The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 178

Chapter 178 You Got Dumped

Luna was still overwhelmed by Kai’s sudden outburst and had not returned to her senses. Hearing Nicole’s words, she looked up, dumbfounded. Everyone was staring at her.

The silence was intense and very strange. Even if she was slow-witted, she could realize that something was wrong. “Jenny told me about their marriage alliance and even showed me a photo of her father and Mr. Ferguson together…

Isn’t that solid evidence?’ Luna looked to Jenny for help. “Jenny…” >) At this moment, Jenny looked at Eric Ferguson and saw that he did not have any intention to help her.

Eric even let Nicole question her like this in front of so many people.

This crowd was not the same as gossip columnists and need not press for questions.

Their silence was already humiliating enough. Jenny bit her lower lip and tried to make up an excuse to alleviate the awkwardness.

“Perhaps… It’s a misunderstanding between the elders. It’s just a joke, so please don’t take it seriously, Ms. Stanton and Mr. Ferguson Kai could not help but let out a cold laugh. He sneered unceremoniously.

“So, it’s a fake? People nowadays even impersonate other people’s fiancée, huh? The standard for liars these days is really getting lower )) Jenny’s face turned pale as she was called a liar.

She was a celebrity, so if this got out to the media, it would be troublesome. Before Jenny could defend herself, Nicole yawned. Kai saw this and immediately took over her purse.

He then wrapped his arm around her shoulders and cast a sidelong glance at the people around him. “Let’s go home. We shouldn’t meddle in these people’s affairs…’ ) Nicole nodded and looked at Julie.

“Are you coming with me?” “Of course.” Julie took her things and followed them out. After the trio left, Jenny wanted to salvage her impression in Eric’s mind.

She walked over and spoke hesitantly, “Mr. Ferguson, I only heard my family talking about our marriage. I wanted to wait for things to settle down…” )) Before she could finish her sentence, Eric Scanned with CamScanner Serdec coldly interrupted her.

“There’s no such thing. Don’t overthink it.” These words were like a bucket of cold water that landed on Jenny’s head. It completely doused her fantasies.

Their marriage alliance would never happen. Jenny’s face was ashen as she watched Eric chase after Nicole without the slightest expression.

“Nicole…’ “Jenny, what are you afraid of? Why would Eric care so much about that woman?” Luna could not help but ask. Luna was vexed.

The revered Kai personally changed Nicole’s shoes for her? I hate her!!! Hearing Luna’s words, Jenny instantly clenched her fingers.

She laughed and explained to Jenny with a deliberately amplified voice, “I’m not afraid. In fact, I have the same thoughts as Mr. Ferguson and don’t want to get married yet.

My career’s still on the rise, and so many directors are asking me to act in their films. There’s just too much pressure from our families about the marriage alliance.

At least now I don’t have to worry about offending Mr. Ferguson…” ) Keith could hear the hypocrisy and exaggeration in the actress’ words.

He let out a light laugh but did not expose her and turned to leave. » “Nicole…” Eric caught up to them, just in time to watch Nicole get into the passenger seat of Kai’s car, ready to leave.

He walked over with a sullen face and cast a sidelong glance at Kai. “I’ll send you back.” Nicole knitted her brows and looked away. > “No need.” She did not even want to say another word to him.

“I want to talk to you about the repair fees,” Eric added. Nicole propped her head on the car window with one hand. The cool breeze came in and sobered her up.

It felt refreshing She lifted her eyelids insouciantly. “Mr. Ferguson, I’ll just get you a new car. ” Then, there was no need for him to repair the old one.

If she compensated him with a new car, he would stop pestering her about this over and over again. Eric stood there with a cold gaze and said resolutely, “No, I only want this car.”

He thought, ‘I must repair this one!’ Nicole laughed in exasperation. ‘I know that he’s just deliberately making things difficult for me!” ) “Then just state your price.” Eric stood there.

His gaze was dark and deep like the bottomless ocean. He hesitated to speak and did not want to because once he told her the price, he would have no reason to contact her again.

At this moment, Kai impatiently honked and looked sideways at Eric. “Mr. Ferguson, you got dumped and still want to find trouble?” Eric’s eyes had a chill in them.

He had not forgotten the scene where Kai was half-naked at Nicole’s apartment. Every time he thought about it, he felt a dull pain in his chest. Coupled with Kai’s behavior earlier, Eric could hardly restrain his wrath.

He glared at Kai with an undisguised chill. “Kai, don’t meddle in our matters.” His voice was extremely cold.

Otherwise, he would find a way to make Kai lose everything regardless of how high his status was in the entertainment industry. 2 Nicole impatiently interrupted Eric.

“Mr. Ferguson, just send me the bill later and I’ll Il transfer the money to you.”

After that, she looked at Kai. “Drive.” Kai snapped his fingers. “At your command, milady.” They completely ignored Eric’s coldness and drove off into the night.

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