The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 206

Chapter 206 Little Princess Carter

Hearing Ian’s angry complaint, Nicole laughed. Her eyebrows relaxed.

“That piece of land almost became a hot potato. Since he wanted it, he can have it.” » “Then I got a beating for nothing!” Ian felt aggrieved and wailed in pain over the phone.

He lowered his voice and said, “You didn’t even come to visit me…” Nicole smirked. “Little Princess Carter, what good would it do if I visit you anyway?” There was silence over the phone, lan took a deep breath.

His face turned red with anger. He gritted his teeth and yelled, “Nikki, how dare you mock me?!”

Nicole could not help but laugh lightly.” Don’t be a little b*tch.

just stay at home and admit your fault. Otherwise, you might not even have the strength to call me next time!” Ian was so exasperated that he hung up the phone.

He felt like his lifespan was shortened by a few years. It was dark outside. Nicole read some documents before she went to bed. She slept soundly all night.

Early in the morning, the morning light spilled in. Nicole stretched her back and got out of bed. Logan came to pick her up with the driver, then they went to the opening ceremony of the new International Convention Center.

Nicole read some documents on the way and their car arrived in no time. Inside the exhibition hall of the International Convention Center. The opening ceremony was impressive.

The people who attended were specially invited members of high society. Nicole refused to let the Chairman of the Convention Center greet her personally.

As soon as Nicole got out of the car, she walked over to the painting exhibition with Logan. Different art styles, romantic, realistic, and abstract, were all placed in the same area, separated by the semi-open walls.

Most of the paintings that were displayed here were collectors’ pieces, which made them all the more precious. Nicole stopped to appreciate almost every painting seriously.

Logan saw that Nicole was so immersed in the art, so he went to see his favorite paintings.

Nicole walked to the last painting, which was covered by a black cloth, so the contents could not be seen.

She paused for a moment and thought that perhaps it was a mistake by the staff.

Nicole picked up the tool on the table next to her and gently lifted a corner of the black cloth, which slowly revealed the true painting There was a large door inlaid with gold gems amidst the darkness.

The door was slightly ajar, and the light spilled out from the gap abruptly, like a sharp sword piercing the night. Standing in front of the door was a young woman’s back.

The woman was wearing a long red dress. She had a slender figure and her long wavy hair was draped over her shoulders, Her red dress almost blended in the darkness of the night.

The sense of breathlessness and anticipation slapped Nicole in the face. She had such an intertwined and complex surge of emotions when she saw this painting.

Her feelings were so intense that she could feel that moment. There was such a subtle balance between the heaviness and flamboyance, which gave her an obscure feeling.

Nicole’s fingers stiffened slightly. Her eyes were frozen. The image in front of her seemed very familiar. “Nicole?” A gentle voice called out to her from behind.

Nicole subconsciously turned around and smiled when she saw the person. “Mrs. Carter?”It was Ian’s mother, Gillian.

Gillian was on vacation in Switzerland before this and seemed to have returned home on a good note.

“It’s really you! I thought that your back looked particularly familiar…”

Nicole went forward and hugged Gillian gently.

She then saw another person standing beside her, Chloe Snyder. Her smile gradually expanded. “Ms. Snyder, what a coincidence.”

Chloe hooked her lips into a perfunctory and polite smile.

The last time they met, she was played by Nicole, and she had also insulted Nicole.

Thus, they both would not pretend that nothing had happened.

However, in front of lan’s mother, they did not make a scene. “Ms. Stanton, it’s indeed a coincidence.

I didn’t know that you’re so interested in the painting exhibition as well.”

Nicole chuckled. She could hear the coldness in Chloe’s words. “Ms. Snyder, do you think that I’m only interested in making money?” Gillian was slightly stunned.

She could sense that the atmosphere between these two ladies was not quite right. Just as she was about to speak, the curator of the exhibition came over quickly.

“Mrs. Carter, Ms. Stanton, my apologies for the poor hospitality. Is there any painting that you like?” Chloe immediately spoke.

“This is a nice painting. Mrs. Carter also likes it. Why don’t I buy it for you?” Gillian was taken aback. A satisfied smile appeared on her face. “Oh, no… There’s no need to break the bank.

You’re the  guest here…” Chloe was being generous to get in Gillian’s good graces.

Thus, she would not let go of this good opportunity. She immediately turned to look at the curator.

“I’ll get this painting. Wrap it up for me.” The curator shook his head firmly.” Sorry, that won’t be possible.”

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