The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 2

Chapter 2 A Lesson

Nicole put away her phone. She suppressed the pain in her heart and
the burning sensation in her body then braced herself and took a taxi
to the City Hall.
Time passed by the minute. Eric Ferguson called Nicole twice, but no
one answered, so he refused to call again.

Nicole sat on a bench looking very pale. An hour later, Eric walked over
with a stern, expressionless face as he looked down at her with his cold
“What exactly are you dissatisfied with? I know that you’ve donated
more blood this month, but I’ve already compensated you.”
“Let’s just get a divorce…” Nicole lifted her head and met his cold gaze.
Her voice was a little mute and she no longer wanted to speak to Eric

They were never on the same page after all.

Nicole looked at the prominent features of the man in front of her. He
was handsome and tall, which made her fall head over heels for him,
but he never once smiled at her.
In the past, she used to be cautious not to irritate him, but now when
she saw his stern face, she felt numb.

Eric looked at Nicole with a grim face. He could tolerate all of her
requests or demands, but he needed a reason.
‘Does she genuinely think that she’s the only one who can donate
“Nicole, don’t regret your decision.”

“What I regret most is marrying you three years ago.” Nicole smiled
miserably. She finally thought it through, and her mind could not be any
clearer at this moment.
‘I’ve suffered enough in this marriage with Eric Ferguson. Enough is

It was near the end of the day, so there were only a few people in line
and they were the last couple.
Their three years of marriage ended so hastily, in a matter of minutes.
The moment Nicole held the divorce certificate, her heart trembled a

Eric did not say anything about wanting her to stay and did not even
cast her a glance.
“Let’s go to the hospital.”
He still did not forget to use her one last time.
Nicole lifted her head slightly and suddenly laughed. “Eric Ferguson,
even if she dies in front of me in the future, I won’t waste another drop
of blood on her.”

Eric’s eyes suddenly turned gloomy. “How could you curse Wendy like
that when she’s sick? Don’t forget, the condition of our marriage back
then is that you’ll donate blood at any time she needs it.”
At that moment, Nicole just felt like her heart was stabbed. She was
overwhelmed with pain.

‘Right…I could only marry him because I have golden blood. I promised
to donate my precious and rare Rh-null blood to Wendy Quade
whenever she needed it…’
Nicole’s gaze flickered as she looked at him, but the man’s eyes only
had his usual indifference.
Her smile widened until she finally laughed with unbridled coldness.

‘I should’ve understood long ago that to Eric Ferguson, I am just a lowly
walking blood bank…’
“Eric Ferguson, I don’t give a damn about being your wife! Don’t worry,
I’ll donate my blood to her one last time and settle our accounts.”
She smiled enigmatically, then glanced at Eric and turned to leave.
Eric’s eyebrows were slightly knitted.

He felt inexplicably irritable. He
felt that there was something not quite the same with Nicole today, but
he could not describe the feeling. It was like she was out of his control.
In their three years of marriage, he thought that he already knew her
well. She was clingy and persistent before they got married, but she
became a meek and obedient wife after.

Recently, Wendy needed more blood transfusions. He felt guilty about
it, but Nicole had never refused, so he felt more relieved and thought of
compensating her in other aspects.
Regardless of her initial intentions of marrying him, Nicole was a good

Nicole suddenly asking for a divorce annoyed him, but it did not
Eric’s dark eyes deepened as he got rid of the irritation in his heart.
‘Forget it, she’ll naturally come back begging when she can’t survive on
her own.’

Before Eric could say anything, Nicole hailed a cab by the roadside and
went to the hospital. She found Wendy Quade’s VIP ward and pushed
the door open.
A few doctors and nurses surrounded Wendy and asked attentively if
the woman was feeling any discomfort.

When Wendy saw Nicole, her eyes flickered and she immediately
looked delighted.
“Nicole, you’re finally here! You’re not mad at me for always bothering
you because of my poor health, are you? I was worried that your body
couldn’t take it.”

Nicole strode over to her with a cold and gloomy gaze.
“You sent that text, right?”
She went straight to the point.
Before Wendy could answer her, Nicole slapped Wendy’s face viciously.
“Ah!” Wendy screamed and covered her cheek in shock.

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