The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 184

chapter 184 Lacking a Girlfriend

Nicole hung up the phone without giving Eric the chance to retort.

That was her answer. What did his birthday have to do with her anyway? Eric’s heart sank. However, when Eric thought about what Keith told him earlier, that Nicole had bought a gift for him, she would probably attend.

He felt much better after some thought. Eric’s phone call yesterday did not affect the quality of Nicole’s sleep

. It was raining last night, so the sound of rain was the best lullaby. In the morning, the sky was still a bit cloudy. Nicole pushed open the door of the balcony and felt the cool morning breeze rushing in.

At that moment, Ian Carter called. Nicole picked it up at once and said, “Happy birthday, Carter! Wishing you a lifetime of prosperity and longevity!” Ian laughed out loud.

“Lil N, are you paying tribute to your grandpa?” Nicole snorted. “Whatever! I would’ve beaten you up if you’re not the birthday boy.”

She turned on the speakerphone and went to get dressed. She put on some light makeup and picked out an exquisite, limited-edition dress with a gray-blue pearl inlay.

She looked so gorgeous and elegant. Nicole wore a pair of stilettos that instantly boosted her noble temperament.

Her aura was so powerful, composed, and majestic, “My Queen, what gift did you get me? I’ve been thinking about it all night…” Ian could not help but ask.

He had always anticipated Nicole’s gift the most. “What are you lacking?” Nicole asked. “I’m lacking a girlfriend…” Ian said nonchalantly. His intention was very obvious.

Ian announced, “I’m going to formally pursue you!” Nicole sneered. “No, I don’t agree with it.” “It’s my decision, and I don’t need your consent! My love for you just flows in my blood and…”

Beep… Nicole hung up on Ian without a second thought. ‘What a psycho!’ She packed up and went straight to the office. Logan placed the documents for the morning meeting on her desk and hesitated a little.

“President…” 1 “What is it?” “Ferguson Corporation sent you an invitation for Mr. Ferguson’s birthday…” )) Logan’s voice gradually became smaller.

He was wondering where Eric got the confidence to think that Nicole would actually agree to attend. With their current relationship, it was euphemistic to say that they were incompatible with each other.

The office was silent for just a few seconds before Nicole let out a light laugh. “He’s just making a fool of himself. Ignore it.” ‘Who the hell is he? Why should I attend his birthday celebration? He’s so full of himself!’ Logan breathed a sigh of relief.

This was what he expected. It was Nicole’s normal reaction. Logan then found an excuse to reply to Mitchell, who went to the President’s Office with difficulty.

“President, Ms. Stanton’s assistant conveyed Stanton Corporation’s best wishes for your birthday, and…” .) “What?” Eric’s eyes were dark and sunken. He looked upset.

“Oh… There’s an accident with Stanton Corporation’s project abroad, so Ms. Stanton needs to go over there to deal with it. She has already left the country…”

Mitchell paused for a moment and lifted his eyes. ‘Nicole’s excuse is really amazing…’ “Got it.” The man’s voice was deep. His heart sank at once. It felt quite painful.

‘She’s not coming. Didn’t she already say so yesterday? We’re not even friends, so why would she come to my birthday party?’ Eric thought.

In the evening, Keith and a few of Eric’s friends arrived at the clubhouse. They chartered the entire clubhouse, so no one without an invitation could enter.

They must celebrate President Ferguson’s birthday grandly! Everyone was in high spirits. Soon, the venue was very lively, but Eric only sat in the corner, silently drinking mulled wine, Eric seemed so out of place with the atmosphere around him.

Keith walked over with his wine glass and gently clinked it with Eric’s. “Happy birthday, Ferg!” Eric did not even raise his eyes and downed the wine in his glass.

His eyes were so deep, like the bottomless ocean. “She didn’t come.” His voice was deep )) and cold. Keith was stunned and instantly knew who Eric was referring to.

His brain spun fast for an excuse as he went up to put his arm around Eric’s shoulders. “She’s probably just shy. After all, both of you are in this awkward relationship now.

It’ll be weird if she’s too proactive. Maybe she’ll send you the gift tomorrow.” Keith was confident that his guess was not wrong.

Nicole had been so infatuated with Eric previously, so she would certainly know how much Eric liked Patek Philippe.

Thus, Keith was certain that the watch must be for Eric. “Hey, isn’t that Nicole?” Someone in the crowd suddenly shouted.

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