The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 176

Chapter 176 I’m Rich and Powerful

Nicole swept a glance at Luna and with extreme impatience.

How annoying!’ “Luna, what are you two talking about?” A woman walked over from not far away.

She was dressed in an extravagant gown and had a calm and elegant demeanor.

She also had a professional fake smile plastered on her face. Nicole thought that she looked a bit familiar. ‘Is she an actress? Nicole looked at her and frowned slightly.

Luna grunted coldly and walked over to take the woman’s arm. She looked at Nicole with raised eyebrows and said in a smug tone, “Nicole, does she still need to be introduced? She’s the daughter of HS Corporation’s Chairman, the big movie star who won many film awards, Jenny Lynch!” ‘Oh, I remember now.

She’s that big-name celebrity who completely relies on reality shows and her persona to squeeze into the ranks of first-tier actresses, whose sh*tty acting skills are criticized… That Jenny Lynch?’ However, Nicole was focused on her other identity.

‘Daughter of HS Corporation’s Chairman?’ Nicole’s slightly inebriated brain suddenly became sober. ‘So… That’s her other identity?’ )) “Hello, Ms. Stanton.”

Jenny Lynch flashed a gentle and harmless smile as she extended her hand, Nicole nodded and did not mean to shake her hand. After all, Nicole was in a bad mood and did not care for pleasantries at the moment.

Moreover, since Jenny was friends with Scanned with CamScanner Luna, she must not be that great of a person either. Nicole sized up Jenny Lynch and hooked her lips.

“Big movie star, eh?” Jenny smiled and withdrew her hand, pretending not to mind that rejection. “Ms. Stanton, don’t mind her. Luna’s a foreigner and the daughter of KXY Group’s Chairman.

She’s only been in Mediania for less than a month, so there are some things that she still hasn’t gotten used to yet.” Jenny turned to look at Luna with a smile.

“Don’t tell everyone about my identity and keep a low profile. I don’t want people to misunderstand that I’m at my current status only because of my family.”

Luna smiled and looked at Jenny with envy and adoration, then glared at Nicole with disgust and hatred. “Of course, Jenny’s different from an I’m kind Powell’s just too straightforward.

She has no malice towards you.” Nicole let out a cold laugh. “Being too straightforward just means that she doesn’t have manners. It doesn’t mean that she has no malice.”

‘What a dumb loyal friend…’ Nicole thought. Nicole knew that the person with real malice towards her was actually Jenny Lynch.

Luna had just moved to Mediania not long ago, so it was understandable that she did not know about Nicole’s background.

However, how could Jenny Lynch not be aware? Perhaps, Jenny just never told her “close friend”, Luna, about Nicole’s identity. When Luna heard Nicole’s words, her face turned red with anger.

Luna wanted to see Nicole look disappointed, so she intentionally told Nicole about Jenny’s affairs. “Nicole, why are you so smug? Jenny’s not just a big movie star, she’s also Eric Ferguson’s childhood sweetheart.

HS Corporation will soon join hands with Ferguson Corporation in a marriage alliance, so you don’t stand a chance!” “Luna, we’re not engaged yet, so don’t spread this around…” Jenny did not deny it and shyly raised her head to look at Nicole, as if to confirm what Luna said was true.

‘Marriage alliance?’ Nicole laughed lightly. No wonder they’re so ballsy… No wonder Logan saw Tobias Stone with HS Corporation’s Chairman and Eric Ferguson earlier.

I guess… It’s true then. “What are you afraid of? It’s pretty much confirmed anyway.

Ferguson Corporation is a giant in the industry, and Nicole’s family just owns a small company, right? She’s not worthy of Eric Ferguson, but you, Jenny, will soon be Mrs. Ferguson.

Who will dare to undermine you in the future?” Luna glared at Nicole with cold eyes.

She lifted her chin and wanted to see Nicole panicking “I know that you’re just buying out those trending topics to make yourself look popular.

Do you really think that you’re so likable? You shamelessly pair yourself with Mr. Ferguson and Kai. How thick-skinned can you be?” Nicole narrowed her eyes and was just about to speak when Julie Nixon came over.

“Which b*tch has such a foul mouth?” Julie was very straightforward. Jenny and Luna both recognized Julie Nixon as a big shot in the fashion circle.

If they offended her, their futures would be bleak. Even Luna had heard a lot about Julie Nixon in Korea. After all, none of the artists in Korea had yet to receive an invitation to Julie’s fashion shows.

“Ms. Nixon, it’s a misunderstanding. Luna didn’t mean that…” ) Jenny had just started to give an explanation when she was interrupted by Julie.

“So, she’s your b*tch? Put her on a leash so she won’t go around biting others!” Jenny explained, “She’s a foreigner and doesn’t yet understand Medianian culture…? “Oh? A foreign b*tch? Then all the more reason for you to train her properly.

You should teach her some manners first.” )) Jenny was in an awkward position and did not know how to retort. She always had a gentle and elegant person, so she did not want to risk it all just to defend Luna because that would also offend Julie Nixon.

It was more harm than good for Jenny. Luna’s face flushed red and was just about to curse when she saw someone in the crowd.

It was Kai! Luna was instantly dumbfounded. His perfect features were simply a gift from God. Kai approached them slowly with a nonchalant and doting expression.

He was walking towards Nicole. “Milady, how much did you drink…” Kai completely ignored the others. He looked straight at Nicole and looked down at her heels, then frowned slightly and got down on one knee in front of her.

Kai opened the bag he brought and took out the latest Celine ladies flats he prepared for Nicole, then gently held Nicole’s ankle, and helped her to change her shoes in full view of the public.

This scene completely shocked the people in front of him.

Luna’s face turned pale as she looked on with disbelief.

‘How could Kai treat Nicole like this?! He’s an international superstar! How is Nicole worthy of this treatment?!’ Nicole heard a soft grunt and swept a glance at Luna.

Her voice was indifferent and a little playful as she said, “Kai, I heard that you were badmouthing me?” “Huh?” Kai did not know what Nicole was talking about and was just focused on changing her shoes.

He looked like there was nothing more important than helping Nicole with her shoes. Kai wrapped his fingers around her heel to make sure that no bump would cause any friction with her foot before he felt relieved.

1 This scene was visible to everyone who looked their way. Likewise, Eric Ferguson, who had just rushed over, stood among the crowd and saw this scene. His complexion became very unsightly.

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