The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 207

Chapter 207 You’re Making Me Look Bad

The curator said, “This painting is Mr. Wilheim’s artwork. He usually doesn’t sell his work. Oh, look, here he comes…” is they were talking, an old man with a white beard walked towards them with a stiff gait, clutching a cane. Mr. Wilheim was a Medianian that had migrated to Liberty long ago.

He was an internationally renowned painter, and his paintings were hard to find. Ian’s mother, Gillian, had certainly heard of Mr. Wilheim’s thundering name.

In addition to jewelry, bags, and other luxury items, all women of high society would collect works of art by famous artists at home.

Otherwise, they would be ridiculed as a parvenu. However, Mr. Wilheim’s paintings were not something that could be bought with money.

This old man had a strange temperament and was fussy about his buyers.

Gillian thought, ‘If I could buy his painting, wouldn’t I be more respected in my circle? In the blink of an eye, the old man with the white beard had arrived in front of them.

The curator politely went up to greet Mr. Wilheim. The white-bearded old man nodded perfunctorily without saying a word. He went forward to take down the painting hanging on the wall and turned around to leave.

Chloe Snyder saw that Gillian really liked the painting, so she immediately went forward to stop him. “Excuse me, how much is this painting? I want to buy it.” The white-bearded old man frowned slightly and glanced at Chloe.

you can’t afford it.” He walked past Chloe to leave. Chloe Snyder, who was belittled by this old man, felt a little embarrassed.

She was such a business mogul, so what could she not afford? “Just state your price, then we’ll see if I can afford it.” Chloe’s face was cold with such arrogance that could not be ignored.

The white-bearded old man snorted coldly. “You’re such a stinking rich brat. If I sell you my painting, my reputation will go down the drain! You’d better just wreak havoc on other people’s paintings…” ) Chloe was dissed by the old man. Her face was grim, and her eyes darkened.

After all, Chloe was belittled in front of Ian’s mother, so she felt humiliated. For a while, the air was filled with an awkward silence.

The white-bearded old man swept a glance and spotted Nicole. He narrowed his eyes slightly. “Are you buying or not?” Nicole pursed her lips.

“Nope, because I’ m stinking rich too!” The old man was so exasperated that he laughed.

Chloe was resentful and questioned him in a cold and stern tone.

“Old man, why did you offer it to someone else if you’re not willing to sell it to me?” “Because she’s pretty!” The old man said rightfully. Chloe choked with anger.

She just stood there and glared at him viciously.

Gillian could not care less about anything.

She winked at Nicole from the side.

‘Don’t refuse! I want it!’ Nicole pursed her lips and hesitated for a moment.

She made a counteroffer. “How much is it? I’ll buy it.” » Nicole did not plan on going against Chloe.

It was Gillian who wanted it so badly.

Since Gillian was Ian’s mother, Nicole could not just turn her back on her for lan’s sake.

“Lil Brat, I sold a painting to a royal family in Europe back then for nine million pounds. How much will you offer?” Nicole was a little surprised.

Gillian and Chloe were even more shocked.

Chloe thought that she had seen the world, but she did not have a deep understanding of the art circle.

‘Nine million pounds for a painting? That should simply be put in a museum, right?’ Nicole raised her eyebrows. ‘It is indeed worth the price…’ When she saw that Gillian was so keen on getting this painting, Nicole nodded.

She had such an effortlessly striking aura that could not be ignored when she said nonchalantly, “Then I’ll pay twice as much.”

‘I can’t be too petty now, can I?’ Mr. Wilheim coughed a little because of Nicole’s flippant attitude when it came to money.

“Hmph! How generous of you!” “You are worth this price…” Nicole laughed. After a few seconds, Mr. Wilheim grunted coldly and said, “Well… I’m not selling it to you either!” The old man then turned around and left.

Chloe smiled gloatingly. ‘Nicole’s not much better than me after all…’ Gillian looked anxiously at the white-bearded old man.

‘Oh no… I don’t want to miss this opportunity just like that…’ Nicole sighed helplessly. In the end, she stopped Mr. Wilheim from leaving. “Old Master, you’re making me look bad…

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