The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 157

Chapter 157 They Don’t Have a Relationship

Nicole looked at him sideways with a smirk. “Mr. Ferguson, are you trying to take advantage of this opportunity to negotiate terms with me?” Her gaze was scorching.

She looked as if she would kill him if he dared to say yes. It was not a question, but a threat! Eric withdrew his gaze, started the car, and stepped on the gas pedal. He was indeed thinking of doing so, but he suddenly did not want to anymore.

Eric had not even repaid her what he owed her, so who was he to talk terms? Did he want her to forgive him for the past? After some thought, this seemed very unlikely When they arrived at the project base, Date Nicole could not wait to jump out of the car.

Unexpectedly, Maverick was standing at the door Nicole then ran over, jumped on Maverick, and hugged him tightly. “Is it really successful?” Maverick smiled dotingly and gave a faint” mm”.

He saw Eric walking over slowly with a glum face. Although Maverick did not know why Eric looked so upset, it did not bother him. Nicole was like a koala bear clinging onto Maverick.

He was so warm, so she was reluctant to get down. “Mav, why are you outside?” “Waiting for you, of course.” Maverick stroked her hair and said, “Let’s go inside.”

The two siblings together looked more like a couple in love in the eyes of others.

Eric just felt stung looking at them. The pent-up anger in his chest slowly engulfed him and made him feel suffocated.

Date As soon as they went in, Gerard Lichman greeted them and said excitedly, “Nicole, where did you find Sunner? He’s simply a genius!” Nicole laughed and was slightly taken aback.

“What do you mean?” “Our most difficult project and toughest technology were solved by him with just a few formulas, without a single flaw at that! He just saved us ten years of research and tens of billions of dollars!” Gerard was beyond excited and marveled at Maverick.

He was also more polite and respectful toward Maverick. “Please get him to stay! I’ll offer ten times the market price… No, scratch that… A hundred times the annual salary! As long as he stays, I can even give him my shares!” Maverick lowered his eyes expressionlessly.

“Not interested.” Nicole looked at Gerard sympathetically.

This was the sad truth. Money was just a number to Maverick Date “He only agreed to help for a month and has already signed a contract with another place “You can break the contract! I’ll pay for any penalties!” No matter how much money was involved, keeping this genius was the wisest choice! “National Laboratories,” Nicole said indifferently If she did not tell him, Gerard would never stop pestering her. Gerard froze for a moment.

‘What?!’ Nicole pursed her lips, pulled on Maverick’s arm, then strolled inside. Behind him, Eric stood there and looked at Gerard with sympathy. He decided it was time to tell Gerard the truth. “Sunner is Maverick.

If you still want to keep your company, just give up on your thoughts ‘Does he have the guts to poach a national treasure? Eric patted Gerard’s shoulder, sighed, and hurriedly walked in Gerard was still frozen in place from the shocking information ‘Sunner is Maverick?! The legendary genius who won the Breakthrough Prize at the age of 17?! How can he be the intern who had been working for me this entire month? How could it be the same person?! He followed after Eric and asked, “What’s his relationship with Nicole?” ‘Maverick supported Nicole for a month and was not even paid for it! “They don’t have a relationship!” Eric spat out these words coldly.

Gerard obviously did not believe him. Inside the lab. Molly Stewart excitedly demonstrated a palm-sized irregular sphere to Nicole. . “This is a microscopic bio-carrier.

There’s no need to draw blood for lab tests. Just put your hand on it for three seconds and it can Date sense whether every part of your body is healthy or not.

If this can be commercialized, it can completely replace outpatient medical care and save tons of resources!” Nicole watched in amazement and felt incredulous, but with Maverick around, no miracle seemed impossible.

She thought about it and put her hand on the sphere.

This irregular sphere instantly emitted a warm feeling as it exuded a faint blue light. One second… Two seconds… Three seconds… Ding! “Abnormal body condition report.

Wound detected on the inner side of the left arm with a length of 9.9 cm and a depth of 4 mm.

Blood clotting, normal, with a standard white blood cell count. Slight bacterial infection detected.

Recommendation, use a disinfectant such as rubbing alcohol paired Date with an anti-inflammatory drug.

Wound expected to heal within three to four days.” A cute, automated voice came out from the sphere. Everyone was stunned, while Nicole was very amazed.

It could detect my wound hidden under my sleeve?!’ Before Molly and Maverick could react, Eric went forward and grabbed her arm. His voice was extremely cold, “You said you’re not injured…”

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