The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 194

Chapter 194 Because She’s Beautiful

The next day at the press conference. Fabian went to the venue, which was surrounded by fans at the entrance.

Beforehand, no one was informed that Nicole would attend this press conference. Thus, her arrival was a pleasant surprise. Nicole entered through the back door.

As soon as she appeared, the crowd cheered in surprise. After all, Nicole in the same frame with Fabian was enough to draw everyone’s attention.

As soon as Nicole entered, the designer and the company representative stood up to greet her, She smiled and found a corner to sit down quietly.

Even so, Nicole was still the focal point. Since this was also live-streamed, it caused a heated reaction online.

(President Nicole is so beautiful! Please just make a debut!] (This couple is so soothing to the eye!) (I finally managed to pre-order a bracelet! That was tough…] …… Ferguson Corporation.

Eric Ferguson looked at the huge screen in his office that was displaying Stanton Corporation’s live press conference, Once Nicole appeared, the number of people watching the live stream doubled.

That men’s bracelet was sold out as soon as it hit the shelves. In the video, Fabian flashed a sunny, youthful, and pure smile the moment he saw Nicole.

At that moment, a reporter suddenly tried to dig into some gossip. “Fabian, why do you like Nicole?” ( The reporter had replaced Fabian’s“ admire” to “like”.

The room was silent. Even the company’s representatives inside the venue were a little apprehensive. The only sound was the flashing lights and cameras as everyone waited for Fabian’s answer.

They also watched Nicole’s expression carefully. Fabian pondered for two seconds and suddenly looked at Nicole, who was in the corner. His smile was unabated.

“Because she’s beautiful…” It was such a blunt, frank, honest, and irrefutable reason! In an instant, the atmosphere somehow eased.

Eric watched the live broadcast and sneered when he heard this answer. His tone was disdainful. “How shallow…” Mitchell chimed in from the side. “Yeah, that kid is really imperceptive…

All women like answers with substance…” In the live broadcast, the camera was aimed at Nicole. Hearing this answer, Nicole’s smile widened in an instant.

Even her eyes seemed to sparkle. She was clearly very satisfied with this answer! Mitchell’s body stiffened. He seemed to smell a bitterness in the air as a chilly gaze swept over his body.

Mitchell felt extremely suffocated and cold. He immediately hung his head and stood there pretending to be a statue.

This was the first time he shot himself in the foot when he was licking his boss’ boots. ‘Will the President fire me…?’ The designer made a simple summary of the design and concluded the press conference.

Everyone flocked to the entrance waiting for Nicole and Fabian to walk out. The two stunning people with such outstanding looks and temperament were the perfect match.

Fabian was so handsome, youthful, and energetic. His smile was also incredibly charming Walking beside Nicole, Fabian did not seem lackluster.

Instead, he was such a gentleman with a good sense of proportion. Everyone did not let go of this opportunity to capture shots of the “it couple”.

Before they reached the entrance, they came face to face with another group of people. It was none other than Jenny Lynch and her HS Corporation. Nicole’s smile deepened.

Jenny was really here to ride on their popularity. She was good at grasping what the people wanted. Jenny wore a professional dress suit today that made her look like a competent boss.

She had changed her persona from a actress to a strong independent career lady Her appearance instantly grabbed the reporter’s attention.

Jenny smiled very naturally and gently. What a coincidence! Today is also HS Corporation’s new product launch.”

With several cameras aimed at her, Nicole maintained a detached and indifferent smile on her face. She was not enthusiastic nor awkward. Since Nicole was not familiar with Jenny, she did not speak to her.

Nicole had no intention to act with Jenny in front of the camera. Jenny smiled facing the camera, “We’re all in the jewelry business.

I’m new to the industry, so it’s most important to get recognition from others. Ms. Stanton, will you please say a few words for us?” ‘Where did she get the balls to say this?’ Nicole wondered.

After Jenny said this, a figure emerged from the crowd of reporters in a flash. The person walked up to Jenny Lynch and slapped her hard on the face. In an instant, the situation became uncontrollable.

“Jenny Lynch, your family is going bankrupt, so why are you still pretending to be rich?” That person was none other than Luna. She came right on time!>>

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