The Divorced B8illionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 144

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 144

The wide street was empty.

Eric Ferguson did not even glance at Wendy, who was on the ground. He just got into his car and left.

No one paid attention to the injured Wendy Quade, who was thrown out like a bag of trash.

When she was helpless, Wendy got up from the ground and called her eldest uncle, but as soon as he answered the phone, he cursed at her.

“You bloody banshee! What have you done to make Mr. Ferguson so angry?! He wants to crush my company now! What do you have to say to that?! “

Wendy panicked and was at a loss for words when she suddenly heard a car honking.

‘Did Eric send someone to pick me up? Does that mean he’s giving me a chance?’ Wendy thought.

Before she could revel in her elation, she saw several cars coming to a stop in front of her.

They were police cars!

The police officers inside got out of the car with cold and solemn faces.

“Wendy Quade? Someone is charging you with intentional homicide. Please come with us.“

In an instant, it felt like a bucket of ice water was poured all over her head.

The fluke and joy Wendy felt at that moment vanished.

She did not expect that the person who would come to pick her up would be the police.

What was awaiting her was a prison sentence!

At this moment, Wendy suddenly realized that Eric would never be merciful to her again, and Nicole would never let her go either.

Wendy was trembling in fear and panicked.

The police handcuffed her, forcibly stuffed her into the car, and left the scene with the sirens reverberating in the air.

Stanton Corporation.

J&L Corporation’s project was pretty much determined. With Maverick there, Nicole did not need to worry about the follow-up.

The most important thing at the moment was a bid proposal that Nicole was looking at.

Now that Nicole was the CEO of Stanton Corporation, she had to call the shots on the major projects, so she had to pay utmost attention to those.

After the meeting, Nicole’s brain could finally relax from its tense state.

As soon as she walked out, Logan handed over her phone.

“President Nicole, Ian Carter just called. Perhaps there’s something urgent?“

‘Ian?’ Nicole nodded and took over the phone.

She called Ian back. In less than a few seconds, he picked up and got to the point. “Lil N! Did you see the news? Wendy Quade has been arrested! “

Ian could not wait to share this good news that was known all over the internet with Nicole.

‘That woman had made Nicole suffer so much, so it really serves her right! ‘ Ian thought.

Nicole knitted her brows in confusion. “I just got out of a meeting. What happened?“

“The evidence that you threw to Eric Ferguson was handed over to the police by Eric himself! In less than one night, Wendy Quade confessed to all of it! “

Nicole frowned slightly. The corners of her lips pulled up into a mocking smile. “Oh, really? He’s actually willing to hand her over to the police?“

‘What a surprise… I thought Eric had a deep affection for Wendy, but I guess it’s not that deep after all! ‘

Ian laughed lightly and spoke in a harsh tone. “ Wendy Quade only met with my brother Hendrick for less than three days. She pretended to be gentle and kind, then schemed to make everyone around her think that my brother’s in love with her. Hah! Eric Ferguson stupidly thought that she was my brother’s true love. He’s a real blind bastard! I told him the truth that day and his face turned so ugly… Hahaha…“

Nicole could not help but wrinkle her eyebrows. Her heart unconsciously sank, yet she felt somewhat relieved.

‘Wendy only used three days to torture me for three years… What an irony…’ Nicole thought.

However, Nicole did not intend to pursue this further. Wendy Quade chose her own path and would sooner or later pay the price of her actions.

‘How did this get exposed on the internet though? ‘ Nicole wondered.

“How did the media find out about this?” Nicole was puzzled that the news spread so fast.

“The firsthand news was released by Kai’s Falcon Entertainment. Kai himself is enjoying the show online…”

Ian wanted to continue talking, but Nicole simply hung up on him and went online.

Sure enough, the number one trending topic was: “Mr. Ferguson’s mistress is a murderer! “

All evidence was posted on the internet, including photos, confessions, and the whole process.

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