without a trace of panic_

Seemingly sensing Eric’s line of sight,
Nicole glanced sideways and faintly
withdrew her gaze.
She pretended that nothing was wrong and
continued asking Gerard about some things.
Eric hooked his lips and said in a deep
voice, “Nicole.”
Nicole smirked and sneered as she looked
at Eric. “Mr. Ferguson, are you looking tot

Gerard noticed that every time these two
met, they seemed to be shooting sparks at
each other that could burn others around
“The trending topic online… Was it you?”
Eric was eighty percent certain it was
Nicole flipped her hair that was by her ear
and said in an unfriendly tone, “Yeah, it’s

She admitted to what she did.
Nicole sneered.
Eric’s eyes grew cold_ He was about to say
something, but Nicole did not give him the
“I also want you to know what it feels like to
get berated.”
Her voice was cool, and her eyes carried a
“Mr. Ferguson, you should control your
sister and lover. If they dare to find trouble

with me again, I’ll make them go viral!”
Nicole knew that the reporters who
besieged her today were hired by Ingrid
Ferguson, no doubt for Wendy Quade.
Since that was the case, Nicole had to return
the favor.
Eric’s eyebrows knitted together_ “Trouble?
What kind of trouble?’
He immediately had a premonition in his

“Go back and ask them. Mr. Ferguson, you’re
always being manipulated like a fool, yet
you think that you’re so smart?”
Since the divorce, Nicole was no longer
obliged to put up with them anymore.
It did not matter if it was the Ferguson
family or someone else, if anyone dared to
slap her once, she would pay it back tenfold!
The price was heavy.
Nicole snorted coldly and looked at Gerard
“Mr. Lichrnan, get going first. Goodbye!’
“Take care, President Stanton,”

She turned on her heels and left
Gerard’s eyes glanced back and forth at the
two people before finally landing on Eric. n
Mr. Ferguson, this isn’t some minor trouble
He knew that something was wrong with
Ferguson Corporation during the meeting,
but he would never pick a side out of

Eric coldly turned to the side_
“Remove the trending topic immediately.
What’s our PR team doing?!”
Mitchell spoke with difficulty, “Mr.
Ferguson, the trending topics simply can’t
be withdrawn. This time, the President of
Falcon Entertainment is behind it. Dominic
Young is Kai’s subordinate and they even
united with some foreign media companies
intending to keep this going for a while…”
The air was silent and oppressive for a
Mitchell paused for a moment and
continued, “Not just that, I heard that the

platform’s system clashed many times like
there’s a hacker taking control horn a
foreign IP. They can’t even trace the hacker,
so they can’t just withdraw it like that.
President, I’ve checked the situation
thoroughly and found out that Ms. Ferguson
hired the reporters to besiege Ms. Stanton
today. I think it’s best if she can admit
defeat and apologize to Ms. Stanton.”
Nicole came prepared, and the Fergusons
obviously lost the first opportunity.

Gerard could not help but think to himself,
You really can’t offend women, especially
such a beautiful and capable woman,..’
Eric’s eyes were cold and sullen as he cast a
sidelong glance at Mitchell. He then walked
out of the room and instructed, “Tell Ingrid
to get her *ss over here now!”

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