The Divorced B8illionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 145

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 145

The comment section underneath that article was abuzz.

(This mistress is simply a sociopath!]

(The homewrecker wants to kill his ex-wife? That b* tch is crazy! Who gave her the courage?]

(Mr. Ferguson is really blind! His mistress can’t even compare to one of Nicole’s toes! He really has a unique taste for horrid women…]

(Ferguson Corporation’s stock has fallen quite a bit, huh?]

The next day’s trending topic was “Kai watching the drama online“.

Kai used his official account to forward Falcon Entertainment’s explosive news.

He even added the caption: (Serves her right! @Nicole Stanton I know you’re not one to do this, but I gotta add fuel to the fire for you! ]

(OMG, is that Kai’s declaration of love for Nicole?] (We’11 all add fuel to the fire! For Nicole!]

(The whole world knows that Kai likes Nicole, but why does it feel so fake? It’s kinda funny…]

(Kai does have a good eye to like our President Nicole, but I still think Nicole should stay a strong

independent woman!]

Kai taking a stance in this was undoubtedly a protective move and undisguised favoritism for Nicole.

This was an unprecedented case.

If Kai was just an ordinary celebrity, it definitely would not have caused such a big reaction.

Kai’s status in the entertainment industry was god- like!

His words and actions attracted a lot of attention.

The moment he spoke out, his fans became even more sympathetic to Nicole.

Naturally, Wendy and Eric were implicated and berated.

Nicole sneered and thought that those two deserved it.

Ferguson Corporation’s share prices only fell by so much. Although it was not a small sum, it did not affect the Fergusons at all.

Nicole no longer cared about them.

Three hours later, Ferguson Corporation responded with a statement.

(Mr. Eric Ferguson and Ms. Wendy Quade do not have any improper relationship. Our company will use any legal means necessary to protect Mr. Eric Ferguson’s reputation.]

They even attached a lawyer’s letter.

However, these were futile efforts to calm the public.

Their public relations team was too useless.

Once this matter was made public, the rest of the Stanton family found out about Nicole’s near-death experience.

Floyd Stanton sent some people to exert pressure on the police, both explicitly and implicitly, so that Wendy Quade would not get a chance to reduce her sentence.

Grant Stanton told Nicole to get some rest for a few days and not to worry about the company.

Maverick Stanton knew that Nicole was still alive, so he did not do anything about it.

Kai Stanton was so pissed that he cursed out a storm on the internet.

At the end of the day, Logan knocked on Nicole’s office door and came in.

“President Nicole, Ms. Ferguson said that she wants to see you.“

Nicole paused. “Ingrid Ferguson?“ Logan nodded his head.

‘What is she doing here? Was the lesson last time not enough for her?’ The corners of Nicole’s lips hooked up into a playful smile.

She leaned back comfortably on her chair and raised an eyebrow. “Let her in.“

“Yes, ma’am.“

Soon after Logan went out, Ingrid walked in with stripper heels.

Ingrid’s face was glum and looked like she had not been living well these days.

With Old Master Ferguson’s character, he would not acknowledge any familial ties as long as it harmed the interests of Ferguson Corporation.

Unfortunately, Ingrid Ferguson still did not understand this.

“Nicole, you really think that you’re above everyone now, huh?“

Ingrid surveyed the surroundings with undisguised envy and jealousy in her eyes.

Nicole’s gaze was indifferent, and her smile was extremely cold. “My time is precious, so get to the point, Ms. Ferguson.“

She was not in the mood to babble on with such people because she did not want to stoop to their level.

Ingrid looked discontented for a moment and thought, ‘What’s with that attitude?! ‘

However, when she recalled her grandfather’s words, she would certainly get a serious scolding if she did not complete the task.

Thus, Ingrid would just have to bear with Nicole for the time being.

Ingrid lifted her chin and looked at Nicole arrogantly with disdain in her eyes. “I came to apologize to you.“

‘Nicole should be satisfied this time… When have I, the Young Lady of the Ferguson family, ever apologized to others?’

If it were not for Nicole’s counterattack which made Ferguson Corporation sustain some losses, Old Master Ferguson would not have forced Ingrid to apologize, and Ingrid would not have come over.

Nicole looked at Ingrid and could not help but let out a light laugh.

‘Ingrid looks more like she’s here to settle the score with me. Apologize? Does she think that I’m dumb?’ Nicole thought.

Ingrid said, “What are you laughing at? What are you so smug about? If Grandpa didn’t ask me to come, I wouldn’t have come here…” Nicole’s smile faded and her eyes were cold as she said, “I didn’t force you to come. If you don’t want to be here, get lost!”

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