The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 150

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 150

Early the next morning. Ferguson Corporation.

Eric Ferguson came out of the conference room after a morning meeting.

He suddenly remembered something, turned around, and instructed his assistant Mitchell, “ Immediately terminate any cooperation with Anson’s company and acquire their company at a low price, then get him to leave Atlanta.“

Mitchell paused for a moment and did not understand where Eric’s sudden idea came from. He looked at his boss with a complicated gaze and reported truthfully, “President, Anson’s family went bankrupt early this morning. They’re millions of dollars in debt and fled the country in a hurry. Even their residence has been sealed

‘I’m afraid it’s no longer possible to acquire Anson’s company…’ Mitchell thought.

Eric frowned tightly. His expression was cold and solemn.

Without much thought, he knew that it must be Nicole’s doing.

‘She acted fast… ‘ Eric thought of what she said last night and felt extremely uncomfortable.

He tried to suppress the strange feeling in his heart, then let out a faint “mm“ to indicate to Mitchell that he understood.

When Keith Ludwig found out about what happened to Anson, he was scared to death.

The meal in front of him instantly became tasteless!

Compared to Anson, Keith felt like Nicole had been very merciful to him.

If Nicole wanted to settle old scores with Keith, even Eric might not be able to save him!

After some thought, Keith could not sit still and packed up his things, then ran straight to Stanton Corporation.

Nicole only sneered when she was informed of Keith’s arrival.

She did not care about him at all.

“Don’t mind him. The next meeting will be held as scheduled.“

Logan nodded. “Yes, ma’am.“

After two last-minute meetings, Nicole went downstairs to check on the progress of the project and went to the staff cafeteria for a meal.

Her schedule was very tight.

Nicole finally relaxed when it was almost time to leave work.

Only then did she recall that Keith was looking for her earlier.

“Is he still here?“

Logan knew who Nicole was asking about and replied, “Yes, Mr. Ludwig is in the guest lounge. He

already drank four cups of coffee and even ordered take-out…“

Nicole let out a light laugh. ‘Keith is really patient, huh?’

“Let him in.“

“Yes, ma’am.“ Logan retreated respectfully.

A moment later, Keith knocked on the door and came in holding a bunch of withered flowers.

Nicole raised her eyebrows. Keith flashed a bright smile.

“Nicole, you’re done so soon?“

Keith thought that he would have to wait until midnight when she was done working overtime.

Nicole folded her arms and taunted him. “Sorry to keep you waiting, Mr. Ludwig.“

Although she said so, her tone was not the slightest bit apologetic.

Keith laughed it off. “No, no… My time isn’t worth anything.“

‘It hasn’t been that long. Since I’m already here, I’m ready to put up with anything Nicole wants. As long as her anger subsides, everything will be worth it!’ Keith thought.

“Mr. Ludwig, why are you here?“

Nicole lowered her head and took a sip of coffee. The aroma of coffee filled the room.

Since Keith already drank four cups of coffee, he almost felt like vomiting after smelling it.

‘I must bear with it!’ Keith reminded himself.

He looked at her with a straight face and deliberated his words.

“I thought about what happened yesterday. As Eric’s friend, I was indeed not too friendly to you back then

I feel guilty and remorseful about it, so I came over to officially apologize to you.“

Nicole looked at him suspiciously.

“Could it be that you got scared after finding out what happened to Anson, so you came over here? “

‘This woman really hit the nail on the head! She didn’t even give me the benefit of the doubt! ‘

Keith’s face stiffened, then he admitted with a smile. “Yeah… We were all tricked by Wendy Quade!

Yesterday, we went drinking with Eric and we were all quite tipsy. We talked about the past and we all really regretted what we’ve done. We were really blind before and misunderstood you. Nicole, seeing that we’re so sincere, can we turn the page?“

Keith smiled sycophantically. That arrogant young master back then probably never expected that he would be so ingratiating one day.

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