The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 155

Chapter 155 Just So Unlucky

however, Nicole’s phone rang at that moment. Her ringtone cut through their laughable atmosphere. Having no choice, Nicole answered it and walked out. It was Kai.

“I heard that a fugitive is on the loose nearby, so just stay where you are. I’ll get someone to pick you up.” Nicole smiled and said, “It’s fine, I can go by myself.”

She ignored the two people and walked past them. “Nicole…” Eric called her name. Before Nicole could react, Eric chased after her. “I’ll send you home.”

Nicole raised her eyebrows and laughed lightly She felt amazed by his boldness.

‘When are we ever on good terms with each other? He must be on drugs… I don’t need his help! “Don’t get me wrong.

I heard that a fugitive is lurking around here, so it’s not safe. If something happens to you, I’ll probably get scolded by the netizens again.”

‘That ferocious fugitive even robbed and raped a lot of ladies before…’ Eric’s tone was dull. His shadow under the dim streetlight was elongated and made him seem very lonely.

When he spoke, he looked a little nervous, so much so that Nicole thought she was mistaken.

‘Why will he be nervous about my safety? Hah! If that ever happens, the sun will probably rise from the west!’ Nicole then saw Ines, who looked so aggrieved, chasing up to Eric.

She hooked her lips and said in a cool voice, “No need. I’d rather meet a fugitive than spend another second with you.” After that, Nicole left without another word.

“Why is Nicole acting so smug?! That ungrateful b*tch!” Ines was infuriated. ‘Was she trying to humiliate me by rejecting Eric’s offer in front of me?! That b*tch must’ ve done it on purpose!’ Ines thought.

Eric’s eyebrows were tightly furrowed. Mitchell drove over, so Eric got into the car and said in a cold voice, “Drive.” He ignored Ines’ screams from the back. Mitchell quickly drove away.

There were several broken streetlights on this section of the road. Eric felt nervous and uneasy because of a bad feeling in his heart. In front where it was dark, there was a car parked without anyone inside.

“That’s Ms. Stanton’s car!” It had only been less than two minutes since they parted ways, yet something already happened? “Stop the car!” Eric spoke in a cold voice with a bitter chill in his eyes.

Without another word, he jumped out of the car and ran over. Mitchell also followed his boss quickly. When they got close enough, they heard a man’s muffled grunt, then saw Nicole and a bald man standing in front of her car.

Upon closer look, the man had a dagger in his hand and had mud all over his body. He looked so wretched and frustrated as he glared viciously at the woman in front of him.

Seeing more people approaching, the man panicked and just wanted to get this over with Nicole calmly took a step back with a stern and fearless gaze. ‘Sigh… I’m just so unlucky.

Out of all people, I’ m the one who’s unlucky enough to meet this fugitive?! When the man lunged at her with the dagger, Nicole suddenly moved to the side and kicked the man in the back.

The man’s head landed heavily on the hood of her car. Her movement was so fluid, crisp, valiant, and beautiful! The man was caught off guard and did not think that Nicole knew how to fight.

He endured the severe pain and got up, but before he could raise his dagger again, he felt a sharp pain in his wrist. Clang! “Ah!” The man screamed as his dagger fell to the ground.

Nicole’s sharp heel had already pierced through the back of his palm. It was a gut-wrenching pain. His scream resounded through the silent night.

He was no longer a threat. Mitchell looked at the scene in shock and shuddered when he heard the man’s gut-wrenching scream. If he had not witnessed this himself, he simply could not imagine what was happening in front of him.

Nicole simply did not give others the opportunity to be a hero! In the next second, Eric stepped forward with a cold and solemn face, then ran to check on Nicole. “Mitchell, call the police!” “Yes, sir!” Mitchell did not dare to delay for another second.

Nicole already knew that someone approached her, but she did not expect it to be Eric Ferguson. When she saw Eric walking toward her, she faintly withdrew her gaze and walked past him to change into her spare shoes.

The Chanel high heels that she liked were stained with blood and were soiled. Although it was a pity, she did not want them anymore. “Nicole, are you injured?”

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