The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 196

Chapter 196 What Bad Intentions Can It Have?

That was not a small amount! Who could afford to buy that? Thus, the live chat room was abuzz, but no one dared to bid for it.

The number of zeros after the first number made everyone dazzled and amazed. When the live-streamer announced this – item worth two billion dollars, no one said anything It was a small private tropical island called Tiger Island.

Who would buy an island online? The live-streamer intended to use this as a gimmick to attract more viewers, However, in the blink of an eye, the island was sold.

The buyer’s ID: @RichBaby! At once, the live broadcast chat room was in an uproar.

Nicole’s account reappeared in public. Back then, she squandered $800 million to buy out the entire live stream session and commanded the live-streamer to shop for her in Europe.

Now, she spent $2 billion with a snap of a finger to buy a small private island in the tropics. It turned out that for rich people, money was just a string of numbers.

Nicole was still oblivious that she had just become a hot topic of discussion again. After Nicole washed up and came back out, Tigger jumped up to her toes.” Mama, I bought a little tiger…” >) Nicole’s lips twitched.

She looked at her 270 phones and thought that she was seeing things.

There was a reminder from the bank. ($2 billion payment successful!) Tiger Island, a small tropical island, now belonged to Nicole! Tigger’s eyes were wide open with excitement as it smiled and jumped around cheerfully.

It then nestled in her arms. Nicole was unfazed. Although it was not a small amount, the money was already spent anyway.

On the other hand, buying an island was really not that useful… Nicole was still thinking of ways to utilize this island when she heard Kai’s scream from the kitchen.

“Who spent my two billion?!” Nicole was stunned and looked carefully at the bank text message. She realized that this card was bound to Kai’s account.

‘Great! I just saved $2 billion!’ Kai ran out of the kitchen clutching his phone and glaring bitterly at his sister.“

Why?!” Nicole smiled blandly and explained unhurriedly, “To celebrate the fact that I took over the company and made a billion dollars profit in such a short time, I bought myself a small island.” 3 ) um Kai felt a pang of heartache that was inexplicable.

“She earned one billion but celebrated this by spending two billion?!’ He turned to look at Floyd Stanton, who just walked out.

“Dad, are you sure that Lil N won’t bring waste to the company?” Floyd just slapped Kai on the head and said, “Nonsense! She already bought it anyway.

It’s just an island, isn’t it?” 1 He even stared at Kai with disdain. ‘K is really the most useless child I have…’ Kai was baffled.

“Why am I always the one who pays for Nicole? I paid for her yacht, her live shopping spree, and now this island?! Grant and Mav are so much richer than me…’

Nicole smiled with squinted eyes and said, “K, Tigger, and I are so grateful for you!” After that, Nicole carried Tigger back to her room.

The internet was in a frenzy.

(Rich Lady, do you wanna buy another island?] (President Nicole, please be my sugar mommy!) (Goddess, you can buy me! I’m defos much cheaper than the island…) (I really wanna know what it’s like to spend $2 billion…) (OMG! I’m so jelly!!!) …… In just one night, the comments online were incessant.

Under Nicole’s command, Dominic Young intentionally controlled the situation. Thus, not many people mentioned it the next evening Tattle Bar.

To celebrate her purchase of the island, Yvette Quimbey dragged her out for a drink. When Nicole went there, she saw Yvette laughing with the bartender.

Yvette saw Nicole and gave her an ambiguous wink. She shook her head and could not help but tease Nicole.

“Ms. Stanton, you’re really generous with your money, huh?” Nicole smiled sheepishly, “Can I say that it was a misclick?» ‘Tigger must’ve misclicked.

What bad intentions could it have? Tigger must’ve liked the name of that island… It’s just a pity that no one will believe me if I say this out loud. I have no choice but to admit it’s me…’

The bartender looked at Nicole with sublime respect in his eyes. A shot of tequila was pushed in front of her. Nicole smiled, picked it up, and drank it.

“Thanks.” “Now you’ve just lost another batch of admirers who intend to pursue you. Not many can afford your spending habits, you know…’ ‘You should’ve been more low-key if you wanna buy an island…’Yvette sighed.

Nicole raised an eyebrow. “I’m spending my family’s money. What does it have to do with other men?” “Yeah, I guess you’re right.

You don’t even fancy men like Eric Ferguson after all….” Yvette pursed her lips and looked concerned for Nicole. “Well, if you have any needs in the future, you can always spend money to get the most expensive men…”

Nicole coughed and almost choked to death from the sip of wine. She rolled her eyes at Yvette and thought, ‘She really thinks of me in every way…’ Yvette was still thinking about something.

She frowned and said, “At the very least, you gotta find someone more expensive than Eric Ferguson. How much do you think Eric’s worth?” Nicole pursed her lips and snorted insouciantly, then answered, “Him? Worthless.”

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