The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 187

Chapter 187 Pollute Your Ears

The people around were stunned. Nicole was not the only one in danger of defamation! Everyone might get defamed at any time.

Since this was the Carter family’s party, the Carters would also be implicated if something went wrong. Thus, when the Carter family’s butler heard this, his face stiffened a little.

He looked at the two bodyguards behind him and said in a cold voice, “Take her backstage. Performers and crew aren’t allowed to roam around.”

Nicole and Julie glanced at each other and followed the butler inside, The two ladies went to greet Old Master Carter before looking for lan.

Second Young Master was surrounded by people toasting him. When he spotted Nicole, he looked like he saw his savior.“ My pretty lady is here, so all you losers without girlfriends aren’t worthy enough to drink with me…”

Ian’s friends were all vexed with his statement. However, when they saw Nicole, they dared not say anything about it and only smiled as they cheered.

Nicole wore a dark green dress that made her look so bright and outstanding. Her wavy long hair was effortlessly draped over her shoulders.

No matter where she was, she became the focal point of the crowd because of her extraordinary temperament. Hearing their cheers, Nicole glared at the group and turned to walk away.

Ian Carter quickly chased after Nicole. “Did a goddess come down to earth to visit us, mere mortals, today?” As soon as Julie heard this, she wanted to puke in disgust and left the couple.

Nicole laughed and looked at him with raised eyebrows.

“If you wanna get beaten up, you can try being even more irritating!” Ian smirked and leaned into Nicole. “But … I only ever speak the truth…” He tugged on Nicole’s dress playfully.

Nicole grunted and took a step back from him. In the eyes of outsiders, the two of them looked like they were a flirting couple. Not far away in a corner, a pair of deep and dark eyes stared intently at the dark green figure.

The surrounding air turned cold and oppressive.

Keith stood by the side and kept his mouth shut. The woman, who was supposedly abroad dealing with urgent business and who Eric had waited for all night yesterday, appeared in glory at Ian Carter’s birthday party.

The parties were less than twelve hours apart, and both birthday parties were two completely different styles. This was simply a slap in Eric Ferguson’s face.

Keith looked at Eric’s grim face and coughed slightly, trying to break this awkward atmosphere.

“Ahem… Ferg, don’t you think that the Carters are being too flashy like some parvenu? It’s just a birthday, so why such a big fuss? Do we even need to be polite and attend this obnoxious party?” With Eric Ferguson’s status, attending Ian Carter’s birthday celebration was already showing a lot of respect to the Carter family.

Thus, Keith was surprised that Eric would attend. Eric withdrew his gaze indifferently and furrowed his eyebrows. His voice was deep as he said, “I’m just curious who would come to this boring party…” )) Keith almost choked on his drink.

‘I think he’s just curious if Nicole will come, huh?’ Since their divorce, the frequency of Nicole appearing in front of them was remarkably high. Suddenly, the stage in the banquet hall became lively with a performance.

The music was very upbeat. Several popular singers and dancers took turns to come out on stage for their performance. In a moment, the bright and colorful stage lights and loud music attracted everyone’s attention.

The event organizer knew that the guests for this birthday party were mainly a young crowd, so they picked pop music that youngsters liked.

Thus, the good response from the crowd was not surprising Nicole and Ian stood closest to the stage. Nicole saw that the performer in the middle singing and dancing most actively was none other than Luna.

Luna swayed her hips in exaggerated sexy movements and danced like other popular K-pop stars. She even made a cute little heart gesture. Her faces on and off stage were so different that Nicole found it very astonishing.

‘How can such a two-faced person have any fans? Maybe they’re fake fans?’ The music was loud and shocking, and the enthusiasm of the crowd was overwhelming When a waiter passed by, Nicole casually took a glass of juice and sipped on it.

She shook her head as she thought, ‘How noisy… Before she could say anything, a pair of large hands covered Nicole’s ears. Ian leaned in behind Nicole and said in a tender tone, “It’s too noisy… Don’t let it pollute your ears…”

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