The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 200

Chapter 200 You Won’t Steal from Me, Right?

Lan thought, ‘It’s just a piece of land anyway. Consider it a pre-wedding gift.’ Nicole did not expect Ian to throw money at her. Suddenly, there was a complicated mix of emotions in her heart…..

It was not that Nicole could not afford the extra one billion…..

It was just that she could not just move around the company’s funds so carelessly.

Lan’s move really pressured Nicole, During Nicole’s hesitation, Chloe Snyder sneered “I didn’t expect this city’s Business scene to be so chaotic without any distinction between personal and work affairs.

Second Young Master Carter, are you trying to risk your entire family fortune just to please a woman?” Chloe had Clearly overstepped her bounds with her words. Ian furrowed his eyebrows with a cold look on his face.

He ignored Chloe’s outburst and only looked at Nicole with a smile. Ian said, “As long as she’s happy, everything Is worth it.”

‘Even if I have to give up everything for her, I’ll gladly do so.’ His words made Chloe’s expression change Dramatically. lan’s attitude and words had invariably hurt her……

This tough female president inexplicably became red-eyed. In the next second, Chloe left the scene without Another word. Ian Carter was really head over heels in love with Nicole! Nicole frowned.

“Ian, you’re too reckless!” Ian laughed. “I just don’t want what you like to fall into the hands of others.” ‘Especially Eric Ferguson…’

Nicole sighed helplessly and looked at Logan. “Get the finance department to transfer $ 49 billion to Carter Corporation.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Nicole looked up at Ian. “I’ll transfer you the remaining one billion privately.” ‘He’s not Kai, so I have No reason to just use his one billion for nothing… Nicole thought.

Lan was dissatisfied with this arrangement. “Nikki… I don’t want it…” “If you don’t want it, then this land is gonna come crashing down on your shoulders.

Let’s just see how Grandpa Carter’s gonna skin you alive, shall we?” Nicole turned around and left, ignoring Ian. Ian shuddered at that thought.

A trace of hesitation flashed in his eyes. He quickly chased after Nicole. “But I did all this for you…” )) Nicole said, “Get lost!” Ferguson Corporation.

Eric’s face was sullen as he listened to Mitchell’s report. He would not even be angry if Nicole won the bid because It was rightful, proper competition.

Eric also intended to give up the land or compromise for three-way cooperation…..

What made him so furious was that lan Carter won this bid. Moreover, Ian just gave it to Nicole like it was all a joke! ‘Then what am I?! Is Ian Carter trying to make me look despicable and stingy?!’ Eric thought.

Mitchell stood on the side and dared not utter a single word. The air pressure was frighteningly low. Ferguson Corporation had certainly lost bids before, but Eric was never this angry…..

‘Second Young Master Carter can really get on the President’s nerves…’ Mitchell thought. “President…” Mitchell spoke apprehensively. “Since this is already done…” Eric coldly interrupted him.

“Contact Chairman Carter and tell him that I’ll buy that land for $50 billion.

Ask if he’s willing to sell?” Although it was a question, Eric’s voice was firm and decisive. He wanted to bypass Ian Carter and go directly to Old Master Carter.

‘How much does he hate Ian Carter?” Mitchell thought as he immediately did as he was told without a moment’s delay. This would be a private transaction that exceeded their base price.

‘What for?’ Mitchell vaguely thought of an answer. Mitchell contacted Chairman Carter and explained everything that happened today, as well as Eric Ferguson’s offer.

Old Master Carter only hesitated for a few seconds before he agreed. “My grandson is a reckless kid. Don’t mind him……

I’ll get my staff to hand over that land to Ferguson Corporation at once.” “Thank you, Old Master Carter.

I’ll send some representatives to assist with the handover. Mr. Ferguson sends you his regards.” Mitchell hung up the phone and let out a sigh of relief……

Within a few minutes, Nicole received a call from Old Master Carter. She was slightly surprised.

In just a few words, Nicole understood what Old Master Carter meant, ‘Great! I don’t want this burden on me… Just take it! Also, why is Eric Ferguson so bold? I didn’t expect this of him.’

Nicole thought. She immediately agreed to Old Master Carter’s arrangements and did not care about her personal friendship with lan. In view of her company’s interests, buying this piece of land for $50 billion was indeed unprofitable……

This whole situation was settled without a fuss. However, Ian Carter became the last one to know about this arrangement……

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