The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 108

Chapter 108 @RichBaby

Grant Stanton personally sent out the
invitations for the anniversary of Stanton
Corporation. Every famous and influential
person in the country was basically on the
What was most shocking was that they
had rejected all brand sponsorships for
this anniversary gala.

They had also hired
the top event planners to make sure that
everything, from place settings, drinks,
and meals, was of the best standard.
Everyone could see the degree of
importance this anniversary gala was to
the Stantons.
After a few days, Nicole’s online
beratement was no longer as intense as
before. From time to time, there would be
a hired keyboard warrior that would hurl
some insults at her.

What replaced

Nicole’s scandal as the hottest topic was
the search for @Rich Baby, the mysterious
rich woman from that live-streamed
shopping spree.
In that live stream, @Rich Baby bought
luxury items worth $800 million without
asking for the price of anything. Thus, the
asking for the price anything.

Thus, the
identity of @Rich Baby was hotly debated
for a while.
Everyone still did not know anything
about this mysterious person except the
chat records from that day’s live stream.
The netizens speculated that since @
RichBaby had bought out the live-
streamer’s merchandise for that session,
which was worth $800 million, she would
have to pick them up somehow. They just
had to pay close attention to the pick-up
process to find out more about this @
Rich Baby

Nicole happily watched the show online.
She did not reveal herself or make a sound
and let the crowd run wild with
After all, Nicole was not in showbiz, so
she did not have to expose all her
information to the public.

Stanton Corporation’s anniversary gala
was held in the largest banquet hall in the
business district that could accommodate
a thousand people. It was a semi-open
venue, and from the upper floors, one
could overlook much of the bustling city.
From there, they could see a river that ran
through the north and south ends of the
city, as well as a few famous landmarks.
The huge digital screens on those
buildings were advertising space that was
usually billed by the second. That night,
Stanton Corporation had bought out all
those digital signboards to place
congratulatory text about their

It was an expensively low-key display of
The businessmen, celebrities, and media
who attended the event marveled at the
hefty costs of this gala. They all thought it
astonishing that Stanton Corporation
would celebrate a mere anniversary in
such a grand way.

Nicole arrived early at the venue’s lounge.
Grant Stanton was outside, while Floyd
Stanton had to help his daughter pick out
the best clothes and jewelry. Everything
must be perfect
Even those who were accustomed to
luxury brands were startled when they
arrived at the venue because these gowns
were all unique haute couture tailor-made

were all unique hauty puture tailor-made
for Nicole. Several top international
designers discussed for a few days to
come up with the concept and design of
these dresses. All thirteen of these dresses
were stunning collectors’ items, and this
scene was a unique precedent in the world.
“Ms. Stanton, which gown do you prefer
for your first appearance?” The designer
asked with a smile.
Nicole looked at the thirteen gowns in
front of her that were all so gorgeous and
exquisite that she could not shift her gaze.

Before she could say anything, Floyd
waved his hand and said, “Just wear
whichever that’s most expensive!”
Nicole was speechless.
The designer spoke meekly, “Chairman
Stanton, these dresses can no longer be
valued in terms of money…”.
Nicole smiled and pointed to the light
gray drop-shoulder gown that looked
simple, elegant, and noble. It was
meticulously inlaid with hexagonal-cut
diamonds and was beyond beautiful,
“This one?” The designer nodded

“This one?” The designer nodded
approvingly. “Ms. Stanton, you have a
good eye! The first appearance should
leave the deepest impression. If the dress is
too extravagant, it’ll take away from the
main character, so it won’t seem
appropriate. Although the color of this
dress is understated, it has a very chic

Each diamond is carefully selected
for its clarity and the location of the inlay
brings out the best of your figure. It’ll
show off your slender figure and fair skin
even more! With these heels, it’s simply
The person next to the designer came
forward holding the pair of high heels,
which were just as expensive, exquisite,
and flawless.

Floyd nodded repeatedly, but no one knew
if he actually understood what the
designer said. Anyway, those were words
of appraisal for Nicole, so he liked it!
“Where’s the jewelry? Where’s the stuff I
had someone buy from the European
royal family?”
The person on the side hurriedly carried it
over carefully with both hands.
over carefully with 1 h hands.
“Chairman Stanton, here it is. It just got
off the plane and is in perfect condition.”
Floyd swept a glance, nodded, and looked
at his daughter.

“Nikki Baby, see if you
like it. If you don’t, I’ll get someone to
change it. I bought you other jewelry too,
but this is the most expensive one!”
Nicole laughed helplessly. She swept a
glance at the jewelry and knew that it was
very well preserved by the collector.

diamond’s clarity was dazzling.
Fortunately, the design was not too fancy
and cumbersome. It was just a simple
necklace in the shape of a lily, which was
fitting for this dress.
“No, it’s nice. This will do.”
As soon as Nicole said this, Grant knocked
on the door and came in. “Dad, the
Fergusons are here.”

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