The Divorced B8illionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 140

Chapter 140 Removed Forever

Ingrid was IA ought to Ferguson Corporation.
Even her phone was confiscated.
She stood there miserably and tilted her to
look at Eric_ “Brother, why did you call me to
come over all of a sudden?”
Eric’s face was permeating with coldness.
His voice was stern and harsh. “What do you
Ingrid trembled and refused to admit her
“How would I know?”
You don’t know?” Eric sneered, then
shouted at the door. “Bring him in!”

Mitchell pushed the leading reporter into
the room.
The reporter came in with a smile and
carefully bowed. “Hello, Mr. Ferguson. Good
day, Ms. Ferguson.”
Ingrid saw the reporter and thought that he
had betrayed her.

“Brother, don’t listen to him! What he said is
all fake! I didn’t hire them to slander Nicole
The reporter had not even said anything, but
Ingrid had already admitted to it first.
Seeing Eric’s increasingly chilly eyes, Ingrid
suddenly felt a pang of fear.
She slowly let go of Eric’s arm. “I really didn’t
t do it on purpose…”
“Ingrid Ferguson, you still act like you’re not
at fault after causing such consequences?”

Eric glared viciously at Ingrid with his cold
and deep eyes. His voice carried a chill.
There seemed to be an invisible force that
enveloped the surroundings.
Ingrid subconsciously took a step back. For
the first time, she felt that her brother was
no longer tolerant of her.
She suddenly remembered what her mother
warned her.
Never disobey Eric or try his patience

‘Why is Nicole Eric’s bottom line? Why can’t
I touch her?’
The more Ingrid thought about it, the more
resentful she was. She was just about to
pretend to be aggrieved and show weakness
to muddle through this situation when the
reporter quickly ratted her out.
“Mr_ Ferguson, Ms. Ferguson still hasn’t
made the final payment, but since I didn’t
accomplish my task, I don’t dare to ask for
it. Can you please let me go?”

The surroundings were obviously a few
degrees colder.
“Shut up!” Ingrid yelled at the reporter,
‘What a dumb, insensible imbecile!’ Ingrid
“Ingrid Ferguson, you only have one choice.
Go and apologize to Nicole now!”
Eric’s eyes were sullen with a frightening
“Why should I apologize to her? It didn’t
work out as planned anyway!”

he reversal of the situation online did not

drag Nicole through the mud. Instead, it got
Ferguson Corporation into trouble_
This already made Ingrid very dissatisfied.
How could Nicole have such good luck every
Eric’s voice was cold, “You can choose not to
go, but don’t try to take a single penny from
the family ever again.”
Ingrid looked up at him in shock with a pale

“Don’t even try to borrow money in the
name of our family either. I’ll inform
everyone that you’ve been kicked out of the
Ferguson family.”
His voice was deep with a compelling and
stern aura.
Eric’s eyes were dark, and his face had no
He was a man who would do as he said.
Ingrid finally realized that he was not joking.
She trembled and felt aggrieved as she said,

Why do you favor her?’ Ain’t you
divorced? Aren’t you going to be With Wendy
Who the hell is Nicole?! Why did Eric have
to humiliate me because of Nicole over and
over again?’
Eric’s voice was deep and cold. “Ingrid
Ferguson, since you messed with Nicole
with such clumsy means, Ferguson

Corporation’s stock plummeted, and we lost
more than a billion dollars in just a few
hours. Why do you think?!”
In an instant, the room became as cold as an
ice cellar.
Ingrid was so shocked that she could not
even say anything.
`Lost more than a billion dollars? I only
spent more than $100,000 to hire the
reporter to find trouble with Nicole_.’ Ingrid •
“Also, I have nothing to do with Wendy
Quade. You’d better get the facts straight.
She will never have a single thing to do with
our family!”

Eric glared at her coldly and walked out
‘Have I always gotten the wrong idea?’
Ingrid’s body stiffened, then she began to
panic and tremble.
She had a foreboding feeling.
After Eric left, Mitchell walked in and
looked at the reporter. “You may leave.
Remember what Mr. Ferguson said. Don’t
try to dig up dirt from the business circle. Go
back to your entertainment industry for
that. Or else, you won’t even know how you
“Yes, yes, yes.” The reporter hastily agreed
and ran out in a split second.

Mitchell pushed up his glasses and walked
over to the dumbfounded ‘Ingrid.
“Ms. Ferguson, Old Master Ferguson called
for you.”
Ingrid froze. ‘Right_ Grandpa won’t abandon
“What did Grandpa say?”
Mitchell replied, “He asked for you to go

over within twenty minutes. Otherwise, he’ll
remove your name from the Ferguson
family registry forever.”

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