The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Banquet

Eric Ferguson hung up the phone and rubbed his temples. His face was
glum and he felt extremely irritable.

He dialed Nicole’s number, but as expected, she did not answer and
even blocked him.

Eric slammed his phone so hard on the desk that it made a loud clang.
He looked at Mitchell coldly.

“Go find out where Nicole is. I want an answer in fifteen minutes.”
Mitchell felt like he would lose his job and hung his head even lower.
“Mr. Ferguson, I had someone check Ms. Nicole’s whereabouts. She
doesn’t seem to be in Atlanta. There’s no trace of her anywhere.”

Eric’s thin lips were pursed, and his face grew darker.

Half an hour later, the Ferguson Corporation deleted the statement
involving Nicole and issued an apology, stating that it was a
misunderstanding. However, they did not clarify a word about the
marriage between Eric and Nicole.

Even so, the effect of this move was still very minute. Eric browsed
through Nicole’s social media page and found her posts about their life
together. It was so close to him, yet so foreign.

[Hubby came back early today! *smiley face* ]
[It’s raining…I wonder if Hubby has an umbrella with him…]
[Hubby picked me up from work~]
[Breakfast especially prepared for my hubby!]
Eric unconsciously scrolled to the bottom and suddenly felt that their
three years of marriage were not completely blank, but filled with this
He noticed that he had never understood her and had never
participated in her happiness.

Every one of her posts was about him, and the latest statement she
released at 8:00 am today was emotionless, unlike her previous posts.
It was as if this was the end of their marriage.
He suddenly felt as if a piece of his heart was missing. His chest felt
Eric wanted to continue scrolling, but the page suddenly stopped
moving. When he refreshed it, all those posts he had just read suddenly

They were all deleted, leaving only the cold statement
from this morning.
The number of likes, comments, and retweets kept increasing.
‘This was her stance. She just deleted everything like that? She wants to
pretend that these three years never happened?’
Eric’s heart sank and his gaze was gloomy. His heart felt like it was being

‘I will find her even if I turn the whole country upside down!’
A month later.
Those who attended Atlanta’s business banquet were dignitaries and
the elites of society. Almost all of the upper class were present.
The banquet was not open to the public. Bodyguards were also
stationed a few blocks away from the venue to stop paparazzi from
secretly snapping pictures.

A luxury Mercedes Benz sports car slowly stopped at the entrance of
The Waldorf. Eric Ferguson looked incomparably noble and was
undoubtedly the focal point as he made his grand entrance with his
female companion, Wendy Quade.
When Wendy learned of Eric’s divorce, she was excited and knew that
her opportunity had come.
However, after all this time, Eric did not visit her once even when she
was really sick.

Wendy was only able to attend this banquet as Eric’s female companion
because her uncle had sent her an invitation.
Her pitiable face and expensive custom-made dress would move any
“Welcome, Mr. Ferguson…” The organizer went over to shake hands
with Eric but suddenly heard a commotion at the door.
Someone said, “Grant Stanton from West City is here…”
A luxury custom Rolls-Royce came up to the entrance. Grant Stanton
was truly worthy of being a legendary big name on Wall Street.

His aura
was extraordinary and had a natural high-born bearing. Grant Stanton
and Eric Ferguson were both legends that were comparable in strength.
As soon as Grant appeared, people around him were already waiting to
shake his hands and exchange pleasantries with him.
However, Grant did not leave immediately after getting out of the car.

Instead, he walked to the other side of the car, took over the position of
the porter, and opened the car door. He then extended his hand
modestly, which attracted the attention of the crowd.
Who did Grant Stanton, who had never been close to women, bring
with him tonight?
“Nicole!” Someone shouted out her name.

The woman was wearing a custom handmade gown from a European
royal family. The dress was studded with diamonds and was sparkling
with grandeur. It outlined her slender figure flawlessly.
Her makeup was extremely meticulous and highlighted her features

It made her look even more beautiful.
Eric narrowed his dark eyes as he watched the woman take Grant
Stanton’s arm and walked inside the hotel with a bright smile.
Nicole was getting closer to him with each step she took.

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