The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 109

Chapter 109 Deliberately Disgust You

Floyd Stanton hooked his lips and
sneered. “Just in time. I was about to go
meet them.”
Nicole pulled on her father’s sleeve and
was slightly worried. “Dad, it’s our
company’s big day today, so don’t make a
huge scene with them. It’s fine if people
laugh at them, but it’s not worth it if it
affects us.

“Don’t worry, I know what to do.” Floyd
Stanton straightened his clothes and
walked out of the room.
At the same time, Nicole’s friends, Yvette
Quimbey and Julie Nixon, came into the
room one after the other. “Hi, Uncle
Floyd nodded and looked at them both
warmly. “Yvie, Jules, thanks for being
such good friends to Nikki. I’ve prepared a
lot of jewelry that you girls probably like.
Remember to pick a few before leaving

Yvette and Julie glanced at each other,
then bowed gratefully. “Thanks, Uncle
Floyd left the room contented.
Yvette and Julie then went up to Nicole
and happily jumped in circles around her.
“Nikki! You finally don’t have to hide
your identity anymore! After today, just
wait and see the shockwaves you’ll bring to the public!”
Nicole smiled with indifference in her

“My identity is secondary. I just feel
annoyed that all of this impacted my
Yvette stepped forward. “Do you know
who we just saw?”
Julie raised her eyebrows. “You definitely
won’t be able to guess.”
Nicole frowned. “Who?”
“The Fergusons actually brought that b*
tch Wendy Quade with them!” Yvette was
so angry that she broke into a cussing fit.

“Do you think that they thought you
might be here and deliberately came to
disgust you?”
Nicole hooked the corners of her lips
coldly. “I really am quite disgusted by
them.” Before the other two could make a guess,
Julie continued, “lan said that as long as
you appear tonight, Old Master Ferguson
has ordered the media to circulate rumors
that you got kicked out of the elite circle
and have no hope in ever marrying into a
rich family again.”

Nicole sneered. Old Master Ferguson was
just a one-trick pony, so this was nothing
She looked at Yvette. “Did you send my
invitation to that person?”
Yvette raised her eyebrows. “Of course!
With his status, he usually doesn’t
participate in this kind of business
banquet, but since he’s my father’s
classmate and I’ve personally begged him
to come, he finally agreed to bring his
subordinates here tonight. I just saw him
arriving earlier.”

Everything was ready. All they had to do
was play the waiting game.
was pray we warung game.
“Who?” Julie was surprised.
Yvette took her hand and said
mysteriously, “You’ll know in a moment,
but I guarantee it’ll piss off the Fergusons
big time!”

Julie was helpless and sighed lightly. “Fine
I’ll just wait for a good show then.”
Since there was still time before the
opening, Nicole went to the bathroom
before getting changed into her gown.
Just as she was about to come out from
the bathroom stall to wash her hands, she
heard a familiar mean voice.
“You haven’t seen that b*tch Nicole,
right?” It was Quinn.
It was not surprising that Quinn would be

After all, she was Mrs. Ferguson.
“No, how is she qualified to attend this
kind of occasion? She’s now the most
hated person in the city. I’m sure she’s
hiding somewhere, so why would she be
here?” Ingrid spoke sarcastically,
“Yeah, you’re right. She’ll always be a
disgrace. Does she really think that she
can surpass everyone just by getting in

the Stantons’ good graces? Hmph! Your
grandfather said that the reason that the
Stanton family hosted this grand
anniversary gala is to publicly break off
their connection with Nicole. The
Stantons want to take this opportunity to
clarify the scandal between her and Grant
Stanton. Soon, she’ll obediently hand over
the emerald pipe to us…”

Quinn washed her hands as she said these
words with an undisguised arrogance.
Ingrid laughed. “Mom, you’re still the
smartest to bring Wendy along as Eric’s
female companion. If Nicole sees them
together, I’m afraid she’ll get so riled up
that she’ll vomit blood!

“Bang!” The door of the bathroom stall
was slammed outward, which made
Ingrid’s laughter come to an abrupt halt.
Nicole walked over nonchalantly, raised
her eyebrows, and hooked her lips. Her
tone was extremely cold.
“Ms. Ferguson, I didn’t get riled up, nor
did I vomit blood… Did I disappoint you?”

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