The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 197

Chapter 197 Showing Her Love to Me

On the side. The bartender, who heard Nicole and Yvette’s conversation, twitched the corners of his lips.

Sure enough, only Nicole could describe Eric Ferguson as worthless in this whole world. Wait… The bartender looked up and suddenly saw a tall, well-built man standing behind the two ladies.

The man’s features in the dim light looked like Eric Ferguson. His hand trembled. The glass in the bartender’s hand suddenly fell to the ground and shattered.

“M-Mr. F-Ferguson?” Nicole and Yvette froze for a moment. The two of them had an extremely tacit understanding, so neither of them turned around.

Speak of the devil! Nicole’s mood was a bit complicated. She could feel a burning gaze behind her like it would pierce through her.

Her scalp was tingling. Nicole quickly calmed down and thought, ‘What should I be afraid of?! Even if I say it in his face, it’s not wrong, because, to me, Eric Ferguson is indeed worthless!’ With that thought, Nicole relaxed and turned her head.

There was no one there. Nicole frowned slightly and turned back to glare coldly at the bartender, The bartender hurriedly explained.”

Really, I didn’t lie… It’s really Mr. Ferguson… He was just there, but in the blink of an eye, he’s gone!” ‘Was I mistaken? It can’t be… That scary feeling just now can’t be wrong…’

Yvette breathed a sigh of relief. Even she did not know what she was afraid of… A drumming sound suddenly came from the stage.

The loud drums attracted everyone’s attention. Nicole subconsciously looked up and saw a familiar man sitting in front of the drum set, fully immersed in the beats,” Carter?” Yvette was not surprised.

She smiled and leaned in close to Nicole.“ Do you know? Chloe Snyder is coming back…” Chloe Snyder was the President of Snyder Corporation and the current Head of the Snyder family.

She was a big shot in Cali, a neighboring city. After the death of her parents, Chloe Snyder took charge of Snyder Corporation at a young age and held up the Snyder family all by herself.

She had singlehandedly saved the Snyder family from the brink of collapse. Everyone heard of this strong career woman.

She was ruthless in the business world, However, what most people did not know was that Chloe Snyder had a crush on Ian Carter for many years.

Nicole was slightly shocked. “Did she come here for lan?” Yvette gently raised her eyebrows. “What else? Ya think she’s here to shop?” Nicole staggered.

‘Awesome! Someone’s here to take lan!’ On the stage, Ian was completely immersed in his world of music. After he finished playing, he waved the drumsticks in his hand. His handsome face revealed a devilish smile.

Nicole subconsciously waved along with the crowd. However, Ian only noticed Nicole’s hand. He picked up the microphone and said, The girl I like is showing her love to me…”

As he said that, Ian deliberately winked in Nicole’s direction. Everyone cheered. In an instant, Nicole dropped her hand, turned away, and covered her face.

Nicole was exasperated. “Ian’s crazy!” The corners of Yvette’s lips twitched. She lowered her head and pretended not to know lan. ‘Ian is just so humiliating… In the booth upstairs. Someone saw this scene clearly.

Eric Ferguson glared at the radiant Ian on the stage with sunken eyes and snorted disdainfully. His face was extremely cold.

Opposite Eric, an elegant, short-haired woman with a calm and aloof aura sat there looking very unapproachable.

Although she was not old, she had such an experienced and composed temperament from being in the industry for so long. She was not one to be underestimated

. She held a tall glass in her hand. Her fingertips were slightly white from gripping too hard.

Her gaze was affixed to lan Carter on the stage. She felt an incomparably complicated emotion in her heart. The jealousy in her eyes was undisguised at that moment, but it was quickly concealed.

Her eyes were sultry. That woman was Chloe Snyder. “Mr. Ferguson, I hope that this time, we I can work well together…” Their glasses gently clinked. They had reached cooperation.

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