The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 151

Chapter 151 Do You Want to Die?

Nicole’s eyes flickered, then she shook her head with a smile.

‘Hell no! Turn over the page? Dream on! These people are really more naive than one another!’ Nicole thought.

Keith’s smile faltered. It meant that he only came here to make a fool of himself.

He left the office feeling disappointed while Nicole spoke indifferently.

Mr. Ludwig, it’s good enough that I didn’t take the initiative to find fault with you guys.

Next time, don’t come looking for your own discomfort.”

Keith paused in his footsteps.

An idea suddenly flashed in his heart, so he turned back to look at her with shining eyes.

“Nicole, do you still like Eric?” ‘If she still likes him, then the chances of them being together now is definitely much higher than three years ago! They both have the same status and are a perfect match!’ (Th Nicole’s face turned even colder when she heard this “Do you want to die?” It was a barefaced threat.

Keith shrank his neck, smiled awkwardly, and ran away as fast as he could That was her answer.

‘How could she still like Eric? She’s not a masochist…’ Keith thought.

Once he was out of Stanton Tower, Keith called Eric_ “Ferg, I’ve never felt that you and Nicole are so well-matched before this…” ‘Their personality, aura, and family background are simply the same! Eric should really be matched with a woman like Nicole who can stand shoulder to shoulder with him.

Besides Nicole, who else could match Eric?’ Keith thought.

Eric was curious.

“Hmm?” His tone was cold and suspicious.

However, Eric was secretly gleeful when he heard that. Keith sighed and continued, “But you ! Pally have no chance!” Eric immediately hung up the call and uttered, “This sick bastard!” After Keith left, Nicole received a call from Kai to attend an auction in the evening.

Since people online often misunderstood the relationship between Kai and Nicole, Kai decided to ask Julie Nixon as his female companion.

Kai carefully selected Nicole’s male companion, who was a budding actor that had just debuted, Fabian.

He looked so clean-cut and handsome.

It was no wonder that he had so many fans.

Fabian was obviously a little nervous.

He looked like Prince Charming in his white suit.

He was even blushing a little when he saw Nicole.

Nicole just smiled without saying anything, then took his arm and walked inside the venue to find their seats.

The huge screen in the front displayed photos of the auction items There were very valuable jade bracelets, collectors’ paintings, and a pair of black opal cufflinks designed by the famous designer, Pire.

Fabian saw the photo of the cufflinks and was visibly stunned He had a glint in his eyes.

“Pire’s final work is actually here?” He muttered to himself incredulously.

You like it?” Fabian nodded and said with enthusiasm, “I was a designer before I joined showbiz.

Pire is my idol! If he’s willing to take me as his apprentice, I can quit showbiz to join him Nicole did not know much about cufflinks, but she only remembered that Eric Ferguson loved collecting them, especially Pire’s works.

‘What the hell! Why would I think of him? How annoying!’ Nicole swept a glance around and saw Eric Ferguson sitting a few seats away A talkative woman was sitting next to him chattering while looking at him with her bright eyes. Sensing Nicole’s cold gaze, Eric turned his head to the side.

He saw Nicole who was talking to Fabian with her head lowered.

Her side profile was gentle and beautiful.

She even had cute dimples when she smiled.

`Turns out she can be so beautiful when she’ s not angry! Those two look awfully close and intimate…’ An irritation surged in Eric’s chest.

His face was sullen and bitter.

His eyes also turned colder.

The woman next to him sensed that something was off about Eric and followed his gaze.

She deliberately exaggerated her voice, “Oh! Looks like Ms. Stanton has a new boyfriend She has a really good eye.

Fabian is a budding young actor.

His first drama was a huge hit’ Ms. Stanton is so popular with the guys!” Eric cast a sidelong glance at the lady and said in a harsh voice, “This doesn’t seem to be your seat.” Ines Xavier froze for a moment, then revealed an awkward smile and explained herself, “My dad is the organizer of this auction.

Those people are willing to change seats with me.” What she meant was that she could sit wherever she wanted.

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