The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Parachuted

Wendy Quade pleaded in the car, but Eric Ferguson just felt like he had
nowhere to vent his wrath.
‘If this was fake, was anything ever real in the past three years?’
As Eric stormed away in the cold wind, a flashy sports car slowly
stopped by the roadside. The person inside waved to him, “Bro! Get

Keith Ludwig was also at the banquet earlier to network and witnessed
the spectacle. Since Eric left in a huff, Keith got bored and followed suit.
He did not expect to see Eric walking by himself at the roadside.
Eric sat in the passenger seat and lit a cigarette. When he saw the
smoke, he thought of Nicole’s figure when she held a cigarette earlier
and stiffened.

“Bro, you saw Nicole, right? What’s her relationship with West City’s

Grant Stanton?”
Keith’s question annoyed Eric even more. Eric did not want to answer
these questions that he did not even know the answer to.
Fortunately, there were no reporters at the event. Otherwise, it would
cause another viral sensation in their circle.

With the Fergusons’ status,
no one dared to spread rumors of what happened privately.
“We felt so sorry for you that Nicole married you back then with her
sh*tty background. She’s so rude to Wendy too! Luckily you got a
divorce, otherwise, the Fergusons’ reputation will go down the drain. I
don’t know how a woman like that can catch Grant Stanton’s attention.

They even look much closer than she was with you back then. I never
expected her to be so capable in this arena.”
With Eric’s status, he should only marry a daughter of an affluent
family. Nicole was just a gold-digger that married into the Ferguson
family for money, so none of Eric’s friends liked her.

Hearing Keith’s frivolous words, Eric felt a trace of discomfort in his
Eric’s eyes were covered with a layer of frost and his eyes were deep
and dark. “Enough, stop talking!”
Keith pursed his lips. ‘At least that woman knows better and got a
divorce…she’d better stay away from Eric!’

Eric was silent. His face was glum as he stubbed out the cigarette and
threw it out the window.
“Wanna go for a drink?” Keith proposed.
Eric nodded. “Sure.”
He desperately needed to get rid of the irritable feeling in his chest.

After this little spectacle, Nicole became the star of the banquet. Grant
Stanton also took the opportunity to formally introduce Nicole as the
parachuted Vice President in the company.
For a while, there was more speculation about Nicole and Grant’s
relationship, but neither of them bothered to explain and only laughed
it off.
Nicole needed to get a strong foothold in the company before they
announced her status as the company’s successor.

She must rely on her
own ability first, so her network was most important.
There was a lot of dissatisfaction within the company, but no one dared
to object to Grant Stanton’s decision.
Grant even assigned his right-hand man, Logan, to be Nicole’s secretary.
Grant also set aside some time to give her extra lessons, so Nicole
would stay in Grant’s office for another two hours every day before
they left work.

Looking at Nicole, who was sitting leisurely in a rocking chair, Grant
laughed and threatened her. “You’re such a lazy bum. Why don’t I get
Dad to teach you personally next time?”
Nicole immediately sat up. “Please don’t!”
“J&L’s anniversary is in two days. They have a project to offer, so you
can handle it.”

Nicole’s eyes lit up. “Okay. I’ll definitely get it in the bag.”
“It’s not that simple. Everyone knows this is a big slice of the cake, so
it’s not that easy to land this. I’ll probably be abroad for a meeting
during that time, but K should be back by then.”
“Is he coming back? I’ll pick him up!”
Nicole had not seen her third brother, Kai Stanton, in a long time. The
last time she saw him was when she watched a TV show that he was
starring in.

Grant smiled helplessly and looked at the time. “Let’s go. I’ll take you to
As soon as they entered the restaurant, Nicole’s face sank. ‘What a
small world to be able to meet my enemies here…’

Quinn and Ingrid Ferguson were there.
“Where’s the manager? Does this restaurant allow just any trash to
waltz in?!” Ingrid yelled.

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