The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Retaliation

Eric’s eyes sank and his face was stormy as he yelled, “Nicole! What are
you doing?!”
The man’s voice was cold.
‘He showed up fast enough. Was he so afraid that I’d hurt Wendy?’
Nicole thought.

Wendy pouted and looked panicked. Her eyes suddenly brimmed with
tears as she covered her cheek and looked behind Nicole. She argued in
a loud voice, “I didn’t do anything, Nicole. You misunderstood me.”
‘Is Nicole crazy? How dare she hit me in front of Eric?’
Nicole sneered.

“Stop your act. I know it’s you.”
With a seeping cold gaze, Nicole walked to Wendy and took out the
printed picture of Eric from her bag, then flung it in front of them.
Eric looked at the photo and had a moment of shock and confusion.
Wendy’s face also instantly turned glum and pale.

He had a long day yesterday, so when he visited Wendy at the hospital,
he dozed off for a while. It was apparent that this photo was secretly
taken at that time.
The only other person in that room then was Wendy Quade.
Thus, Eric knew who had taken this photo. Wendy wanted to stab Nicole in the heart, but she did not expect to shoot herself in the foot.

How could Wendy still maintain her image of a pitiful meek woman?
In the past, Nicole would still care about Eric’s presence, but now, there
was no need for that anymore.
Nicole smiled indifferently, and her voice was surprisingly cold. “I told
you that I’m here to settle accounts. This is what you owe me. Wendy
Quade, you’re the homewrecker in this situation.

Are you satisfied
now? I wish you all the best in replacing me as Mrs. Ferguson.”
Without much thought, Eric could guess how Nicole got this photo. He
suddenly felt a little suffocated.

His expression was cold and complex.
Eric’s face was still as cold as ever when he looked at Wendy’s sickly
pale face with a stern gaze.
Wendy’s heart trembled. She quickly defended herself. “Eric, Nicole
must have misunderstood something. I didn’t do anything or take this

She probably found someone to take this so that she could
frame me!”
Eric frowned for a moment as Wendy sobbed pitifully and tugged on his
sleeve. She said cautiously, “Eric, I can apologize to Nicole. If giving me
blood affects your relationship, I won’t ask Nicole for blood in the
future. I swear by Hendrick’s name that I don’t know anything about the

Hearing the name “Hendrick”, Eric’s eyes flickered as he thought of his
best friend’s dying wish. The gloom on Eric’s face dissipated a little.
“Nicole was too agitated earlier and shouldn’t have hit you. Do you
need a doctor to check it out?”
Wendy was still covering her cheek that felt numb from Nicole’s slap
and shook her head. “It’s okay.”

Eric nodded and looked at Nicole, who was standing on the side. The
corners of her lips curled up mockingly and she had a cold and
indifferent look on her face. Seeing her like this, Eric inexplicably felt a
strange emotion in his heart.
“You wanted a divorce because of this? Never mind, get your blood
drawn first.” Eric wanted to clear up the misunderstanding, but it was
not an appropriate environment.

An insignificant photo meant nothing compared to Wendy’s health. Eric
planned to explain the photo to Nicole afterward as there were still
outsiders in the ward.
Wendy felt relieved and knew that she got away with it. ‘Eric still chose
me. Nicole lost again!’
Nicole had long guessed this outcome. Wendy was good at acting and
Nicole was not bothered to expose her. She no longer wanted to be
involved with them.

Nicole looked at the doctor on the side and asked
in a calm voice, “Are you sure she needs a blood transfusion?”
The doctor froze for a moment. When he received Wendy’s glare, he
nodded in panic under Eric’s watchful gaze. “Yes, Ms. Quade fell just
now, which caused serious blood loss in her legs, so she needs a blood

“Then what are you waiting for?” Eric ordered in a cold voice.
“Yes, sir.” The doctor quickly went to make preparations.
Wendy gave Nicole a smug smile from an angle that no one else could
Nicole did not leave with the doctor obediently. Instead, she went
forward and lifted Wendy’s quilt in a domineering and swift motion.

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