The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 153

Chapter 153 A Change of Clothes

The venue was silent. To everyone’s disappointment, Eric Ferguson faintly withdrew his gaze and did not continue bidding.

If she likes it that much, I’ll give it to her.’ Eric thought. “$2 million sold!” The sound of the hammer finalized the bidding war.

The crowd was a little shocked. ‘Mr. Ferguson conceded?’ The show that they were expecting was not that exciting after all.

Nicole coldly snorted and thought, ‘This doesn’t even cost that much. Eric Ferguson raised the bid for no reason just so that I’ll spend an extra million.

He did this on purpose, right? She stood up and went to make the payment. Fabian followed by her side.

None of them noticed that they were being followed Nicole looked at the pair of cufflinks and handed them to Fabian personally.

“It’s for you.” Fabian froze and widened his eyes in shock. “For me?” ‘It’s worth two million dollars, yet Nicole just gave them to me?’ Nicole nodded and smiled. “Thanks for accompanying me to the auction.

It’s a little a gift, so just accept it.” “Thanks for your kindness, Ms. Stanton, but I can’t take it.” “But in my opinion, only you are worthy of this pair of cufflinks.” Fabian was someone who could give up everything for his dream, so his heart and passion were very admirable.

They could hear heavy footsteps leaving from outside the door, but Nicole and Fabian did not care.

Fabian still wanted to refuse, so Nicole hesitated for a moment and said, “If you don’t like it, then you can give it to someone else.” Nicole could not take back what she had given. It just so happened that Julie and Kai came in one after the other.

Julie chuckled and said, “I just saw Mr. Ferguson leaving in a rage.

Did you guys get into an argument?” Fabian shook his head in confusion. “No… No one came in just now…” Nicole recalled the heavy footsteps she heard earlier and understood in an instant.

However, she was not concerned. Julie went over and took Nicole’s hand. “Let’ s go get something to eat.” Nicole nodded, greeted the rest, and followed Julie out. “It’s really unexpected for Eric to give way to you.”

Nicole sneered, “You think he’s giving in? He’s clearly just raising the price!” Julie nodded and finally understood.

“That makes sense! Not far away, many young actresses surrounded Ines and flattered her. Ines was the daughter of a showbiz big shot, so naturally, they had to suck up to her.

After all, being banned or being a big hit was just a matter of her words. When Ines saw the oncoming Nicole, she was furious, so she had to mock Nicole.

“Ms. Stanton, you’re really willing to spend money on a man. I’m curious… How do you manage to get a different man by your side every time?” Ines was laughing at Nicole’s messy private life.

The surrounding people smiled perfunctorily and did not dare to chime in. They knew of Nicole’s status and knew that she was not someone they could afford to e offend! Nicole laughed.

She was so beautiful and striking. Nicole simply standing there was enough to steal the spotlight from all the actresses around her. She was such a unique beauty that no one could shift their gaze away from her.

“Well… That’s because I’m beautiful. I’m afraid that it’ll be difficult for you to follow in my footsteps though…” Nicole even glanced regretfully at Ines to scrutinize her done-up features.

There was no specialty in Ines’ beauty, like a regular beauty filter When Ines heard this, she immediately exploded in anger. Ines hated it when people talked and laughed about her plastic surgery.

“Nicole, don’t think that I’m afraid of you just because you’re Floyd Stanton’s daughter! You’re just an average basic b*tch! Do you think Eric Ferguson would’ve married you three years ago if your face wasn’t bearable?” Nicole hated that name. Julie saw that Nicole’s expression changed and hastily retorted.

“Ines, I remember that you confessed to him three years ago but failed and went to get plastic surgery instead. Could it be because he thought that you were fugly?” Ines’ face turned red while she shook with anger.

She was so vexed as if what Julie said was true. Her eyes that had been operated on were so big that they almost popped out of her sockets when she glared at the ladies.

“That’s nonsense! You’re the fugly one! You both are ugly!” As Ines shouted, she picked up a drink from the side and threw it at Nicole without thinking it through. Unexpectedly, Nicole’s reaction was extremely fast and pulled Julie to the side, perfectly avoiding the splash.

However…  A Chorvoe of clothes Mitchell spoke anxiously at the side,” President, are you alright? Do you want to get a change of clothes?”

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