The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 183

Chapter 183 The Ring She Gave Him

“It’s true! Ingrid also saw it. Nicole bought the Patek Philippe that you like. You just need to wait for your gift! Hahaha Keith could not help but share what he saw with Eric. ))

This knowledge made Eric a little surprised and depressed. Eric suppressed the joy in his heart and pretended to be calm.

His voice was deep as he said, “Alright, I’m hanging up.” » Originally, Eric did not plan to celebrate his birthday this year.

However, now it seemed like he needed to host a big party so that he could invite Nicole. In the previous years, Eric had always celebrated his birthday with a few close a friends.

Eric recalled that before the divorce, Nicole seemed to look forward to celebrating his birthday, but back then, he did not like to be alone with her, so he had always politely refused.

However, she still prepared gifts for him every year. When Eric thought of this, he immediately called Mitchell. “Where are the gifts from my previous birthdays?” The sudden question stunned Mitchell, but he soon reacted.

“President, the expensive gifts are kept in the safe and the collection shelf.” Eric panicked because he could not seem to remember what gifts Nicole had given him in those three years.

“What about the ones from Nicole?” Mitchell paused for several seconds before he asked slowly, “President, which year are you referring to?” Eric’s eyes were cold. His voice was deep as he said, “All of them.”

Mitchell coughed slightly to clear his throat, then braced himself for what was to come. “For the first year, Ms. Stanton gave you a ring, but… You lost it…”

Mitchell mumbled in a small voice to help Eric recall this event. Eric’s face sank for a moment. His gaze was ashen, and his heart suddenly clenched. He felt a throbbing pain.

Eric suddenly recalled that he had never gotten her a ring because he was too lazy for such formalities.

However, Nicole bought them the rings. Eric wore it for two days and felt uncomfortable with it, so he casually chucked it in one of his pockets.

Later, it was gone… Mitchell continued, “For the second year, Ms. Stanton gave you a scarf that she knitted by hand, but you casually gave it to Wendy Quade, which she later threw away…”

Before Eric could react, Mitchell hurriedly finished his sentence in one breath. “Ms. Stanton didn’t give you anything for the third year…” There was dead silence over the phone.

Eric felt a suffocating pain, like his heart was torn apart. His body stiffened, and his conviction collapsed slightly. Suddenly, Eric realized that wearing out a person’s enthusiasm was an extremely mundane and sinful thing.

He had personally worn out Nicole’s passion. Thus, she did not even bother to give him anything for the third year.

The ring and the scarf she gave him were lost. At that time, Eric did not feel anything, but today, he suddenly found it hard to breathe.

Eric did not want to look deeper into it as he was afraid that he would not be able to accept the truth. He threw his phone to the side and ran like a madman to the coatroom.

He took out all his jackets one by one and carefully searched every pocket. By the end of it, his clothes were piled up into a mountain, but he still could not find the ring an It was futile because he would never be able to find it.

The clothes from several years ago would not have remained in the coatroom because they would be switched out with the latest arrivals.

The housekeeping staff would also clean it regularly and would not have ignored the ring.

Eric was reluctant to believe how much he had neglected Nicole back then. It felt like there was a missing piece in his heart. That emptiness could not be filled again.

“That ring…’ Nicole must have used so much courage and held so much hope to overcome the despair that Eric had brought her to give him that ring.

As a result, he lost it… After a while, Eric walked out of the coatroom and found Nicole’s number. He was extremely antsy while he waited for her to pick up.

“So, how much is the repair?” Nicole was impatient and straightforward, without intending to exchange pleasantries with Eric.

Eric’s heart was beating so violently that he thought he might be going crazy, but his voice was still calm and composed. “Nicole, it’s my birthday tomorrow.

You must come to my party.” This was the first time he had personally invited someone to his birthday party, so he felt a little nervous.

Nicole’s few seconds of silence was extremely torturous for Eric. Suddenly, Nicole’s laughter was heard over the phone. “Mr. Ferguson, have you forgotten that we’re not friends?»

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