The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 186

Chapter 186 She’s Performing

Nicole said, “Ms. Luna?” Luna proudly raised her chin. “It’s rare that you can remember me, Ms. Stanton. I heard that marriage alliances here are made as long as both families are of equal backgrounds.

Is that rich businessman just now your marriage partner? Although he’s not very good-looking and a bit older, I guess he must be quite rich.

Otherwise, how could he match a noble and elegant person like you, Ms. Stanton?” She did not pay attention to the dynamics online about Medianian gossip and trends.

Thus, Luna did not know about Kai’s real identity. Jenny Lynch only called Luna to tell her that Nicole had retaliated, so Luna came here in a huff.

Julie wanted to go up and say something, but she was stopped by Nicole. Nicole’s gaze was cold as she looked at Luna. “Don’t think that I won’t touch you because you’re a foreigner.

Stay the hell away from me. Listening to your voice just makes me want to puke.” Luna’s face stiffened. She felt so humiliated She took out the phone and waved it in Nicole’s face, not willing to admit defeat.

“I just need to get someone to check who the owner of that car is to know the identity of that rich businessman just now.

I know that it’s a classic Porsche and its market price is around $10 million. My father drives this car too. I think that everyone will be curious about Ms. Stanton’s marriage partner, right?” Nicole hooked her lips into a cold smile and snorted lightly.

“Are you trying to threaten me with this?” Luna thought that Nicole was scared and looked smug.

“Hmph! I only want you to let go of Jenny. She’s such a kind person. How can you get her arrested? Do you know that her acting career is ruined?! Why are you so vicious?” “She asked for it, so she’s the one who ruined her future.

No one forced her to do those vile things,” Nicole spoke indifferently. She coldly swept a glance at Luna and smirked insouciantly.

“Ms. Luna, you should just care about yourself.” After that, Nicole turned on her heels and was about to leave. Of course, Luna refused to let it go.

“If you don’t withdraw the lawsuit, I’ll post those photos just now on the internet so that everyone will know that your marriage partner is an old man! In no time, you’ll be known as the tramp that sleeps around with any man regardless of age!” There were quite a few people around who heard this commotion, so they pricked up their ears.

Nicole paused in her footsteps. There was a bitter chill in her eyes. Luna was startled by her gaze. “Ms. Luna, go ahead and spread the news Nicole sneered.

“My butler isn’t afraid of such rumors. He has four companies of his own and more than a dozen luxury cars, so he’s more than capable of handling whatever you wanna throw at him.”

In an instant, Luna’s body stiffened. She stood there in disbelief. ‘A butler?! The person who drives the same type of luxury car as my father, who has four companies under his name and more than a dozen luxury cars, is merely a butler to the Stanton family?!’

After overhearing this conversation, everyone had a new understanding of Nicole’s power. a Nicole was someone who could just squander $800 million in an afternoon, so how could she get married to a mere businessman? Did the Stantons lack money? Ridiculous! Luna really knew nothing about rich people.

“You… What exactly does your family do? Isn’t it just a small company? You have a butler?” “The butler even has his own companies? So rich?!’ The corners of Julie’s lips twitched. She snorted lightly and did not answer Luna’s question.

“Ms. Luna, since you’re so close to Jenny Lynch, didn’t she tell you about Nicole’s family? It looks like your friendship is just superficial.”

Nicole cast a sidelong glance at the dumbfounded Luna and said nonchalantly, “Ms. Luna, since you’re so concerned about Jenny Lynch, you don’t need to waste your effort thinking about who to sling mud at.

Why don’t you just take the blame for her? Jenny Lynch will certainly be very grateful to you.” ‘What an admirable friendship!’ Nicole thought sarcastically.

Luna’s heart sank. She looked flustered. Julie and Nicole’s words made Luna inexplicably anxious. ‘Is everything not as Jenny told me?’ Luna’s lips turned pale. She trembled slightly.

Before she could react, the Carter family’s butler heard the commotion and immediately rushed over.

He greeted Nicole respectfully. “Ms. Stanton, you’re here! The Old Master was just saying that the gift Mr. Anderson just dropped off is too expensive.

Second Young Master isn’t qualified for such a big gift. Old Master himself fancies it though…” Luna’s tiny doubts were swept away as soon as she heard what the Carter family’s butler said.

Sure enough, who she thought was a rich businessman earlier was merely Nicole’s butler. Her original intention was to pick on Nicole backfired.

“That gift is for Grandpa Carter. My father just used lan as an excuse…” Nicole laughed.

“Ms. Stanton, Ms. Nixon, this way, please )) The butler bowed and extended his arm, then led the way.

Nicole was just about to leave when she suddenly paused in her footsteps.

She looked at Luna, who was standing on the side, and asked, “Why is Ms. Luna here?” Luna, who had just debuted in Mediania, was not yet qualified to be part of Medianian high society based on her status.

Hearing this, Luna’s face turned pale. Before she could make a sound, the Carter family’s butler recognized Luna at a glance and responded, “Oh, she’s here for a performance.

The entertainment company recommended her saying that it’ll be something new.

If you don’t like her, I can change her out immediately…” Luna’s agency had given her the best opportunity to be able to perform at Carter’s birthday party. After all, the people who attended this party were all dignitaries and celebrities.

Jenny Lynch introduced Luna to this agency so that Luna could get more opportunities to join these high-society events. That was because if a rich person fancied her, she would no longer have to worry about her future.

However, Luna did not think it through when she actively provoked Nicole. “Nevermind then. Ms. Luna, since you’re here for a performance, you should be at the waiting area doing your rehearsals.

If you threaten to take pictures and defame the guests, who will dare hire you in the future?”

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