The Divorced B8illionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 142

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 142

When Wendy Quade heard Ian Carter’s words, she turned pale.

Looking at Nicole’s taunting gaze, Wendy clenched her fingers tightly and ran away without saying a word.

Nicole paused and scoffed, then turned to follow Wendy unhurriedly.

Eric frowned and was about to chase after them, but Ian blocked his path. Ian wanted Eric to explain what he just said clearly.

‘How will I know if what Eric said was true or not?’ Ian thought.

Wendy was just about to get into her car when she heard a movement behind her. She turned around to see Nicole and instantly looked annoyed. “What are you doing here? You wanna laugh at me? Even so, Eric’s willing to hurt you for me. It means that he doesn’t even care for you, so don’t make a fool of yourself.“

She thought that compared to her, Nicole was still the loser.

after that, Wendy got into the driver’s seat of a bright red BMW M 4 that really matched her.

In the next second, Wendy started the car engine, stepped on the throttle, and slowly drove out.

Nicole’s eyes were extremely cold as she calmly got into her car. She floored the gas pedal and immediately chased after Wendy.

There were no other vehicles on the wide road.

A chill flashed across Nicole’s eyes. She went close to Wendy’s car and suddenly turned the steering wheel sharply to the right.

In an instant, Nicole slammed right into Wendy’s car! “Bang! “

The sound was shocking.

The front left side of the red BMW was dented. The screeching brakes sounded sharp and piercing.

Wendy, who was inside the car, was shocked and disoriented as she looked up in disbelief at the perpetrator, Nicole.

Nicole hooked her lips and did not stop there.

On the road.

Nicole turned the car around extremely skillfully and drifted so beautifully, bringing up a cloud of dust all around.

This scene was so intense and exciting!

At this moment, Nicole was facing the front of Wendy’s car. Nicole saw Wendy’s flustered gaze as Wendy fumbled for her phone.

‘Who is she trying to call? Whatever, it doesn’t even matter! ‘

Nicole did not give Wendy a chance to get out of the car. She snorted coldly, floored the gas pedal again, and rammed right into the red car.

In an instant, the sound of the collision was sharp and ear-splitting. The woman’s terrified scream also reverberated in the air.

The red BMW was almost overturned!

At that moment, the red BMW was turned on its side, looking very deformed. It also emitted a strong and pungent smell of gasoline.

Nicole finally felt satisfied. She backed up, parked, got out, and leaned against her car with her arms folded.

She looked at Wendy from above and was admiring her work with indifferent eyes.

Wendy was covered in blood and looked so wretched as she struggled to crawl out of the car.

Nicole’s gaze was arrogant as she looked at Wendy, who was lying on the ground and trembling.

“How does it feel?“ Nicole asked.

Wendy’s body stiffened. The contempt in her eyes earlier was gone.

Her voice trembled. “Nicole, if you like Eric, you can go after him with your ability…“

Nicole hooked up her lips carelessly and slowly stepped forward.

She looked down at Wendy. “What is he? With my current status, is he even worthy?“

Nicole was insufferable, but she said it with such sass and confidence.

“The person I’m looking for is you! “ Nicole said. The corners of her lips gently hooked up into a cold smile.

“Don’t rush to leave the country just yet. I can really hold a grudge, and there are still several accounts I haven’t settled with you yet. For example, trying to kill me by tampering with my car…“

Nicole’s aura was frighteningly cold.

Wendy’s face instantly paled. She trembled in panic as she tried to clutch the ground, so much so that her fingernails were bleeding.

“No… What are you saying? I don’t understand! Don’t accuse me! “

Nicole’s beautiful eyes that were as brilliant as the galaxy did not have the slightest emotion in them.

She felt elated looking at Nicole’s wretched appearance.

‘That night when I escaped death was so thrilling and frightening that I had nightmares for days on end! I almost disappeared from this world and almost never got to see my family and friends again!’

Nicole was not so kind and forgiving. ‘Wendy must pay the price for this!’

“Nicole! “ A cold and indifferent voice came from behind her that sounded very familiar. “What are you doing?“

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