The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 154

Chapter 154 Criteria for a Girlfriend

When Eric Ferguson heard what Nicole said earlier that only Fabian was worthy of those cufflinks, he got so angry that he turned around and left without a word.

He never would have thought that it was such a coincidence to see Nicole surrounded by people amidst an argument. When he walked over, a glass of juice was splashed on him He became collateral damage.

At this moment, everyone, except Nicole, looked at Ines like she was doomed. Ines was stunned and her lips twitched.” Eric… A-Are you okay?” Eric’s gaze was cold and dark. His voice was extremely cold.

“I’m not familiar with you. Please call me Mr. Ferguson.” After that, he just gently swept a glance at Nicole, who looked unconcerned, then Cort turned around and left.

No one ever dared to make Eric look so wretched since he was born. Mitchell hurriedly caught up to his boss. Ines had just told everyone that she was on good terms with Eric Ferguson and that their families would most likely have a marriage alliance.

In the blink of an eye, Ines was slapped in the face by the protagonist himself. ‘Not familiar? What a deadly insult!’ Ines thought. She bit her lower lip and stared at Nicole with indignation.

The glass that was already empty was clenched tightly in her hand. Ines just wanted to crush Nicole. Julie even added fuel to the fire from the side. “I’m afraid Eric Ferguson forgot your last name.

Did you introduce yourself?” Nicole could not help but laugh lightly, then she pulled Julie away. ete The rest of the group immediately changed the topic.

They did not want to upset this princess… The dinner was about to begin. Kai was the biggest movie star there, while Fabian was the hottest young actor. The organizers could not afford to invite Kai to make a presence onstage.

Besides, Kai only did whatever he wanted depending on his mood. Thus, the organizers took this opportunity to get the recently popular young actor, Fabian, to go onstage.

Fabian was used to this kind of scene, so he calmly greeted everyone and spoke eloquently However, the host was not willing to give up the opportunity of a hot topic.

“Fabian, now that you’ve already come of age, may I ask, on behalf of your fans, what Ι kind of girls do you like?” Fabian froze for a moment and lowered his head with a smile.

He was not going to te answer this tricky question. Seeing this, the host rephrased his question.

“Among the ladies present, is there a type that you admire?” Everyone waited for Fabian’s answer with bated breath.

Fabian thought about it and spotted Nicole in the middle of the crowd. His smile was innocent and bright, revealing his small protruding cuspid. “I admire ladies like Ms. Stanton.”

Everyone cheered and looked at Nicole’s reaction.

Nicole laughed helplessly and waved her hand at Fabian as she thought, ‘What a cute kid… He can be led by the nose with just one question… Is it just because I gave him that pair of cufflinks?’ She was already involved in a lot of scandals, so she did not mind adding a few more to her list.

It was just that this budding young actor might probably get into some trouble.

Among the countless gazes, two pairs of eyes glared at Nicole coldly, which made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

When Nicole turned her head to the side, she saw Eric Ferguson’s deep, dark eyes. Nicole did not hesitate to look away and pretended that he was invisible.

She just looked at the little hottie on stage and smiled to reassure him that she was not mad at his response.

Kai could not resist going up on stage at this moment as he thought that his sister would get slandered again if he did not say anything. “Yo, Fabian.

Nicole’s my scandalous partner at the moment, so spare some of that traction for me, eh?” Everyone roared with laughter. With Kai’s popularity, these words were undoubtedly helping Fabian out of this awkward situation.

However, someone with a motive uploaded this scene online. Ines looked at the video on her phone with a smug face and smiled with satisfaction.

‘Now the whole world will know what a slut a Nicole is! Let’s see how smug she’ll be now! The banquet lasted until late at night. When it was over, Kai got someone to send Fabian back while he sent Julie home.

Nicole drove there. When she walked out, she happened to meet Eric Ferguson and Ines Xavier “Why don’t you send me home? It’s so late already and I’m scared to go home alone…” Ines’ voice was so whiny that Nicole just wanted to punch her.

Eric’s eyebrows were slightly knitted. “It’s out of the way.” “Then take a detour! Mr. Ferguson, what if I get into danger when I leave by myself?” Ines pretended to be weak and looked panicked.

She reached out to grab Eric’s arm, but she missed.

He dodged her Ines was just trying to take advantage of Eric It was extraordinarily funny to Nicole, Nicole could not help but laugh silently behind the wall and did not show herself.

“You won’t be in danger,” Eric said with certainty That tone could not be more direct. ‘Even if you do encounter someone, it’s still uncertain which party will be the one in danger…’

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