The Divorced B8illionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 141

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 141

Ingrid did not expect that her small impulsive move would bring so much trouble to Ferguson Corporation, yet Nicole, the one she wanted to mess with, was still unharmed!

After returning to the Ferguson Villa, Old Master Ferguson scolded Ingrid in a thunderous voice for a whole afternoon.

No one dared to speak up for her.

Old Master Ferguson, like Eric, also believed that Ingrid should go and apologize to Nicole.

Ingrid was then locked in the memorial hall at the Ferguson Villa and punished to kneel for the whole night.

The next day was Hendrick’s death anniversary.

Nicole never imagined that she would see Wendy Quade and Eric Ferguson in front of Hendrick’s grave.

Ian Carter also saw the couple.

He looked upset and pulled Nicole back. “Hendrick, Eric has been taking good care of me.

Don’t worry, I ‘ll take good care of myself. “ Wendy finished talking to the tombstone and shyly glanced at Eric on the side.

Wendy was incredibly soft and gentle as she continued to speak, “Eric, I know you’re troubled because of Nicole. Don’t worry, I’ll go to France as soon as possible so that Nicole won’t target you.“

‘It’s better for me to know when to retreat than to cling on and make things worse… ‘ Wendy thought.

Eric frowned slightly and was just about to say something when he heard someone behind him snort lightly.

It was extremely disdainful.

When he turned back, he saw Nicole smirking with raised eyebrows as she stared at them with cold eyes.

Nicole wore a plain black knee-length dress with no embellishments, but she still looked so striking.

“Ms. Quade, you’re so reluctant to let go of Mr. Ferguson, so you should stay…“

Nicole smiled mockingly.

‘She thinks she can escape so soon? I haven’t settled accounts with her yet…’

“Why are you here?“

Wendy’s voice changed. She was shocked and glared at Nicole fiercely.

Ian’s face was glum as he stepped forward to question Wendy.

“That’s what I should ask you! Why are you two in front of my brother’s grave?“

Eric had long known that Ian was Hendrick’s younger brother, but he never had much contact with Ian.

Ian had gone to study abroad when he was young, so naturally, he was not aware that Hendrick got acquainted with Eric during those years in the army.

Wendy Quade was a bit flustered and thought, ‘If Nicole knew that my relationship with Eric is only because I was Hendrick’s girlfriend and not the ‘true love’ that I purposely made her think we are.

Wouldn’t she just mock me even more unscrupulously?’

In an instant, Wendy jerked her head to look at Eric. The moment Eric saw Nicole, he had a plan in mind.

Eric’s face was calm facing Ian’s questioning. After a slight pause, Eric spoke slowly, “Ian, I was Hendrick’s brother-in-arms, and Wendy was Hendrick’s girlfriend. Before he died, he entrusted me to take care of her.“

In just a few short sentences, Eric had explained the cause and effect of this whole debacle.

Although Eric addressed this to Ian, he really meant to say it to Nicole.

Eric kept glancing at Nicole, hoping that she would react.

This was the reason why he had been taking care of Wendy Quade.

It was not because he liked her or cheated.

There had been no other woman in Eric’s life, except for Nicole who married him.

However, Nicole’s indifferent response was unexpected. She seemed unconcerned about their relationship and did not care about his explanation.

When Eric saw this, his face was tense, and he did not look away.

At that moment, Wendy just looked embarrassed and awkward.

Nicole noticed Wendy’s reaction and thought, ‘So that’s how it is. I’ve always been wondering what Wendy Quade has which made Eric so affectionate towards her…’

Among the women who coveted Eric, Wendy’s family background, education, and looks were all inferior. Aside from her vile character, there was nothing that made Wendy stand out.

It was absolutely ridiculous that Nicole lost to such a woman.

The atmosphere was strangely quiet.

What broke the silence was Ian’s shocked and incredulous question. “How can my brother even like her?! She’s just trying to be a freeloader, right?”

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