The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 199

Chapter 199 Everything I Have

If Ferguson Corporation and Snyder Corporation were working together, the chances of them winning this bid were even bigger.

Nicole maintained a decent smile, but she was a little worried in her heart. Perhaps, this trip was going to be a fruitless one. Even so, Nicole refused to let go so easily.

She gestured for Logan to continue. “$45 billion.” ” The venue was silent. The real bidding had just begun. The bidding war between those who had true power officially started.

Chloe Snyder glanced in Nicole’s direction with a burning gaze.  There was no hesitation. “$48 billion.” If they went any further, that would be close to Nicole’s base price.

Even if Stanton Corporation could afford it, there was not much benefit in buying this piece of land that would only bring them so much profit within a few decades.

After some thought, Nicole looked at Logan and nodded. “$49 billion.” This was their final price. Chloe also began to waver. Nicole then knew that their limit must have been just around this figure, She glanced to the side.

Chloe and Mitchell lowered their heads and spoke a few words. Mitchell then took out his phone to send a message. Nicole knew that it must be Eric Ferguson.

“$49 billion going twice!” Chloe raised her bidding paddle again. Her face was rather gloomy. “$49.3 billion!” Nicole lowered her eyes and had no intention to continue competing.

She would not get a project that would end up losing money. “$49.3 billion going twice!” Nicole did not bid again. Chloe’s face obviously relaxed.

Just when the host was about to finalize the bidding price, lan Carter, who was sitting next to Nicole, suddenly spoke. “$50 billion!” The crowd was in an uproar. Nicole stared at him in amazement.

“Are you crazy?!” Ian hooked his lips and did not make a sound. When Chloe heard Ian’s bid, she was stunned. $50 billion was way above what Chloe and Eric had agreed on.

“$50 billion going once! $50 billion going twice! $50 billion sold! Congratulations to Mr. Carter from Carter Corporation.” ) The venue resounded with loud applause.

This prime land now belonged to the Carter family! lan stood up in a fluid motion and waved a to everyone, then walked up to the stage. Nicole and Logan looked at each other.

The result of this bidding session was beyond everyone’s expectations. The always low-profile and peaceable Carter family suddenly placed a $50 billion bid to get this piece of land? When did they become so interested in that land? Everyone congratulated Ian and left one after another.

Chloe and Mitchell lagged behind. Nicole was not interested in staying, so she took her purse and left. Before she took two steps out, Nicole was pulled back by someone. “Why are you leaving so soon?” Ian’s devilish smile was so charming.

His eyes glimmered like the stars, Nicole froze for a moment but quickly regained composure.

“What? Are you waiting for me to congratulate you?” ‘$50 billion?! Did Ian not do any budget assessment before this?’ Nicole thought. lan laughed.

“That’s not necessary, just congratulate yourself.” Nicole was puzzled. Ian leaned in closer to her. “Didn’t you want this piece of land? I’ll sell it to you for $49 billion.”

Nicole’s body stiffened for a moment. Mitchell and Chloe, who were right behind them, heard this and looked shocked. Chloe’s face was pale and stoic. She could not resist going forward, then questioned lan.

“Second Young Master Carter, what do you mean by this? You didn’t plan to develop this yourself?” lan glanced sideways and flashed a frivolous smile.

He said nonchalantly, “I’m not interested. I was just planning to give it to my little goddess.” Ian’s smile was extremely doting as he winked at Nicole.

Chloe shook fiercely. “You… How can you do this?! You’re just taking the company’s money as child’s play?” Her tone was insulting.

Ian frowned slightly with displeasure. His smile faded as he cast a sidelong glance at Chloe. His voice was cold as he said, “It’s my family’s money. I don’t need strangers to tell me what to do.”

After he said that, Ian saw Nicole’s shocked expression and smiled at her with tenderness and affection.

“In fact, I can just give it to you for free, but I think that you’ll feel overwhelmed, so why don’t you just marry me? Everything I have is yours.”

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