The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Pour Wine

Ingrid Ferguson, who was gambling her money away in Germany on the
other side of the Atlantic, was oblivious to the fact that news of her
stealing her family’s jewelry went viral back home.
Her reputation was ruined. Once Ingrid returned to the States, the
ladies in her elite circle looked at her with contempt.
Moreover, the person who started all of this was Nicole, who they had
kicked out of the Ferguson family.

Now that Ingrid saw Nicole in this restaurant, she clenched her teeth in
anger. In the past, Ingrid looked down on Nicole’s unknown origins and
trampled all over her. When she saw Nicole again, she went to find the
restaurant manager.
The manager heard the commotion and rushed over. All guests who
came to this restaurant had reservations and were all influential people
that they could not afford to offend.

“Ms. Ferguson, I’m really sorry…”

Ingrid glared at Nicole and wanted to slap her a few times to relieve her
“She’s affecting my mood for dinner. Get her out of here! We’re your
VIP customers!”
The manager turned around and was shocked to see Grant Stanton’s
handsome face turn glum.

The lady beside Grant Stanton stood by his
side with a faint smile. She looked so beautiful and regal with her long
wavy hair draped at her back. She had glimmering eyes and stunning
features and did not look the slightest bit affected by Ingrid Ferguson’s
The manager hurriedly went over and respectfully bowed to greet

“Welcome, Mr. Stanton. Your table is ready. This way, please.”
Ingrid’s face changed as she surveyed Grant Stanton. A trace of
amazement flashed across her eyes, but when she saw that he was
holding Nicole protectively, she frowned in dissatisfaction. “Hey! Did
you not hear me? Get them out of here!”

Quinn sized up Nicole with disdain and echoed on the side. “Yeah, she
should take a look at herself in the mirror! How dare she come here?
Nicole, do you think you can be arrogant with us after finding yourself a
sugar daddy? A woman who’s kicked out of the Ferguson family doesn’t
have the right to show up here!”
Grant sneered.

His oppressive aura was overwhelming. “Kicked out of
the Ferguson family? Your ability to twist a story is pretty impressive!
When did the Fergusons become so shameless?” He was furious and
wondered what kind of life Nicole had when she was staying with the
Quinn froze. Her face turned red with anger as she looked at the
manager and ordered. “What are you still doing standing here? I don’t
want to see them!”

The manager’s face sank. He spoke decisively, “Mrs. Ferguson, Ms.
Ferguson, Mr. Stanton is a major shareholder of our restaurant, so if
you don’t want to see them, you may leave.”
Quinn and Ingrid were stupefied, and their expressions kept changing.
Nicole chuckled. Her gaze was clear and indifferent.

Nicole turned to Grant. “Ignore them. It’s just a meal, so there’s no
need for this impasse. I have something to say to the two of them, so
you can go in and wait for me.”
Grant looked indignant, but when he thought about the fact that Nicole
was a changed woman, he felt reassured that she could deal with this

With a slight nod, Grant turned and walked in. He was astonishingly
The remaining Quinn and Ingrid were not afraid of Nicole. Ingrid sat
there and snorted coldly. “At least you’re still self-aware. Our family
won’t care who’s your new sugar daddy. My brother has never once
fancied you, so I can make you vanish from Atlanta in a minute!”

Nicole looked down and smiled. Her eyes were indifferent. “Then…what
do you want?”
“How about this…pour me a glass of wine and apologize. I’m sure
you’re used to serving others like this. Didn’t you do this often when
you were staying with us? I’ll let you off the hook this once if you serve
me well.”

Ingrid raised her eyebrows and snorted coldly as she waited for Nicole
to bow to her and admit her mistake.
Nicole laughed, went up to pick up the decanter, then skillfully poured
out a glass of wine and handed it over.
Ingrid hooked her lips in disdain. Before her hand could touch the wine
glass, she felt a chill over her head.

Every drop of wine in the glass that Nicole was holding spilled on
Ingrid’s head. Before Ingrid had time to scream or stand up, Nicole
pressed her down on the shoulders. Nicole shoved Ingrid and said close
to her ear, “Ms. Ferguson, remember this.

I was the one who brought
up the divorce. I’m the one that doesn’t want anything to do with your
family. If you dare bend the truth, I’ll show you which one of us will
vanish from Atlanta!”

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