The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 179

Chapter 179 I’m The One Who’s Defamed

Inside the car. Julie could not help but speak up. “Lil N, Eric Ferguson’s attitude seems a bit strange.

Does he like you?” Nicole sneered and remembered what Eric said to Gerard Lichman back then.

“How is that possible? Do you think that Jenny Lynch’s talk of a marriage alliance is groundless? If someone hadn’t mentioned it, how would she have the guts to present herself as Eric Ferguson’s fiancée?” Julie frowned.

“Right… But… The Fergusons don’t need a marriage alliance with HS Corporation, right?” ) “Whatever…” Kai sneered. Kai sent Julie back and drove Nicole back to the Stanton mansion.

The next morning, Nicole heard a noise downstairs before she got out of bed. She walked downstairs with squinted eyes and heard her father cursing at Kai with a resounding voice.

“You’re the worst! Even Tigger is better than you! Look how you got your sister into trouble!” Nicole rubbed his eyes and arrived downstairs. “What’s wrong?” Mr. Anderson showed them the morning headlines.

It was very eye-catching indeed. “Kai is Nicole’s manstress! These two are suspected to be in an illicit relationship!” “Superstar Kai’s fall from the throne.

Ditching his career to be in the arms of a rich lady!” Floyd’s face was glum with a stern murderous gaze.

“Look at him! If he doesn’t become an actor, no one’s gonna pay attention to who he is!” Kai curled up aggrievedly and pounded hisfist on the edge of the sofa.

He shouted without a care for his image. My dearest daddy, I’m the one who’s being defamed right now…” ‘What is wrong with Dad?! Why am I the one being scolded?’ Kai thought.

“You dragged your sister into this mess, and you still have the cheek to talk back to me?!” Floyd coldly snorted.

“You’d better find out who’s behind this! We can’t let them get away with this!” Nicole sighed and said, “Looking at the situation now, I think the best way to clear up the rumors is to announce Kai’s real identity…” ) Floyd was reluctant and said, “But he paid for his title… What a disgrace…”

Nicole and Kai were speechless. ‘So… That’s the reason Dad doesn’t want to publicize my identity? I won those titles and awards with my ability, okay?!’ Kai thought.

Kai suddenly realized his status in the Stanton family. 1 To the public, Kai was simply unparalleled and unattainable.

However, to Floyd Stanton, Kai was just a disgrace to the family. 1 Inside the studio. Luna looked at Jenny worriedly. The online farce was getting bigger.

Kai suddenly became the most hated person that was criticized by everyone. She only wanted to teach Nicole a lesson and defame Nicole so that Nicole would lose her reputation.

Then, Kai would stay away from Nicole. Luna did not expect that this would become such a big deal that implicated Kai. “Jenny, will this be detrimental to Kai? I’m worried…”

Jenny smiled and comforted her. “Luna, don’t worry. That platform’s owner is an old partner of ours and knows what to do. They’ll target Nicole, not Kai.

She’s forced Kai to be her slave, so we must help him…” Fortunately, there were photos taken of Kai kneeling on one knee to change Nicole’s shoes for her last night at that reception.

That stance was so lowly and humiliating in the eyes of outsiders. As expected, this photo caused a huge reaction online as soon as it was posted.

How could the esteemed and revered superstar Kai bend down to change Nicole’s shoes? It was a shocking sight to many.

(This is too much, right? Does Nicole not have hands?] 1 (Why is she so high and mighty? Does she think that she’s the Queen?!) (I feel bad for Kai…] [Fortunately, my baby Fabian isn’t the one kneeling before her.

Otherwise, I’ll fight her to death!) …… Just when Jenny thought that she could make a dent in Nicole’s perfect image a with this fatal blow, the heat only lasted for less than two hours before the situation took a shocking turn.

Stanton Corporation suddenly issued a clarification and lawyer’s letter intending to pursue the responsible party for defamation.

It was a simple statement that was the same as the original announcement of Nicole’s identity. (Kai Stanton is the older brother of Stanton Corporation’s CEO and Floyd Stanton’s son.

The relationship between our CEO, Nicole Stanton, and Mr. Kai Stanton has been completely misunderstood by the public.)

Nicole forwarded this statement on her social media with the caption: “My brother is a movie star!” Kai retweeted her post and replied, “My sister is a CEO!” At once, this statement became the number one trending topic and caused more of a stir than the gossip from earlier, so much so that the platform’s server was overloaded.

[Kai hid his identity as a son to a business magnate to get into the entertainment industry!) (OMG! These siblings are so loving. I’m jealous!) (Turns out, Kai is Nicole’s older brother?! The Stanton family really has it all – Grant Stanton the domineering president, Kai Stanton the famous movie star, and Nicole Stanton the internet’s favorite.

How do I reincarnate to become Nicole?] a [Fortunately, I didn’t take a stance earlier. So now it’s fine for a brother to change shoes for his sister? You guys are just a bunch of sour grapes!) [This pairing is officially broken. Luckily, we still have Fabian! President Nicole, please consider our Fabian…) [I like how none of Nicole’s brothers colluded to seize power and let Nicole become the successor to Stanton Corporation. I’m such a fan of the Stanton family!)

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