The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Abandoned Wife

The glorious banquet hall was filled with important people. Every guest
present was at the top of their field.
Nicole was mentally prepared to see Eric Ferguson again. Her heart did
not fluctuate when she saw him because she had already let him go.
Although everyone knew that Eric Ferguson had an ex-wife, Eric had
never brought her to any formal occasions. Even when the last
statement went viral online, everyone had only heard of her name.

When Nicole saw Wendy Quade beside Eric, she laughed lightly and
thought, ‘She took my place so soon?’
Grant Stanton sensed her emotions and thoughtfully patted her arm.
“Don’t be afraid. I’m with you.”
Nicole’s smile deepened. “I’m not the one who should be afraid.”
‘I don’t have any worries anymore. What should I be afraid of? I’m

rant walked up to Eric. The two men were equal in popularity and
were similar in all aspects.
“Mr. Ferguson, I’ve heard a lot about you.”
“Mr. Stanton, so have I.”
The two men shook hands and parted immediately after. Eric’s eyes
were fixed on the woman next to Grant.

Nicole stood beside Grant and smiled radiantly. Her eyes were
glistening and clear, and her bespoke dress made her fair skin look
flawless. She looked like a completely different person from before, and
Eric could not take his eyes off of her.
This radiant Nicole in front of him was unfamiliar and dangerous with a
fatal attraction. Eric could only stare at her unmovingly while a complex
emotion stirred in his heart.

‘Did she go to Grant Stanton the day she vanished into thin air? What is
her relationship with Grant Stanton?’
At that moment, the emotions surging in Eric’s heart were so
complicated that he did not even know how to describe them. Anger
started to brew in his dark eyes.
Wendy Quade also noticed the flash of shock in Eric’s eyes the moment
he saw Nicole.

She secretly gritted her teeth and said in a shrill voice,
“Nicole, why are you here? Do you think this is a place you can come as
you please?”
She was reminding Nicole not to forget her lowly status.
Eric’s brow furrowed, but before he could stop her, he heard Grant’s
cold rhetorical question.

“And which family are you from, Miss?” His tone was aloof and
Wendy froze and forgot that she had a companion, so she hastily tried
to remedy the situation. “Sir, you may not know this, but Nicole just
divorced Eric…”

She thought that Nicole had found herself another sugar daddy and felt
the need to expose Nicole’s divorced status to him.
Grant’s indifferent attitude was oppressive. “Is there a rule that
divorced people can’t attend? Isn’t Mr. Ferguson also here?”
Wendy awkwardly tucked her hair behind her ear and looked at Eric to
plead for help.

However, Eric just stood there silently without the intention of relieving
her from this awkward situation.
Nicole lowered her head slightly and scoffed.
“Ms. Quade, do I need to report to you whoever I’m with? Don’t you
think that you’re overstepping your bounds?”
Wendy was stirring up trouble, so there was no reason for Nicole to
back down in this tit for tat.

Although the scandal between Eric and Wendy had been suppressed, it
had already spread like wildfire on the internet. No one believed that
Eric and Nicole had an amicable divorce.
There were so many people at the party, but Nicole did not even glance
at Eric.
Grant swept a cold glance at Wendy and said unceremoniously, “It
seems that the quality of this banquet has dropped because of Ms.
Quade’s attendance.

Mr. Ferguson, you need to improve your standards
in selecting female companions.”
After he said that, Grant did not intend to continue wasting time with
insignificant people and led Nicole to the other side of the hall.
Wendy was ridiculed by such a dignified person and felt humiliated. She
pouted her lips pitifully.

“Eric…” Her voice was forlorn and cautious.
Eric looked at the two departing backs with a cold and dark expression.
He was not in the mood to think about anything else at the moment.
‘We haven’t been divorced for long, yet that woman was living in style
and pretended not to see me? She even ran into the arms of another

A few business partners came over to greet Eric, so Eric ditched Wendy
and mingled around by himself.
A large swimming pool was right outside the floor-to-ceiling window.
This corner was secluded and unoccupied. Nicole held a glass of red
wine and seemed to be admiring the moonlight that reflected in the

Wendy thought, ‘Why should an abandoned wife that was kicked out of
the Ferguson family be able to attend such an exclusive banquet?’

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