The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 175

Chapter 175 Big Movie Star

After a while, Nicole’s calm voice came through the phone, “Alright.

Do something for me…” HS Corporation was not a large-scale company.

Their most glorious time was in the past and they were now hanging by a thin thread. Even so, they still had a reputation and were still better off than other companies.

Nicole did not expect that the person behind Tobias Stone was actually HS Corporation. It turned out that Eric Ferguson was also involved…

In the evening, Julie invited Nicole to a high-society reception, so Nicole attended as promised.

Nicole was not in a good mood today, so she just sat in front of the bar and drank quietly by herself.

It was difficult for Nicole not to attract attention as she was so beautiful and striking with her long legs and slender waist. Every move she made felt like art.

No one noticed that someone had secretly taken a photo of her and sent it to a particular person. When Eric looked at his phone, he frowned slightly. It was Keith calling.

He impatiently picked it up. “What?” Keith snorted. “Well, I told you to come to the reception, but you didn’t want to. Guess who’s here?” He was being mysterious, so Eric got even more impatient. » “Just spit it out.”

Keith sighed. ‘He’s no fun…’ “Look at the picture I sent you.” Eric hung up the phone and saw the photo.

Nicole was sitting under the light and looked like she was going to merge with it. The hazy feeling of this photo seemed extremely surreal. Her thin legs were crossed elegantly.

She held half a glass of wine and gazed into space. Her delicate features were deadly attractive. She was so elegant and valiant.

Her temperament was so intoxicating yet she was unaware of it. Eric frowned slightly, picked up his jacket, and left. Nicole was a little tipsy and decided to leave after a while.

She never expected someone to be calling her from not far away. Nicole paused in her movements and Scanned with glanced sideways.

‘I don’t know them…’ She ignored that person. That person was angered and came over to question Nicole. “Nicole, are you deaf? I was just calling you.

Didn’t you hear me?” Nicole sized up the woman in front of her. She was arrogant, snobby, and just average in looks. She gently hooked her lips.

“Who are you and why should I listen to you?” Nicole’s disregard and contempt made the woman in front of her even more infuriated. “I’m Luna, the daughter of KXY Group’s Chairman from Korea.

I just debuted in Mediania and sang many songs. You don’t know me? I have over 300,000 fans now!” It was much easier to make money in Scanned with Mediania’s showbiz than it was in Korea.

Thus, Luna made her debut in a talent show, gained many fans, and skyrocketed in popularity. Luna had heard about Nicole from Jenny Lynch, the daughter of HS Corporation’s Chairman.

‘Nicole’s family only has some money, yet she dares to be so arrogant and hook up with so many men. How shameless! Hmph!’ Luna thought.

KXY Group had some business dealings with HS Corporation, so Luna had been friends with Jenny Lynch for a long time.

Once Jenny heard that Luna wanted to be a celebrity, Jenny was quick to bring Luna to Mediania and introduced Luna to a lot of directors.

Jenny promised Luna that she would help her to get more jobs and resources for her in the entertainment industry, which was important to Luna.

More importantly, Jenny also said that she would introduce Luna to the big movie star, Kai! ! Kai was not just popular in Mediania.

In Korea, Kai was an idol that everyone loved. Luna decided to debut in Mediania so that she could get closer to this man.

However, when she came to Mediania, Luna found out that Kai was involved in scandals with this divorced woman.

Since that was the case, Luna decided to teach Nicole a lesson, which would somehow be of help to Jenny Lynch. 1 Nicole looked at Luna and shook her head seriously.

“I don’t know you.” Even though Luna is Korean, she spoke English well. Nicole was not interested in getting to know Luna and had never heard of her songs.

‘What a shameless statement!’ Luna bit her lower lip and felt like she was being humiliated. She suppressed her anger and snorted.”

Ms. Stanton, you’re more popular than any artist in Mediania’s entertainment circle, so it’s normal not to have heard of me.

However, there is one thing that I hope you will keep in mind.” ) No one had spoken to Nicole like this in a long time. ‘This new artist is pretty ballsy, huh?’ Nicole thought. She raised her eyebrows.

“Oh?” 2 “I don’t care what your family does. Since you’re rich, you can have anyone you want, but don’t get Kai involved in your private life.

Are you even worthy of being with Kai?” ‘So… She’s Kai’s staunch admirer?’ Nicole frowned. “What does it have to do with you? He doesn’t care…”

‘Kai himself didn’t even object to it, so why should this clown of a woman jump out and accuse me?’ “Who said he doesn’t care? Kai’s annoyed and doesn’t like women like with you!” Nicole hooked up her lips and let out a light laugh.

“It sounds as if you heard him say it yourself?” She did not believe it at all. The woman in front of her was just putting up another one-man show.

“Of course, I heard him say it. He’s just forced to play along with you and forced to say those words online because of that popular pairing. Nicole, if you know what’s good for you, you should just hurry up and clarify those scandalous rumors.

Don’t shamelessly ride on Kai’s popularity!” Luna gnashed her teeth in anger. ‘How could Kai be involved with such a woman? What a disgrace! No wonder Jenny’s also badmouthing Nicole…’

Nicole’s eyes were slightly cold as she hooked the corners of her lips. “He said so? I’ll have to ask him personally…” She then took out her phone and called Kai. “Lil N, what’s up?”

“I’ve been drinking, so I can’t drive. Come and pick me up. Also, bring me a pair of flats while you’re at it.” )) After that, she did not wait for Kai to reply and hung up the phone.

Luna sneered. “Do you think I’ll believe what you said? You didn’t turn on your phone just now, right? Do you think Kai is someone you can just summon as you please? You should take a look at yourself in the mirror!”

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