The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 158

Chapter 158 I Just Want to Make It up to Her

Nicole frowned. ‘Why is Eric’s reaction so big? What does he have to do with me being injured?’ “Mr. Ferguson, let me.” During the moment of silence, Maverick reached out to remove Nicole’s arm from Eric’s hand and even rubbed the part that was red from Eric’s tough grip.

Maverick had no affinity towards Eric. ‘Isn’t he Nicole’s ex-husband? They have nothing to do with each other anymore, so this doesn’t concern him! He gently pulled Nicole to the lounge and found a first aid kit to dress her wound.” How did you get hurt?” Nicole was still immersed in the joy of that smart medical device’s successful case study and was not at all concerned about her minor injury “It’s nothing. I just met a thug, but I cleaned him up.

This is just an accidental scratch. Man, that thing is amazing!” Maverick knew that Nicole could fight.

An ordinary person going up against her would just get beaten up. He faintly hooked his lips and gently dressed her wound.

“That’s just child’s play. It’s not worth being so happy about it.” Nicole was speechless.

Sure enough, the benchmark of a genius was certainly not the same as mere mortals. Regardless, Nicole still thought that it was an uplifting achievement.

“Next, we can push it to the market and show the world our achievements!” Maverick glanced at Nicole and frowned slightly. “It’s not mature enough.” Nicole was confused. “What do you mean?” “Although this smart chip can detect the problems in the human body, its judgment is only based on the parameters we set as Date what we consider the acceptable range for the human body.

It’ll be tough for this to replace a human doctor for other medical complications, complex diseases, and treatment plans. If it was that easy to replace medical experts, it would truly be a miracle.” “Well… Even if we can’t replace medical experts entirely, it can just deal with ordinary and minor problems, right? Just now, it even recommended the treatment and drug for my wound. Won’t that save a lot of procedures?” Maverick shook his head.

“There are many kinds of anti-inflammatory drugs from a wide range of prices and countries. If this is commercialized globally, we must consider plenty of factors.

Just on regulations alone, there are so many drug restrictions in different countries, so the drugs recommended by this smart chip will not necessarily meet those standards.”

Nicole rolled her eyes back. She simply did not think so far ahead at that moment. When Maverick explained this, Nicole Date noticed how long the road ahead was and how many hurdles they still had to overcome.

However, today’s step was already the achievement of the era! Maverick flicked her forehead. “Don’t worry, the current results are already enough to double your net worth.” Nicole’s eyes lit up.

Although mass production could not be achieved immediately, news of this technology would undoubtedly uplift the entire stock market. She could see gold and riches beckoning to her! Nicole walked out of the lounge and saw Eric and Gerard in a discussion.

Nicole stopped on the side and heard Gerard mentioning her name. “Mr. Ferguson, why are you so anxious when Nicole is injured? Do you have feelings for your ex-wife?” Eric’s back was facing them as he looked at the river below the skyscrapers and the neon city lights. Date He frowned and was silent for a moment.

His voice was clear and cold as he said, “No, I just feel guilty and want to make it up to her so that it’ll ease our relationship.” ‘Have feelings for her? I don’t think so.

I don’ teven know whether this kind of concern is considered having feelings for her.’ However, Eric did not want to admit that he had feelings other than remorse for Nicole to an outsider.

After all, he and Nicole were not even friends at the moment.

Nicole could hear every word he said clearly She just felt like her heart was crushed by a rock.

The indescribable soreness and heaviness instantly pulled her back to the feeling before their divorce. It was suffocating, unbearable, and despairing! Nicole lowered her eyes slightly to hide the hint of hurt in her eyes.

Fortunately, she retreated in time. When she looked up again, her eyes were more determined than ever.

Divorce was her best decision yet! At that moment, Maverick came out after getting changed.

“Let’s go…” Hearing the movement, Eric stiffened slightly and slowly turned around. At that moment, he suddenly felt a little panicked. He was afraid that she might have heard something.

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