The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 193

Chapter 193 Spokesperson

Word got out that one of the companies under Stanton Corporation was selecting a spokesperson for men’s accessories. Thus, many agencies wanted to recommend their artists for the job.

After all, Stanton Corporation had very high standards and strict requirements for selecting a spokesperson, so being selected would prove their status in the circle. Stanton Corporation.

Nicole looked over the photos of so many artists that she felt a little dazzled, Logan, who was at the side, was in deep thought for a moment.

He then told her about the news he had just heard. “President, HS Corporation bailed Jenny Lynch out today and subtly instated her as Vice President of HS Corporation.

Luna has been repatriated.” ‘Bailed out?’ Nicole raised her eyebrows. She was not really surprised about Luna’s repatriation because that was a piece of cake for the Carter family.

Bailing out Jenny was also easy with HS Corporation’s ability. After all, Jenny was not guilty of a huge, unforgivable crime. Nicole closed the photo album she was looking at.

A thought flashed in her mind. “How’s the acquisition of HS Corporation going?” Logan paused for a moment. “It’s going well.

We’ve cut off their financial chain. Looking at the current situation, HS Corporation will declare bankruptcy if new funds are not injected in less than a month.” Nicole smiled with satisfaction. “Very 2/8 Scanned with CamScanner Chapter 103 Spol ) well done.”

Anyway, it would do them no harm to acquire HS Corporation. They could even take advantage of HS Corporation’s reputation to create a new brand.

Nicole’s phone suddenly rang. It was Dominic Young, so she picked up the call. “President Nicole, I heard that Stanton Corporation needs a spokesperson.

I have a recommendation. Do you want to consider it?” Nicole’s eyes lit up. It was rare for Dominic to recommend people, She was curious who this person was.

“Who?” “Fabian. This kid is clean-cut and has an extremely strong following. Since he’s now in my hands, I’d like to give him a little welcome gift… President Nicole, what do you think?” Nicole raised her eyebrows.

She did recall that she had met Fabian once before and that he was implicated in her scandals. However, Fabian did not make a sound, nor did he take advantage of her popularity to gain more followers.

He was indeed not annoying. Now that Nicole thought about it, she even felt a little sorry for him. » “Sure, him then.”, Nicole did not hesitate to make this decision.

Fabian was originally one of the candidates anyway. Dominic Young laughed. “Ms. Stanton, have you just been waiting for me to ask you?” He was implying that Nicole was biased.

Nicole secretly cursed and sneered at him. “Dominic, since you’re so creative with your imagination, why don’t you just become a screenwriter?” She then hung upon him.

Nicole put down the phone and looked at Logan. “Fabian will be our spokesperson. Get the legal department to draw up a contract.” Logan nodded and could not help but laugh.

“Those netizens will probably run wild with their imagination, especially with your pairing with him. I guess it’ll be impossible for this product to not sell out.” Nicole grunted.

Logan immediately resumed his serious look and said, “President, you should also join that press conference. If you avoid it, it might cause more speculation.” Nicole nodded in agreement. A few days later.

Stanton Corporation officially announced the spokesperson online. The internet was in a frenzy, and Nicole and Fabian were once again pushed into the spotlight. Supporters of the “Nicole and Fabian” pairing formed a special fan club and called themselves “Nicbians”.

Once the poster of Fabian wearing the new men’s bracelet collection was posted online, 200 million pieces of the products were already pre-sold on the first day.

The pre-sales total also broke all past records. For a while, Nicole and Fabian’s names occupied the trending topics again.

The share price of Stanton Corporation also kept rising Coincidentally, HS Corporation also launched a series of ladies’ bracelets.

Their spokesperson was Jenny Lynch. Jenny was using her last bit of value. Not only that, but they also chose the same time and venue for the press conference as Stanton Corporation.

Both companies occupied adjacent conference halls. Nicole did not have any reaction when she was informed about this matter.

“President, should I contact the hotel and ask them to reject HS Corporation’s request? Jenny Lynch clearly wants to ride on our popularity to give her product a boost.” ) Logan’s tone was harsh. Nicole smiled coldly.

“No need. There’s still one more day. Go find someone. She’ll take care of Jenny Lynch.”

Since Jenny Lynch was so shameless and unethical in business, Nicole did not need to be polite with her.>>

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